Persuasion: Contexts, People and Messages

Persuasion: Contexts, People and Messages


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ISBN-13: 9780897873437
Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.
Publication date: 02/01/1991
Pages: 300

Table of Contents

1.A Look at the History of Persuasion.

Persuasion in Everyday Life.

Defining Persuasion.

Persuasion Research in the Twentieth Century.

Consider; Discover; Alternatives.

2.Landmark Theories in Persuasion.

Categorizing Persuasion Theories.

Structural and Functional Theories.

Cognitive and Behavioral Theories.

Interactional and Conventional Theories.

Persuasion Theories in Perspective.

Consider; Discover; Alternatives.

3.Critical Elements in Persuasion.

Modeling Persuasion.

Communication Elements Involved in the Persuasion Process.

A Model of Persuasion.

Assumptions about Persuasion.

Using the Model to Study Persuasion.

Consider; Discover; Alternatives.

4.The Tools of Persuasion: Message Content and Form.

Understanding the Script.

Signs and Symbols: The Nature of Language.

The Language of Visual Signs.

The Form of the Message.

Messages: Tool or Weapons?

Consider; Discover; Alternatives.

5.The Tools of Persuasion: Message Function and Structure.

Message, Content, Form, Function, and Structure: An Interdependent Relationship.

The Function of Persuasive Messages.

The Structure of Messages.

The Nature of Reasoning.

The Nature of Evidence.

Proof in Perspective.

Consider; Discover; Alternatives.

6.People and the Process of Persuasion.

The Impact of People on the Process of Persuasion.

The Cognitive Organization of Attitudes, Beliefs, Values, and Experiences.

Research on Personal Characteristics.

Sources of Motivation in Persuasion Situations.

How People Impact Persuasive Situations.

Consider; Discover; Alternatives.

7.The Process of Self-Persuasion.

Impacts on All Other Processes.

Learning as a Basis for Self-Persuasion.

Self-Persuasion through Attributions.

Self-Persuasion Counterattitudinal Advocacy Behavior.


An Example of Self-Persuasion.

Self-Persuasion in Perspective.

Consider; Discover; Alternatives.

8.Interpersonal Persuasion.

A Familiar Conversation.

Theoretical Perspectives on Interpersonal Persuasion.

Tactics and Strategies Used in Interpersonal Persuasion.

Variables that Affect the Use of Strategies and Tactics.

Outcomes of Interpersonal Persuasion Episodes.

An Assessment of Interpersonal Persuasion Research.

Consider; Discover; Alternatives.

9.The Role of Groups in Persuasion.

Types of Groups We Join.

Characteristics of Groups.

Classic Studies in Group Persuasion.

Conformity or Not?

The Choice-Shift Phenomenon.

Contagion and Deindividuation.


Small Groups in Perspective.

Consider; Discover; Alternatives.

10.Persuasion in Organizations.

Organizations: Places of Persuasion.

Employee Socialization and the Culture of Organizations.

Getting the Job Done.

Internal Organizational Change.

Bargaining and Negotiation in Organizations.

Organizations in Perspective.

Consider; Discover; Alternatives.

11.Social Movements, Persuasive Campaigns, and Propaganda.

Persuasion Aimed at Large Groups.

Social Movements.

Persuasive Campaigns.

Slogans in Movements and Campaigns.

Propaganda and Persuasion.

Movements and Campaigns in Perspective.

Consider; Discover; Alternatives.

12.Mass Media and Persuasion.

The Mass Media and Their Impact.

Theoretical Considerations in Mass Media Persuasion.

The Effects of Film.

The “Boob Tube.”

Music: Soother and Provoker of the Savage Beast.

Mass Media Persuasion in Perspective.

Consider; Discover; Alternatives.

13.The Ethics of Persuasion.

Persuasion: Ethical or Not?

Perspectives Used to Make Ethical Judgments.

An Integrated Perspective.

Critical Moments in Different Persuasive Contexts.

The Ethics of Persuasion: Case Studies.

Consider; Discover; Alternatives.




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