Petit Appetit: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: Easy, Organic Snacks, Beverages, and Party Foods for Kids of All Ages

Petit Appetit: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry: Easy, Organic Snacks, Beverages, and Party Foods for Kids of All Ages

by Lisa Barnes

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Delicious organic recipes from an award-winning organic-foods cookbook author and nutrition expert.

As kids get older, parents get busier, and they all need simple, creative, healthy ideas and recipes for school lunches, snacks, drinks and the seemingly endless round of parties, playdates, and special occasions. This all-new collection of recipes from Petit Appetit is just what they need. These nutritious, organic, and easy-to-prepare snacks, drinks, and celebration foods are the perfect alternative to processed store-bought items laden with high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, additives, and preservatives. Chef and mother Lisa Barnes' simple, delicious recipes enable parents to think outside the bag (of processed chips, crackers, and cookies) and learn how to create new family favorites with healthy, organic ingredients.

Petit Appetit: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry features:

Expert advice, tips, and stories
Nutritional, dietary, and allergy information throughout
Best methods for packing and storage
More than 150 recipes

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ISBN-13: 9781101024669
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/03/2009
Sold by: Penguin Group
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
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Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Lisa Barnes is the founder of Petit Appetit, a cooking service devoted to infants and toddlers. She teaches private and group cooking classes throughout Northern California. She is a member of the American Personal Chef Association and a certified safe food handler. Barnes lives in San Francisco with her husband, Lee, and son, Jonas. Visit her website at

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Table of Contents

Title Page

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CHAPTER I - Using This Book

CHAPTER 2 - Do You Know What They’re Eating?

CHAPTER 3 - Choosing Organic: Why, When, and How

CHAPTER 4 - Instilling Good Eating Habits at Home and Away

CHAPTER 5 - Having Fun with Food and Family

CHAPTER 6 - Eat: Snacks

CHAPTER 7 - Drink: Beverages

CHAPTER 8 - Be Merry: Foods for Special Occasions and Everyday Celebrations

Food, Nutrition, and Shopping Resources

Books and Periodical Resources


About the Author

Praise for Lisa Barnes and Petit Appetit

“This collection of more than 150 organic recipes is sensitive to children with food allergies. The book contains a nice assortment of vegetarian and vegan selections and fare that is free of added sugar, eggs, gluten, and wheat. Several recipes require no cooking at all. (Pssst! You also can use non-organic ingredients and produce yummy results.) Added bonus: Recipes the whole family can enjoy.”

—Denver Post


“Parents who don’t mind taking a few extra steps in the kitchen will find that The Petit Appetit Cookbook offers many interesting, wholesome, and fun reasons to skip the grocery store’s baby food aisle. And they just might find that their own diets improve accordingly.”

—The New York Sun


“If you’ve got toddlers at your table, or have a baby due soon, I urge you to get a copy of The Petit Appetit Cookbook.”



“Little ones will love the all-organic recipes in Lisa Barnes’s cookbook—they’re kids-tested, healthy, and easy to prepare.”

—Body & Soul


“You’ll never feed your baby or toddler food from a jar or a drive-thru ever again after seeing the delicious, nutritious, and easy recipes in this fabulous cookbook.”



“The Petit Appetit Cookbook not only is an enchanting collection of wholesome recipes but also includes countless resources for nutritional information, shopping, organization, special diets, food safety and storage, and more. Barnes succeeds at encouraging seasonal, organic eating, and keeping a great variety of flavors and textures in baby’s repertoire. Mais oui! Merci!”

—Leslie Pave, chef and writer,


“When it comes to food and our children’s health, Lisa Barnes may be our most accomplished and creative ‘mom-to-mom’ writer. To the morning question every mother has, ‘What shall I feed them today?’ Lisa has more answers in her books than a Chinese restaurant menu. And every one is healthy and full of nutritious good sense. If you’re time-constrained with young children, like Lisa is, her hands-on experience and wisdom will be welcome relief.”

—Dave Smith, author of To Be of Use and editor and founder of organic food team blog


“In The Petit Appetit Cookbook, Lisa Barnes has produced a most creative and clever book abundant with recipes for feeding babies and toddlers. She succeeds with a wide variety of healthy, organic, and delicious recipes that suit each developmental stage. Her tips and information are the backbone for this delightful cookbook.”

