Pesach Seder Haggadah

Pesach Seder Haggadah

by Alexander Bolotnikov


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This Jewish Christian Haggadah, the Hebrew word for “story,” is a tool used to fulfill the commandment of Exodus 13:8 which tells us that we are to tell our children about Passover because of what the Lord did for the Israelites and the liberation from Egypt. The tradition of telling this story while reclining with having four cups of wine and a meal is goes back to the 2nd century BCE. With striking resemblances of the seder as it is presented in the Mishnah, the story of the Last Supper of Jesus with the disciples is actually a description of a Passover seder based upon early rabbinic documents and a present comparison of these traditions with the texts of the Gospels.

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ISBN-13: 9780995102378
Publisher: Lang Book Publishing, Limited
Publication date: 07/01/2018
Pages: 80
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

Dr. Alexander (Sasha) Bolotnikov was born to a Jewish Family in Communist Russia. While his great grandfather was a rabbi in the Ukrainian Jewish shtetl of Kremenchug, his grandparents joined the Bolshevik revolution and renounced their religion. In spite of the fact that Sasha was raised Communist and that his family was a typical assimilated Soviet family, he and his parents were constantly victimized by the anti-Semitic policies of the Communist regime as well as the anti-Semitic sentiments of the population of the town he grew up in. Because of these policies, Alexander was not admitted to the university in Moscow where he desired to study nuclear physics. This situation led to his personal disappointment with the communist ideology and a sparked a search for personal identity.

Spending several years in a Lubavitch Yeshiva in Ukraine, Alexander became very anti-Christian. However, deep study of the prophecies in the biblical book of Daniel led him to question his negative position. Reading about the death of the Messiah in Daniel 9 challenged Sasha's thinking and understanding that he had adopted in the Yeshiva. He was very disappointed when he learned, that in 1990, many Lubavitch Hasidic Jews began to consider their Rebbe, R. Menahen Mendel Schneerson, as the Messiah. This lead him to re-examine his own beliefs, leading him to recognize Jesus of Nazareth as the One in whom the messianic prophecies of the Hebrew Bible were fulfilled.

Alexander Bolotnikov studied physics at Kiev State University in Ukraine. He received his Master's Degree in Biblical Languages and Old Testament. He studied at Jerusalem's Hebrew University, New York University, and the Jewish Theological Seminary of America. He holds his doctorate degree in Hebraic and Cognate studies from Hebrew Union College's Jewish Institute of Religion. Dr. Alexander Bolotnikov is the author of many documentaries, articles, and books. He is currently the Director of the Shalom Learning Center.

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