Peterson's TOEFL Success 2001

Peterson's TOEFL Success 2001

by Peterson's


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Each year, nearly one million international students take the English proficiency exams required for admission by U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities. And for many, TOEFL Success is their number one preference for helping them achieve the high scores they'll need to earn a degree at the college of their choice. Covering all critical testing areas, it's the most in-depth instruction available.

Delivering all of the test-prep features for which the Peterson's Success series is rightly renowned, this easy-to-use guide includes:

  • "Red Alert" test-taking strategies
  • Key steps to improved writing ability on the Test of Written English (TWE) portion of the exam
  • Detailed explanations of the CBT.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780768905274
Publisher: Peterson's
Publication date: 07/28/2000
Series: Peterson's TOEFL Success Series , #2001
Edition description: Revised
Pages: 580
Product dimensions: 8.34(w) x 10.84(h) x 1.47(d)

Table of Contents

How to Use This Bookviii
What is Computer-Based TOEIC?xi
Getting Started
Red Alert 1
Questions and Answers about TOEFL2
Twelve Keys to High Scores on TOEFL7
Section 1Listening Comprehension
Red Alert 2
Introduction to Listening Comprehension14
Sample Listening Comprehension Test15
Part ADialogs
About Dialogs22
Lesson 1.Anticipating Questions About Dialogs27
Lesson 2.Dialogs with Sound Confusion29
Lesson 3.Dialogs with Homonyms and Words with Multiple Meanings32
Lesson 4.Dialogs with Idiomatic Expressions36
Lesson 5.Answering Inference Questions About Dialogs42
Lesson 6.Dialogs Involving Agreement and Disagreement45
Lesson 7.Dialogs Involving Suggestions, Invitations, Offers, and Requests48
Lesson 8.Dialogs Involving Contradictions, Assumptions, and Questions55
Lesson 9.Answering Questions About Activities, Plans, Topics, and Problems59
Lesson 10.Dialogs with Special Verbs62
Mini-Test 1Dialogs66
Part BExtended Conversations
About Extended Conversations68
Lesson 11.Anticipating Questions About Extended Conversations72
Lesson 12.Answering Overview Questions About Extended Conversations75
Lesson 13.Answering Detail Questions About Extended Conversations77
Mini-Test 2Extended Conversations80
Part CMini-Talks
About Mini-Talks81
Lesson 14.Anticipating Questions About Mini-Talks85
Lesson 15.Answering Overview Questions About Mini-Talks87
Lesson 16.Answering Detail Questions About Mini-Talks89
Mini-Test 3Mini-Talks92
Mini-Lessons for Section 1: Idiomatic Expressions93
Section 2Structure and Written Expression
Red Alert 3
Introduction to Structure and Written Expression114
Sample Structure and Written Expression Test116
Part AStructure
About Structure121
Lesson 17.Incomplete Independent Clauses123
Lesson 18.Incomplete Adjective Clauses129
Lesson 19.Incomplete/Missing Participial Phrases134
Lesson 20.Incomplete/Missing Appositives137
Lesson 21.Incomplete Adverb Clauses140
Lesson 22.Incomplete Noun Clauses145
Lesson 23.Incomplete/Missing Prepositional Phrases148
Mini-Test 4Structure150
Lesson 24.Word Order Problems152
Lesson 25.Items Involving Verb Problems156
Lesson 26.Incomplete/Missing Infinitive and Gerund Phrases159
Lesson 27.Items Involving Parallel Structures163
Lesson 28.Items Involving Misplaced Modifiers166
Lesson 29.Missing or Incomplete Comparisons169
Lesson 30.Missing Conjunctions172
Lesson 31.Missing Negative Words175
Mini-Test 5Structure178
Part BWritten Expression
About Written Expression180
Lesson 32.Errors with Word Forms182
Lesson 33.Errors in Word Choice192
Lesson 34.Errors with Verbs205
Lesson 35.Errors with Parallel Structures211
Lesson 36.Errors with Pronouns214
Lesson 37.Errors with Singular and Plural Nouns221
Mini-Test 6Written Expression226
Lesson 38.Errors with Verbals228
Lesson 39.Errors with Prepositions233
Lesson 40.Errors with Articles239
Lesson 41.Errors with Comparatives and Superlatives245
Lesson 42.Errors in Word Order248
Lesson 43.Errors with Conjunctions252
Mini-Test 7Written Expression254
Mini-Lessons for Section 2: Preposition Use256
Section 3Reading Comprehension
Red Alert 4
Introduction to Reading Comprehension266
Sample Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension Test271
Lesson 44.Overview Questions279
Lesson 45.Factual Questions, Negative Questions, and Scanning Questions292
Lesson 46.Inference Questions and Purpose Questions301
Lesson 47.Vocabulary-in-Context Questions312
Lesson 48.Reference Questions321
Mini-Test 8Reading Comprehension330
Mini-Lessons for Section 3: Vocabulary Building337
Guide to the Test of Written English (TWE)
10 Keys to Writing the TWE Essay375
Three Practice TWE Tests378
TWE Essay Topic 1379
TWE Essay Topic 2382
TWE Essay Topic 3385
Three Complete Practice Tests
Taking the Practice Tests390
Scoring the Practice Tests390
Practice Test 1393
Practice Test 2417
Practice Test 3440
Practice Tests: Tapescripts and Answer Keys
Practice Test 1464
Practice Test 2473
Practice Test 3483
Answer Keys and Tapescripts
Section 1: Listening Comprehension494
Section 2: Structure and Written Expression541
Section 3: Reading Comprehension558

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