—Dana Laake, RDH, MS, LDN, licensed nutritionist and coauthor of The ADHD & Autism Cookbook


“Part of the reason [Lisa’s] included in our Quest for the Best (besides her great recipes) is her delightful style: She’s easy-going and totally non-judgmental. As we busy moms know, we want great ideas, not guilt!”

—Kelly Corbet, CEO of Smart Foods, Healthy Kids


“As a registered dietitian, educator, and counselor, I’m thrilled to have this cookbook as a resource both professionally and personally.”

—Melissa Halas-Liang, MA, RD CNSD, CDE, founder of Super Kids Nutrition


“Another masterful creation by Lisa Barnes! She brings to the forefront the need and importance of reversing American families’ reliance on chemical and fat-laden processed foods and empowers parents to nourish their kids with wholesome foods made from pure and natural ingredients.”

—Ivy Marx, registered dietitian, Los Angeles Unified School District


“Lisa has a talent for creating simple, delicious recipes with easy cooking techniques, manageable ingredient lists, and plenty of information about storage, variations, and nutrition. These qualities make her book a great choice for families of any background or income level. I frequently use this book at home with my family and also at work during our cooking and nutrition workshops. Even though she wrote it for parents, many of these recipes are great for ‘movers and shakers’ of any age!”

Adrienne Markworth, founder of Leah’s Pantry

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Includes bibliographical references and index.

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PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The recipes contained in this book are to be followed exactly as written. The publisher is not responsible for your specifc health or allergy needs that may require medical supervision. The publisher is not responsible for any adverse reactions to the recipes contained in this book.

Most Perigee books are available at special quantity discounts for bulk purchases for sales promotions, premiums, fund-raising, or educational use. Special books, or book excerpts, can also be created to fit specific needs. For details, write: Special Markets, Penguin Group (USA) Inc., 375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014.


ONE OF THE BEST PARTS OF MY DAY is sharing dinner at home with my family. We have a nightly ritual where each family member (no matter how young) tells about the favorite part of his or her day and shares three things he or she is grateful for. Sometimes they’re sweet (and easy) like “Mom, Dad, and brother /sister,” and other times it’s all about the food (instant gratification) like “bread, fish, and milk.”

In the spirit of “thankfuls” (as my kids call them), I’d like to share some of mine in writing this book:

I am very lucky to have consistency and support from those who worked on my first book, The Petit Appetit Cookbook. I am grateful for my literary agent, Nancy Crossman, who, even though she lives in Chicago and I live in California, couldn’t be more supportive, encouraging, and determined to help me spread my philosophy and recipes. Thanks to John Duff at Penguin for allowing me to do another book, and providing the perfect title. I also appreciate all the good cheer and editing efforts of the Jeanettes—Jeanette Shaw and Jeanette Egan—for making sure my ideas, recipes, and words all make sense (and don’t run long). And thanks to Satoko Furuta for another great cover design.

I’m thankful to all the “experts” who contributed to the book: everyone from food bloggers, to nutritionists, to chefs, to pediatricians, to educators, to growers, and more. Thank you for the thoughtful foreword by Melissa Halas-Liang and comments by Ivy Marx—two fellow children’s nutrition advocates. And to Monica Matheny for her recipe review, creative suggestions, and friendship.

Of course, the most generous contributors were children—especially those at my son’s preschool in the Rabbit and Monkey classes. The honesty of a child who loves or hates your recipes is priceless. I truly enjoyed preparing food for and with them and listening to their laughter and banter. In my research (and as a mom), I’ve found many like-minded parents who are concerned for their child’s health and nutrition and love sharing their stories, tips, and wisdom about feeding their families. Their comments and experiences are insightful, inspiring, and funny.

My family gets big thanks and hugs because they gave me the time and encouragement to write another book (while they continue to shamelessly promote the first book). (Although I think Nana, Poppa, Unc, Tee Tee, Gido, Grandma, and Grandpa liked the extra excuse for babysitting duty and recipe testing.) I’m especially thankful to my sister for her helpful aunt duties while on her “layover” (conveniently close to my deadline). My family also provided material for the reality of outside influences (good and bad) that shape my children’s eating habits. Most important, I enjoyed reflecting on celebrations and recipes from my own childhood. The person who created most of my special “every days” is my mom.

I’m grateful for my helpful sous chefs (children), Jonas and Ellery, for providing me with so much inspiration, love, and laughter in the kitchen and otherwise. I look forward to creating more special “everyday” moments and celebrations for their many adventures and events to come. Thanks for their understanding and enthusiasm when they got Dad all to themselves (when Mom needed to sit at the computer).

