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Petticoats and Pinstripes: Portraits of Women in Wall Street's History

Petticoats and Pinstripes: Portraits of Women in Wall Street's History

by Sheri J. Caplan


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This fascinating work presents biographical essays about women from the colonial period to modern times, chronicling the previously untold story of the female financial experience in the United States.

Petticoats and Pinstripes: Portraits of Women in Wall Street's History provides a fascinating chronological account of the contributions of women on Wall Street through profiles of selected individuals that set their achievements in the context of the prevailing times. The book documents how women frequently assumed financial roles as a temporary palliative to the nation's ills, only to be cast aside once conditions improved, and how they were often restrained from financial endeavors by various factors, including American legal, political, economic, and cultural norms. Author Sheri J. Caplan describes the accomplishments of women in the financial world against the backdrop of the general advancement of women's rights and the evolution of gender-based roles in society, and identifies the primary factors in the development of a greater female role in finance: wartime urgency, personal necessity, technological change, and financial education.

  • Explores the female financial experience in the United States from the colonial period to modern times
  • Presents the history of women on Wall Street by placing personalities in the context of both Wall Street's development and prevailing political and cultural times
  • Identifies common themes and issues confronted by women in finance
  • Provides two quick-reference appendices, one describing the significance of particular women and a second that provides a chronology of milestones

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ISBN-13: 9781440802652
Publisher: ABC-CLIO, Incorporated
Publication date: 06/17/2013
Pages: 258
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Sheri J. Caplan is a writer who previously served as vice president and assistant general counsel at Goldman Sachs and currently is a securities arbitrator for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Table of Contents

Preface ix

Acknowledgments xi

Introduction xiii

Abbreviations xix

Part I Revolutionaries 1

1 The Philadelphia Ladies 7

2 She-Merchants and Deputy Husbands 17

Part II Pioneers 27

3 Tennessee Claflin and Victoria Woodhull 33

4 Hetty Green 45

5 Maggie Walker 55

Part III Patriots and Bankers 65

6 The Women's Liberty Loan Committee 73

7 Women Bankers 83

8 Rosie the Wall Streeter 95

Part IV Mavericks 105

9 Mary Roebling 113

10 Julia Montgomery Walsh 123

11 Muriel Siebert 135

Part V Icons 145

12 Elaine Garzarelli 151

13 Abby Joseph Cohen 159

14 Amy Domini 169

Conclusion 181

Appendix A Leading Ladies 187

Appendix B Selected Chronology 195

Notes 203

Bibliography 239

Index 249

What People are Saying About This

Lisa Endlich

"The contribution of women to the growth of Wall Street and ultimately our capitalist system has been largely hidden, until now. From colonial times to the present, Sheri J. Caplan leads us through the adventures of the 'she merchants'—women who pioneered in the male dominated world of finance. Phenomenally well-researched, Petticoats and Pinstripes: Portraits of Women in Wall Street's History, delves into the lives of very real women, from Abigail Adams to Abby Joseph Cohen, all of them groundbreakers, and their relationships with men and money. Women on Wall Street have traveled far and Caplan leads us through that journey with her compelling portraits of those who led the way."

Nina Godiwalla

"Caplan has crafted a masterful piece of narrative non-fiction that traces the untold story of women in Wall Street's history. She adeptly guides the reader through key events spanning three centuries of American cultural and economic history while highlighting the successes and obstacles encountered by selected women in short biographical essays. She successfully distills key themes affecting women's progress in finance in a highly readable fashion that will appeal to history buffs, Wall Street aficionados, and anyone who enjoys reading accounts of individual determination."

Janet Hanson

"Groundbreaking work by a talented essayist that finally takes note of women's achievements in finance. Caplan's thorough and astute analysis combined with engaging storytelling provides fast-paced, important, and timely insight to women's progress on Wall Street both yesterday and today."

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