Perspectives on Increasing Sales

Perspectives on Increasing Sales

by Marvin N. Miletsky, James A. Callander

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ISBN-13: 9781598639322
Publisher: Course Technology PTR
Publication date: 01/03/2009
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 352
File size: 848 KB

About the Author

Marvin N. Miletsky, a sales veteran and manager with more than 30 years of experience in the electrical industry, has been responsible for landing and negotiating millions of dollars worth of new and continued contracts. Miletsky?s visionary approach to new-business development has helped him amass an expansive client network built from some of the largest and most influential decision-makers in his industry. A nationally recognized expert, Miletsky has been a featured speaker at conferences and universities on topics including techniques for increasing sales and maintaining profitable relationships. In the 1990s, he was a two-term president of one of the industry?s oldest and most respected regional trade associations, spearheading the development of a buyer/seller networking system that continues to flourish. He has contributed to building world-class technologies, such as Netscape Communicator and Novell?s NDS. As an engineering manager, he has been at the ground floor of several startups and has been a lecturer at San Jose State University and Brooks College. He has authored or co-authored more than 100 technical papers published in well-reputed European and American research journals.

James A. Callander is purchasing manager for L.K. Comstock, an electrical contractor that designs and installs electrical systems primarily for the railroad and rail-transit industries. Mr. Callander has almost 30 years of accountmanagement, sales, and purchasing experience. As someone who has experienced sales from both the sales and purchasing point of view, Mr. Callander is uniquely qualified to provide insight into the sales practices that ensure optimal performance. His sales experience includes direct sales for GE Supply, as well as indirect sales for Panduit Corporation. His purchasing experience ranges from on-site project purchasing to purchasing at the corporate level.

Table of Contents

Introduction xiii

Opening Remarks xv

Part 1 Getting Down to Basics 1

1 What Defines a Good Salesperson? 2

2 How Much Does Personal Appearance Matter? 5

3 Should You Dress the Same as Your Customer-i.e., Formal? Casual? 7

4 Is There Such a Thing as 9 to 5? Do Vacations Really Exist? 10

5 How Important Is It for Salespeople to Really Believe in the Product or Service They Are Selling? 13

6 What Is the Importance of Learning the Product You Are Going to Sell? 16

7 True or False: There's No Such Thing as a Stupid Question. 19

8 How Important Is It to Joke Around and Have a Sense of Humor When Engaging a Client? 22

9 Which Is a More Powerful Sales Tool: Confidence or Humility? Is Enthusiasm Important? 24

10 Should Salespeople Be Themselves or Reflect the Personality of the Customer? 27

11 How Important Is Having a College Education to Being a Successful Salesperson? 29

12 Can a Person Trained in One Area Be Successful in Sales; For Example, Can a Construction Worker Sell Construction Supplies? 31

