Perspectives in Social Gerontology / Edition 1

Perspectives in Social Gerontology / Edition 1

by Robert B. Jr. Enright
Pub. Date:
Allyn & Bacon, Inc.


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ISBN-13: 9780205154333
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date: 11/28/1993
Pages: 406
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Table of Contents

1. Introduction: Real and Imagined Effects of Aging.

Dispelling Ageism: The Cross-Cutting Intervention, Robert N. Butler.

Aging and Disability: Behind and Beyond the Stereotypes, Meredith Minkler.

Age, Cohort, and Time-Period Confounds in Aging Research, Christine R. Kovach and Thomas R. Knapp.

2. The Demography of Aging

Structural Change within the Older Population: Economic Implications, William J. Serow, David F. Sly, and Michael Micklin.

A Population Profile of Very Old Men and Women in the United States, Charles F. Longino, Jr.

Migration Patterns Among the Elderly: A Developmental Perspective, Eugene Litwak and Charles F. Longino, Jr.

3. Historical and Cross-Cultural Perspectives.

Roles for Aged Individuals in Post-Industrial Societies, Harold G. Cox.

Aging, Meaning, and Well-Being: Musings of a Cultural Historian, Thomas R. Cole.

How Japanese Families Cope with Fragile Elderly, Anne 0. Freed.

4. Physical Aging in Social Context.

An Overview of Physical Ability with Age: The Potential for Health in Later Life, Janna B. Herman.

Older Americans' Health, Metropolitan Life Insurance.

Bringing the Social Back In: A Critique on the Biomedicalization of Dementia, Karen A. Lyman.

5. Psychological Aspects of Aging

Psychosocial Theoretical Aspects of Aging: Explanatory Models, Aaron Lipman and Ira F. Ehrlich.

Creativity in Later Years: Optimistic Prospects for Achievement, Dean Keith Simonton.

6. The Social Context of Aging: The Family andBeyond.

Moving Beyond Familism: Potential Contributions of Gerontological Theory to Studies of Chicano/Latino Aging, Steven P. Wallace and Elisa Linda Facio.

Family Care of the Frail Elderly: A New Look at ``Women in the Middle'', Sandra L. Boyd and Judith Treas.

Marriages in Later Life, Rosalie Gilford.

Older Adults' Sexuality and Remarriage, Shirley S. Travis.

7. Living Arrangements.

Never Married Elderly as a Social Type: Re-evaluating Some Images, Robert L. Rubinstein.

Elder Abuse and Child Abuse: A Consideration of Similarities and Differences in Intergenerational Family Violence, Jill E. Korbin, Georgia J. Anetzberger and J. Kevin Eckert.

Long-term Care Options for the Frail Elderly, Muriel R. Gillick.

8. Work and Retirement.

Job Performance Among Older Workers, Paul R. Sparrow.

Employment Policy and Public Policy: Options for Extending Work Life, Marilyn Moon and Judith Hushbeck.

Ending A Career in a Declining Industry: The Retirement Experience of Male Auto Workers, Madonna Harrington Meyer and Jill Quadagno.

Gender and Work at Midlife and Beyond, Laurie Russell Hatch.

9. Activities, Roles, and Leisure.

The Busy Ethic: Moral Continuity Between Work and Retirement, David J. Ekerdt.

Productive Aging and Senior Volunteerism: Is the U.S. Experience Relevant?, Helen K. Kerschner and Frances F. Butler.

Religious Factors in Aging, Adjustment and Health: A Theoretical Overview, Jeffry S. Levin.

10. Economics of Aging.

The Economic Status of the Elderly, Michael D. Hurd.

Gold in Gray: Reflections on Business' Discovery of the Elderly Market, Meredith Minkler.

11. Inequality: Gender and Race.

Gender and Aging: The Demographic Parameters, Beth B. Hess.

Gender, Race, and Class: Beyond the Feminization of Poverty in Later Life, Paula L. Dressel.

12. Death and Dying.

Death-Making in the Human Services, Sandra Meucci.

The Hospice in the Context of an Aging Society, Judith A. Levy.

Teachings of Judaism on Death: A Celebration of Life, Marsha Shine and Jean A. Steitz.

Grief in Old Age: A Review of the Literature, Christopher Nigel Fasey.

13. Health Care and Health Care Policy.

An End to Patchwork Reform of Health Care, Robert L. Dickman, Amasa B. Ford, Jerome Liebman, Sharon Milligan, and Alvin L. Schorr.

Rationing Health Care: Should it be Done?, Kathleen Perrin.

Aging, Health, and Social Policy: Crisis and Crossroads, Carroll L. Estes.

Illness-Engendered Poverty Among the Elderly, Lois Grau.

The Bumpy Road to Long-Term Care Reform, Joshua M. Wiener and Raymond J. Hanley.

14. Social and Public Policy.

Generational Equity: Pitting Young Against Old, Lenard W. Kaye.

Mother, Apple Pie, and Social Security—It's Not Time to Change, James H. Schulz.

Public Policies: Are They Gender-Neutral?, Marilyn Moon.

15. Aging in the Future.

Retirement Prospects of the Baby Boom Generation: A Different Perspective, Richard A. Easterlin, Christine Macdonald and Diane J. Macunovich.

The Aging of the Gender Revolution: What Do We Know and What Do We Need to Know?, Frances K. Goldscheider.

Challenges of Aging in Tomorrow's World: Will Gerontology Grow, Stagnate, or Change?, Robert Morris.

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