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Perspectives from the Past: Primary Sources in Western Civilizations / Edition 6

Perspectives from the Past: Primary Sources in Western Civilizations / Edition 6

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ISBN-13: 9780393265392
Publisher: Norton, W. W. & Company, Inc.
Publication date: 02/12/2016
Edition description: Sixth Edition
Pages: 537
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About the Author

James Brophy is the Francis H. Squire Professor of History specializing in modern European history at the University of Delaware. He received his B.A. from Vassar College and did his graduate training at the Universität Tubingen and Indiana University, where he specialized in the social and political history of nineteenth-century Europe. He is the author of Capitalism, Politics, and Railroads in Prussia, 1830–1870 and Popular Culture and the Public Sphere in the Rhineland, 1800-1850.

Joshua Cole is Professor of History at the University of Michigan. Specializing in the social and cultural history of France since the Revolution of 1789, he earned his Ph.D. at University of California at Berkeley. He is the author of The Power of Large Numbers: Population, Politics, and Gender in Nineteenth-Century France (2000).

John Robertson received both his M.A. and his Ph.D. in ancient history from the University of Pennsylvania. A specialist in the social and economic history of the Ancient Near East, Professor Robertson has published several articles in major scholarly journals and contributed articles to such major reference works as the recently published Encyclopedia of Ancient History (2012) and Cursed Cradle: A Short History of Mesopotamia/Iraq (2013).

Thomas Max Safley is Professor of History at the University of Pennsylvania. A specialist in the economic and social history of early modern Europe, his particular research interests include the history of the Reformation, the family, charity, work, and business. In addition to numerous articles and reviews, Professor Safley is the author of Let No Man Put Asunder: The Control of Marriage in the German Southwest, 1550–1620 and Charity and Economy in the Orphanages of early modern Augsburg.

Carol Symes is an Associate Professor of history and Director of Undergraduate Studies in the history department at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, where she has won the top teaching award in the College of Liberal Arts and Science. Her main areas of study include medieval Europe, especially France and England; cultural history; history of information media and communication technologies; history of theatre. Her first book was A Common Stage: Theater and Public Life in Medieval Arras (2007).

Table of Contents

Preface for Instructors xii

Preface for Students xvi

Where to Begin? xxi

Chapter 1 Early Civilizations 1

Sculpted Pillar at Gobekli Tepe (c. 10,000 B.C.E.) 5

The Instructions of Shuruppag 6

From The Epic of Gilgamesh 10

From The Code of Hammurabi 18

Letters of Royal Women of the Old Babylonian Period 24

From The Instruction of Ptah-Hotep 26

From The Book of the Dead 33

Chapter 2 Peoples, Gods, and Empires, 1700-500 B.C.E. 37

Akbenaton's Hymn to the Aton 40

Treaty between Ramesses II of Egypt and Hattusilis III of Hatti 43

From The Middle Assyrian Laws 47

From The Book of I Kings: Solomon's Construction of Yahweh's Temple in Jerusalem 50

The Victory Stele of Merneptah (c. 1210 B.C.E.) 55

Herodotus From The Histories: Customs of the Persians 56

From The Torah: Laws 58

From The Book of Isaiah: Prophecies 64

Chapter 3 The Civilization of Greece, 1000-400 B.C.E. 71

Homer From The Odyssey 72

Spartan Society and Values 76

Hippocrates From "On Airs, Waters, and Places" 82

Herodotus From The Histories: The Second Persian Invasion of Greece 90

Thucydides From The Peloponnesian Wars 96

Sophocles From Antigone 103

Aristophanes From Lysistrata 112

Vase Depicting a Slave, Perhaps in a Scene from a Greek Play (c. 450 B.C.E.) 120

Plato From "Apology" 121

Chapter 4 The Greek World Expands, 400-150 B.C.E. 126

Plato From The Republic 128

Aristotle From Politics 135

Plutarch From "Life of Alexander" 140

Hellenistic Architecture in the Near East (c. 1 75 C.E.) 142

Epictetus From The Manual: Stoicism 143

The Jewish Encounter with Hellenism: The Maccabees' Rebellion 149

Chapter 5 The Civilization of Ancient Rome 157

From The Twelve Tables 158

Plutarch From Lives 162

Cicero From On the Laws 167

Virgil From The Aeneid 171

Tacitus From Germania 173

A Mummy From the Time of the Roman Empire (100 C.E.) 176

Tacitus From The Speech of Calgacus 181

Chapter 6 The Transformation of Rome 183

The Teaching of Jesus According to the Gospel of Matthew 184

The Martyrdom of Perpetua 189

Stilicho and his Family (395 C.E.) 196

St. Augustine From City of God and Confessions 197

FROM The Theodosian Code: Christian Revisions of the Roman Legal Tradition 203

St. Benedict From The Rule 209

Gregory of Tours From History of the Franks 215

Chapter 7 Rome's Three Heirs, 500-950 220

Mosaics of Justinian and Theodora, Church of San Vitale, Ravenna (C. 500 C.E.) 222