Finally, thank you to my husband, Lee, for so much, but most important, for warming my side of the bed while I finished long nights of writing. I love you.

Thank you.


RECENTLY, WHEN SPEAKING TO A GROUP of young mothers about baby and toddler nutrition, I recommended Lisa Barnes’s first book, The Petit Appetit Cookbook. At the same time, I wished there was a follow-up book for older children and parents to enjoy that included helpful tips and recipes just as delicious, simple, and resourceful. So I was overjoyed when I heard she had written this book for just that very reason.

After the toddler years, it’s easy for moms to get off track from healthy eating as life gets busier and kids become more independent. This book puts you back on course to continue fulfilling the healthy intentions you’ve had ever since you were preparing your baby’s first foods. Now you have a compass to navigate the school-age years. These fun, delectable, adventurous recipes and helpful guides will help you and your children cook and live a healthy lifestyle with ease. Lisa’s creativity and passion for kid-friendly cuisine shine throughout each chapter.

As a registered dietitian, educator, and counselor, I’m thrilled to be able to recommend this as a must-have resource and cookbook for clients, but especially glad to have it for myself professionally and personally. Petit Appetit: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry brings together the connections between food, fun, health, parent modeling, and the environment. Lisa provides practical tips so you can apply these connections to create a healthy environment for your children and family. The best news is you don’t need to be a gourmet chef to enjoy making these meals with ease or become a health expert to find the way to live well. It’s all here for Mom or Dad, yet so simply presented you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself.

As you find yourself taking on new adventures with your little chefs, whether it be in the kitchen, farmers’ market, grocery stores, or garden, take pleasure in the new or enhanced perspective that this book brings: good nutrition can grow a healthy family with simplicity and enjoyment.


MELISSA HALAS-LIANG, MA, Registered Dietitian,
Certified Diabetes Educator, and Founder of SuperKids Nutrition, Inc.


MY FAMILY HAS ALWAYS SHARED GIGGLES, goofs, and good times together in the kitchen. As a baby, my son watched me knead dough, listened to my songs about fruits and veggies, waved a whisk, and sometimes slept, all while I tested recipes for my first book, The Petit Appetit Cookbook.

My daughter was six days old when she joined our family for a Sunday morning at the farmers’ market. And when it was time for her first bite—look out! She wanted it all. Since then, it’s seemed as though she’s never put down her fork. She has a healthy and varied appetite, and like her brother, came in handy for recipe testing for my next book, Williams-Sonoma’s Cooking forBaby.

My children have grown with my philosophy of eating healthy, fresh, organic foods from their very first bite, and I get so excited to learn from other parents that they are doing the same. Parents all over the country (and even across the globe) have told me how they, too, enjoy cooking for and with their children, and they’ve requested more recipes and ideas for creating healthy snacks, drinks, and party foods. I feel as if our children are growing up together and experiencing many of the same foods, flavors, and eating stages, and I want to share this book with everyone who is guiding children to healthier food and drink choices for school, play, and every day!

In writing this book I had a few kitchen tests go awry (a new microwave was necessary after a popcorn problem) and I underestimated the time necessary for testing and writing with two little ones. Sometimes I thought if people saw me cooking (and scorching, especially at midnight), they would never believe I write cookbooks. Then I realized that’s exactly who should write children’s food recipes: someone with real children and busy lives going to school and sports practices and dealing with the outside influences of junk foods and peer pressures (rather than a food stylist with a big staff in a large fancy kitchen with endless hours to test recipes and create magical food pyramids in silence).

I’m inspired by parents, teachers, nutritionists, chefs, and pediatricians who are making a positive impact on children’s health and nutrition. With the recipes in this book and all the advocates in the community, I hope our children become confident in their food choices and rely on their good eating habits established at home when at school, playdates, soccer practice, birthday parties, and as they celebrate life’s events.

It’s so great to share my recipes, experiences, and traditions with other families. Of course, each child is an individual and will have her own preferences. But it’s how we as parents allow them to experience foods and teach them about growing, cooking, eating, shopping, and sharing at snack time, party time, and any time that builds healthy habits and nurtures responsible eaters.

