Peterson's AP Success US History

Peterson's AP Success US History


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This title offers 3 full-length practice tests, including a diagnostic test to help students identify the areas in which they need improvement. In addition, detailed reviews of subject principles allow students to fully understand the skills that will help them score well on the test. Features include Red Alert test-taking strategies, flexible study planning, user-friendly design geared for the high school student, and answers with comprehensive explanations for all test items.

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ISBN-13: 9780768912661
Publisher: Peterson's
Publication date: 01/28/2004
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.80(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

Red Alert1
10 Strategies for Acing the Exam1
10 Facts About the AP U.S. History Exam3
Scoring High on the AP U.S. History Exam6
Study Plan for the AP U.S. History Exam9
The Panic Plan13
Why Take the Diagnostic Test?15
Diagnostic Test17
Answer Sheet19
Section I21
Section II34
Answers and Explanations39
Chapter 1Answering the Multiple-Choice Questions63
Practice Plan63
Basic Information63
Attacking the Questions: Practical Advice65
Practice Set 167
Answers and Explanations69
Practice Set 271
Answers and Explanations73
Practice Set 374
Answers and Explanations76
Chapter 2About Writing a "9" Essay79
Practice Plan79
Basic Information About Section II80
Good Writing81
Planning and Writing Each Essay: Practical Advice83
Chapter 3Writing the DBQ Essay85
Defining the DBQ85
The Game Plan87
Chapter 4Writing the Free Response Essays95
Defining the Free Response Questions95
The Game Plan96
Practical Advice96
Free Response Essays97
Suggestions for the Free Response Essays, Part B98
Suggestions for the Free Response Essays, Part C102
Chapter 5Reviewing the Colonial Period to 1789109
Discovery, Settlement, and Expansion, 1492-1754109
Colonial Society Around 1750119
The Move to Independence, 1754-1776124
The American Revolution, 1775-1783130
Drafting the Constitution135
Chapter 6The Constitution and Important Supreme Court Cases139
The United States Constitution139
Twelve Important Supreme Court Decisions144
Some Additional Supreme Court Cases With Impact on Historical Events151
Chapter 7Reviewing the New Nation to Mid-Century153
The New Nation, 1789-1800153
The Age of Jefferson, 1800-1816160
Nationalism: Prosperity and Change164
The Age of Jackson, 1828-1848174
A Changing Society and an Emerging Culture178
Chapter 8Reviewing the Events Leading to the Civil War and Its Aftermath185
Territorial Expansion and Sectional Crisis185
Prelude to the Civil War189
The Civil War193
Chapter 9Becoming an Urban and Industrial World Power207
The New South207
The Last Frontier210
Industry, Labor, and Big Business214
Urban Society218
Intellectual and Cultural Movements221
The Gilded Age223
The Nation Abroad, 1865-1914227
The Progressive Era231
Chapter 10Reviewing the Twentieth Century: 1915 to the Present237
Wilson and World War I237
The 1920s241
The Great Depression244
The New Deal246
Diplomacy in the 1920s and 1930s252
World War II255
Truman and the Beginning of the Cold War259
The Eisenhower Years264
The Kennedy/Johnson Years266
The Nixon Years272
The United States Since 1974275
Practice Test 1283
Answer Sheet285
Section I287
Section II301
Answers and Explanations307
Practice Test 2335
Answer Sheet337
Section I339
Section II354
Answers and Explanations361

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