13 Is Persistence Necessary or Annoying? 34

14 Is It Okay to Stretch the Truth to Win an Account? 36

15 Should Salespeople Sell or Solve Problems? 39

16 Does It Matter If the Salesperson Is Not the Most Polished Speaker or Eloquent Writer? 43

17 How Much Does Brand Matter in Making a Sale? 46

18 Does Becoming a Speaker or Author in Your Industry Improve Your Ability to Sell? 49

19 What Is Customer Service and Does It Matter? 52

Part 2 Developing Prospects and Making Contacts 55

20 What Kinds of Results Do You Expect from Your Sales Call? 56

21 How Important Is It for You to Understand a Customer's Business? 59

22 Should Like Title Call on LikeTitle? 62

23 Are Personal Referrals the Best Way to Achieve Sales? 64

24 Does Cold-Calling, Either over the Phone or in Person, Work? 67

25 Should You Show Up Without an Appointment? 72

26 When Is Breaking an Appointment Okay? 75

27 What Is the Value of Attending Trade Shows? 77

28 Are Trade Associations a Good Way to Meet People? 82

29 How Do You Make the Most Out of a Product Demonstration Meeting? 85

30 How Much Time Should You Allow for a Meeting and How Long Should It Take? 89

31 How Should You Identify the Actual Decision Maker and All Players Within the Company? 94

32 How Important Is It to Remember Names? 97

33 When Do You Bring Technical Support with You? 99

34 How Do You Approach Multiple Contacts in the Same Company? 102

35 Can You Ask a Prospect Whom They Compete With? 105

36 Can You Identify to Whom Your Customer Is Providing Materials, and Is It Right to Target His Internal Customer? 108

37 Is Your Prospect a One-Time Deal? How Do You Treat Them? 111

38 Does Promotional Material Have an Influence? 113

39 Do Samples Help Open Doors? 116

40 Should Dirty Laundry Be Discussed About Your Company? 120

41 Are There People You Are Just Not Going to Do Business With? 123

42 How Does Multimedia Help to Develop New Prospects? 126

43 Can You and Should You Take Advantage of an Untrained Buyer? 130

44 Are Consumer Rebate Programs Valuable in Moving Merchandise? 132

45 How Should You Handle Rejection? 136

Part 3 Pitching, Negotiating, and Landing the Account 139

46 Is There Really Such a Thing as a Free Lunch? Does the Salesperson Really Ever Give Anything Away? 140

47 Are Sales Decisions Based More on the Price, Brand, Quality, or Salesperson? 143

48 Is the Promise of Future Work Enough to Make Up for Lowering Prices at the Outset of the Relationship? 147

49 What Can You Offer Your Customer That Will Be Seen as a Benefit in Their Eyes? 150

50 What Are the Most Important Things a Salesperson Can Do to Gain Trust? 153

51 How Important Is a Factory Visit by the Client? 156

52 Should You Bring Your Manager/VP in on a Sales Call? 160

53 Is a Direct Approach of Asking for the Order Okay? 163

54 What Is the Importance of Having the Power and Authority to Make a Final Deal? 166

55 Regardless of Legality, Do Kickbacks or Expensive Gifts Play an Important Role in Landing a New Contact? 168

56 The Client Is Willing to Pay for Products or Services the Salesperson Knows They Don't Really Need. Should the Salesperson Alert Them? 170

57 The Client Is in a Bind and Needs a Product or Service in an Emergency. Should the Price Go Up? 173

58 How Effective Are Scare Tactics in Sales? ("You'll Lose Money If You Don't..." "Your Business Could Be in Danger Unless You...") 176

59 You Aren't Getting Anywhere with the Person You're Trying to Sell To. Should You Seek a Higher Authority? 179

60 Is There a Time When You Let an Order Go to a Competitor or Even Suggest That It Does? 182

61 Can a Pitch or Presentation Be Cookie-Cutter? Or Does It Need to Be Completely Customized for Each Prospect? 185

62 Can a Salesperson Recover from a Bad Presentation? 187

63 How Important Is Determining When the Buyer Requires the Quotation? 192

64 How Important Is Determining When the Buyer Requires the Material? 195

65 Should You Ever Lose an Order Because of Delivery? 197

66 Should "Fine Print" in Your Quotation Be Divulged? 200

67 How Important Is It That You Understand the Buyer's Requisition? 203

68 When Is a Verbal Agreement Okay? 206

69 Must You Know Your Competitor's Weaknesses and Strengths? 209

70 At What Point Do You Just Walk Away? 213

71 The Client Has Called the Salesperson's Bluff. Can the Salesperson Still Backtrack and Save Face? 217

Part 4 Managing the Relationship 221

72 Should Work Ever Get Started Before the Contract Is Signed? 222

73 The Contract Is Signed. How Often Should the Salesperson Stay in Touch? 225

74 Should the Salesperson Be Present at Project Meetings? 228

75 Are Web Meetings Acceptable? Or Is Face-to-Face the Best Way? 231

76 Can the Client and Salesperson Ever Really Be Friends? Or Will the Salesperson Always Look for the Up-Sell Opportunity and the Client Always Be Skeptical? 234

77 How Much of the Salesperson's Personal Life Can Be Shared Without Turning Off the Buyer? 236

78 How Important Is Loyalty? 239

79 Can You Work Together in Spite of a Personality Conflict? 242

80 Is It Important to Work with Your Customer to Develop a New Product for Him? 244

81 The Seller Helped the Buyer During Lean Times (or Vice Versa). What, If Anything, Is Owed? 247

82 When the Product Doesn't Work or the Service Is Poor, Does Responsibility Fall on the Salesperson's Shoulders? Or Can He or She Pass the Buck? 250

83 There Was a Mistake in Pricing. Can the Salesperson Ask for an Increase? 253

84 Can the Damage Done after a Failed Order Ever Be Repaired? How? 256

85 The Thank You after the Receipt of the Order-Is It Important? 259

86 How Do You Maintain Your Position When There Is No Business to Be Done? 261

87 Should You Expect to Know Why You Lost an Order and to Whom? 264

88 How Can You Tell If You Are Spreading Yourself Too Thin? 267

89 How Do You Avoid Overcommitting and Underachieving? 272

90 Do You Sell from the Top Down or Start at the Bottom and Work Your Way Up? 275

91 How Does Customer Service Affect the Sales Effort? Are the Two Dependent on Each Other? 278

92 How Important Is It to Look for Ways to Improve Each Year? 283

93 Is the Customer Always Right? 286

Part 5 Just for Fun 289

94 What Was Your Worst-Ever Order? 290

95 Have You Ever Really Gotten into a Salesperson's or Client's Face? 293

96 Who Was Your Most Memorable Character You've Ever Had to Work With? 296

97 What Sage Advice Would You Pass On to Others Looking to Build a Career in Sales? 299

Closing Remarks 303

Index 305

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