I underestimated the enthusiasm and curiosity my children would have for helping in the kitchen. They really want to be in the middle of the action. They participate in everything from stirring batters, dumping ingredients, and counting eggs, to turning on “zoom-zooms” (the stand mixer and food processor), choosing produce, and setting (and clearing) the table. There’s some kitchen competition, too; it’s a little like mini Top Chef. Brother and sister vie for position and approval of the judges (Mom and Dad). Thankfully, they also enjoy experiencing new foods (for the most part), and were both eager taste testers for this book. At publication my son’s favorite food is mussels and clams and my daughter’s nickname at the family table is “the mad dipper.”

I hope you’ll enjoy the recipes in this book with your family as much as I have enjoyed creating them with mine.


Bon Petit Appetit!


Using This Book

SNACKS, DRINKS, AND CELEBRATIONS are a big part of our children’s lives. As parents, we want our children to be happy and healthy at home, at school, and at play. Get the most out of this book by thinking outside the bag (of store-bought chips, crackers, and premade dips) and can (of soda and “vitamin” sports drinks) and learn to create and reinvent family favorites with great-tasting, healthy, organic ingredients, and have fun in the process. Take the opportunity and time to empower your children to make positive food and drink choices; participate in the shopping and preparation; and allow them to help create their own snack, drink, and party favorites. In addition to recipes, you’ll find expert advice, tips, stories, and resources for reading food labels; reducing allergen risks; eliminating harmful food ingredients; and overall “greening” of snacks, drinks, and party foods for children.

When you cook at home, you’re making a choice to reduce the additives, preservatives, and other potentially harmful ingredients in your child’s foods. You can feel good about preparing your own foods and drinks that your children will eat, enjoy, share, and help create while putting them on a path to making healthy food choices for a lifetime. Celebrated pediatrician Dr. William Sears wrote in The Family Nutrition Book, “After years of observation, I became convinced that the children who ate the healthiest foods were the healthiest kids. They were sick less often, had fewer discipline problems and achieved better in school. They not only had healthier bodies, they had healthier minds.”


There’s a variety of food and beverages for all ages, stages, and tastes in this book (even those who are “choosy” eaters). Because texture is such a large part of children’s adversity to food, the snack section (“Eat”) is based on sound and mouth feel. Recipes in the beverage chapter (“Drink”) are also categorized for those who like a variety of flavors, temperatures, and textures. Finally, the “special occasion” foods (“Be Merry”) are meant to be shared and appeal to a number of ages, themes, and celebrations. Many of these recipes are not set to traditional holidays or beliefs; they celebrate the everyday excitement in a child’s life. The recipes can be interchanged between sections. The recipes in the “Eat” and “Drink” sections can be doubled or tripled to serve a crowd in the “Be Merry” category. And leftover “Be Merry” foods such as Pizza Pinwheels (page 164) can also be packed for lunch as an “Eat” option. So look over the entire book for recipes and ideas before planning and prepping.

Recipe Icons and Definitions

The recipes have been reviewed by parents and nutritionists to find a balance of appetizing foods that are also quick and easy to prepare; some do not even require cooking. Each recipe shows the ingredients, amounts, nutritional analysis, prep tips, and ingredient icons. If a health professional has diagnosed your child with allergies, intolerances, or other health issues, the recipe icons can help quickly identify recipes that meet dietary and cooking restrictions. For readers of The Petit Appetit Cookbook these icons should be familiar, with a few additions to help identify foods with nuts (a no-no at many schools) and milk (for those with casein and lactose issues). There are also indicators for best recipes for sharing and packing, and those appropriate for the youngest in the family.


Egg-free: Recipes without eggs, especially important for those with egg allergies and adults with cholesterol concerns.

Milk-free: Recipes without cow’s or goat’s milk, using alternatives such as rice milk. Especially good for babies under one year and those with lactose intolerance or casein allergy.

Gluten-free: Recipes without gluten, the elastic protein, using wheat-free alternative flours and grains. They may be convenient for those with celiac disease, although some recipes should be reviewed closely, as they may contain oats. Many recent studies indicate that the protein found in oats may not be harmful to most people with celiac disease. However, there is concern that the oats may be contaminated with wheat during the milling and processing. Please consult your physician or dietitian before adding oats to your child’s diet.

Nut-free: Recipes without peanuts or tree nuts, including almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, chestnuts, coconuts, hazelnuts (filberts), hickory nuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios, and walnuts, plus marzipan, nut butters, nut paste, nougat, and nut extracts. This is helpful for those under two years and those with nut allergies. Pack for lunch at nut-free schools and occasions where there could be people with allergies.

Cook with Kids: Recipes with simple tasks for children to help prepare. Good for children’s cooking parties and gatherings.

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