Personality Disorders: Some of the Most Common Personality Disorders 4 in 1 Book

Personality Disorders: Some of the Most Common Personality Disorders 4 in 1 Book

by Albert Rogers, Christian Olsen




Four books in 1 box set with facts and tips on several disorders.

Book 1: Having talked to and interacted with many people who have borderline personality disorder, I could not leave the knowledge I gained to myself. So I wrote this book to help those who know little about the condition and know even less about how to handle the situation. In this book you'll learn:

What to do when a borderliner lashes out against you.

More about borderline disorder and how to deal with those who have it.

Tips and tricks to keep your emotions under control and stay calm.

Some of the most common pitfalls, based on experience.

Book 2: Schizophrenia is a mental disorder with lots of complications. Although it cannot be completely overcome in the sense that the disorder will disappear, there are ways to cope with and reduce the symptoms. The author has experienced the struggles with schizophrenics himself, and relates the information and clinical research to his own experiences with one of his friends. Learn, among others:

Triggers that cause a psychosis.

The symptoms and possible behavioral abnormalities in someone who has schizophrenia.

The difference in first-generation and second-generation medication for schizophrenic patients.

Key elements of taking care of yourself and preventing a psychotic breakdown, a crisis or a relapse.

More about different kinds of therapy, group sessions, and support programs.

Tips to reduce hallucinations, delusions, and ignore the inner voices.

What electrical stimulation does and whether you should use it or not.

Book 3: I wasn't very social myself, but I have overcome my shyness and learned to play the game of socializing through trial and error. But you don't have to do it the hard way. I had to learn from a lot of mistakes that you can avoid by simply reading the tips I gathered and put together in this book. You will read, among others, about:

How to become and act more confident.

Ways to figure out what to say and what not to say.

Dealing with the root, the core of the problem: Where the fear and nervousness come from.

Subtle but ever-so important tricks to make people like you better.

Thoughts and examples that will show you the way to social acceptance.

Attitudes and preparations to make your social experiences more enjoyable and successful.

How to set goals and act on specific aims to overcome your anxiousness one step at a time.

Book 4: You can transform your life by overcoming or stabilizing the symptoms of Bipolar Disorder. Fewer mood swings, a more balanced life, and happier days are ahead after reading this elaborate guide. Get your life in order and look at the information in this book that will blow your mind! You'll learn, among others:

What to do when you experience depression or mood swings.

Recommended medicine and therapy for the wounded soul.

Create a stabilizing daily routine and deal with sleeping patterns, dieting, and other practices.

Finding a supportive network and how to interact with those involved.

The definition of Bipolar Disorder and how to discover if that's what you are experiencing.

Strategies to avoid mania episodes and manage your emotions.

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