Petrogenesis of Metamorphic Rocks

Petrogenesis of Metamorphic Rocks



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ISBN-13: 9781461596356
Publisher: Springer New York
Publication date: 01/22/2012
Edition description: 1976
Pages: 334
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

1. Definition and Types of Metamorphism.- 2. From Diagenesis to Metamorphism.- 3. Factors of Metamorphism.- General Considerations.- The Composition of the Fluid Phase.- Directed Pressure.- 4. Mineral Parageneses: The Building Blocks of Metamorphic Rocks.- 5. Graphical Representation of Metamorphic Mineral Parageneses.- Composition Plotting.- ACF Diagram.- A’FK Diagram.- How Are ACF and A’FK Diagrams Used?.- AFM Diagrams.- 6. Classification Principles: Metamorphic Facies versus Metamorphic Grade.- 7. The Four Divisions of Metamorphic Grade.- General Considerations.- The Terms Isograd and Isoreaction-Grad.- The Division of Very-Low-Grade Metamorphism.- The Division of Low-Grade Metamorphism.- The Change from Low-Grade to Medium-Grade Metamorphism.- The Change from Medium-Grade to High-Grade Metamorphism.- Granulite—High Grade; Regional Hypersthene Zone.- Pressure Divisions of the Metamorphic Grades.- Problems with the Al2SiO5 Species.- 8. General Characteristics of Metamorphic Terrains.- Metamorphic Zones in Contact Aureoles.- Metamorphic Zones in Regional Metamorphism.- Paired Metamorphic Belts.- 9. Metamorphic Reactions in Carbonate Rocks.- General Considerations.- Metamorphism of Siliceous Dolomitic Limestones.- Formation of Wollastonite.- Metamorphism of Carbonates at Very High Temperature and Very Low Pressure.- 10. Metamorphism of Marls.- Plagioclase & Calcite Assemblages.- Vesuvianite.- 11. Metamorphism of Ultramafic Rocks: Systems MgO-SiO2-CO2-H2O and MgO-CaO-SiO2-H2O.- 12. Metamorphism of Mafic Rocks.- Transformations Except Those of Very-Low-Grade Metamorphism at Low Pressures.- Very-Low-Grade Metamorphism at Low Pressures.- Evaluation of Metamorphic Changes at Very-Low Grade.- The Role of CO2 in Very-Low-Grade Metamorphism.- 13. Very-Low-Grade Metamorphism of Graywackes.- 14. Metamorphism of Pelites.- General Statement.- Metamorphism of Pelitic Rocks at Very-Low and Low-Grade.- Metamorphism of Pelitic Rocks at Medium- and High-Grade.- 15. A Key to Determine Metamorphic Grades and Major Isoreaction-Grads or Isograds in Common Rocks.- Very-Low-Grade Metamorphism.- Low-Grade.- Medium- and High-Grade.- Geothermometers and Geobarometers.- Sequences of Isoreaction-Grads or Isograds.- 16. Regional Hypersthene Zone (Granolite High Grade).- Nomenclature and Mineralogical Features of “Granulites”.- Metamorphism of Granolites and Related Granoblastites.- Petrogenetic Considerations.- 17. Eclogites.- 18. Anatexis, Formation of Migmatites, and Origin of Granitic Magmas.- Anatexis: General Considerations.- Experimental Anatexis of Rocks Composed of Alkali Feldspar, Plagioclase, and Quartz.- Experimental Anatexis of Rocks Composed of Plagioclase and Quartz but Lacking Alkali Feldspar.- Formation of Migmatites.- Formation of Granitic Magmas by Anatexis.- Appendix: Nomenclature of Common Metamorphic Rocks.- Names of Important Rock Groups.- Prefixes.- Classification.

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