Procopius From Secret History 223

Muhammad From The Quran 228

Mas'udi From The Meadows of Gold 235

Bede From A History of the English Church and People 239

From The Anglo-Saxon Translation of The Book of Genesis 243

Einhard From The Life of Charlemagne 248

Chapter 8 The Expansion of Europe, 950-1100 253

Pope Gregory VII Letter to Bishop Hermann of Metz 254

Runestone at ASPA, Sweden 256

Runestone at Kjula, Sweden 257

Anna Comnena From The Alexiad 262

From The Song of Roland 266

From The Anonymous of Mainz: A Hebrew Account of the First Crusade 272

Ali Ibn Al-Athir An Arabic Account of the First Crusade 278

From The Autobiography of Avicenna 283

Chapter 9 The Consolidation of Europe, 1100-1250 287

Heloise Letter to Abelard 288

Guibert of Nogent On the Uprising of the Laon Commune and the Murder of Bishop Gaudry 295

Anonymous "The Wife of Orleans" 300

Hildegard of Bingen Letter to the Clergy of Mainz 303

Ecclesia and Synagoga from the Cathedral of Strasbourg 307

The Magna Carta: The "Great Charter" of 1215 308

Thomas Aquinas From Summa Theologica 316

Chapter 10 The Medieval World, 1250-1350 323

William of Rubruck From On the Mongols 324

Ibn Battuta From The Travels 330

Pope Boniface VIII Papal Bull Unam Sanctam 335

Dante Alighieri From The Divine Comedy 336

The Triumph of Death (c. 1340) 341

Giovanni Boccaccio From The Decameron 342

Chapter 11 Rebirth and Unrest, 1350-1453 347

Geoffrey Chaucer From The Canterbury Tales: "The Pardoner's Tale" 348

Christine de Pisan From The Book of the City of Ladies 366

From The Trial of Jeanne d'Arc 370

Leon Battista Alberti From I Libri delta Famiglia 374

Jan Hus From The Church 380

Bartolomeo de Giano From "A Letter on the Cruelty of the Turks" 383

Chapter 12 Innovation and Exploration, 1453-1533 390

Vasco da Gama Round Africa to India, 1497-1498 C.E. 392

Christopher Columbus Letter on His First Voyage 396

Leonardo da Vinci From The Notebooks 400

The School of Athens (1509-1511) 403

Baldesar Castiglione From The Book of the Courtier 404

Portrait of Pope Leo X and Two Cardinals (1518) 409

Giovanni Pico Della Mirandola From "Oration on the Dignity of Man" 410

Niccolò Machiavelli From The Prince 412

Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam From Ten Colloquies 416

Sir Thomas More From Utopia 420

Chapter 13 The Age of Dissent and Division, 1500-1564 426

Martin Luther From The Large Catechism, 1530 427

Sebastian Lotzer The Twelve Articles of the Peasants of Swabia 432

The Wittenberg Altarpiece (1547) 433

John Calvin From Draft of Ecclesiastical Ordinances, September and October 1541 437

John Calvin From Catechism of the Church of Geneva, Being a Form of Instruction for Children in the Doctrine of Christ, 1545 442

Saint Ignatius of Loyola From The Spiritual Exercises 444

The Miracle of St. Ignatius of Loyola (C. 1620) 447

Saint Francis Xavier From "Letter from India" 448

Saint Teresa of Avila From The Life of Teresa of Jesus 452

The Council of Trent 455

Chapter 14 Europe in the Atlantic World, 1550-1660 460

Conquest of Mexico, Florentine Codex (c. 1555) 462

Giovanni Michiel From A Venetian Ambassadors Report on the St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre 463

Reginald Scot From Discoverie of Witchcraft 465

The Plundering and Burning of a Village, a Hanging, and Peasants Avenge Themselves (1633) 473

From The Peace of Westphalia 474

Michel Eyquem De Montaigne From "Of Cannibals" 478

The "Armada Portrait" of Queen Elizabeth (c. 1588) 483

Hugo Grotius From On the Law of War and Peace 484

From The Religious Peace of Augsburg 489

Chapter 15 European Monarchies and Absolutism, 1660-1725 491

Jean Bodin From On Sovereignty 493

Thomas Mun From England's Treasure by Forraign Trade, or The Ballance of our Forraign Trade is The Rule of our Treasure 499

Thomas Hobbes From Leviathan 503

Siamese Embassy to Louis XIV, in 1686 (1686) 509

Coffee House Society 510

John Locke From Two Treatises of Government 512

Palace and Gardens of Versailles (1668) 514

Adam Smith From The Wealth of Nations 523

Catherine the Great From Proposals for a New Code of Law 531

Credits 535

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