Pharmaceutics - Drug Delivery and Targeting: FASTtrack

Pharmaceutics - Drug Delivery and Targeting: FASTtrack


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Pharmaceutics - Drug Delivery and Targeting: FASTtrack by Yvonne Perrie, Thomas Rades

Are your exams coming up? Are you drowning in textbooks and lecture notes and wondering where to begin? Take the FASTtrack route to study successfully for your examinations. FASTtrack provides the ultimate lecture notes and is a must-have for all pharmacy students wanting to study and test themselves for forthcoming exams. Pharmaceutics: Drug Delivery and Targeting focuses on what pharmacy students really need to know in order to pass exams, providing concise, bulleted information, chapter overviews, hints, key points, mind maps and an all-important self-assessment section which includes MCQs. This FASTtrack book thoroughly and systematically reviews important concepts relating to the delivery and targeting of drugs. The emphasis of this book is placed on the principles of drug release and targeting, including immediate, delayed, sustained, controlled and targeted release. Relevant examples of delivery systems are given throughout the book. Pharmaceutics: Drug Delivery and Targeting will be a valuable resource for any pharmacy student needing to study the essentials of this topic. Covering all areas of the pharmacy degree, the titles in the series include: * Applied Pharmaceutical Practice (based on the textbook of the same name) * Complementary and Alternative Medicine (based on the textbook of the same name) * Law and Ethics in Pharmacy Practice * Managing Symptoms in the Pharmacy * Pharmaceutical Compounding and Dispensing (based on the textbook of the same name) * Pharmaceutics - Dosage Form and Design * Pharmaceutics - Drug Delivery and Targeting * Pharmacology * Physical Pharmacy (based on Florence & Attwood's Physicochemical Principles of Pharmacy) * Therapeutics

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ISBN-13: 9780857110596
Publisher: The Pharmaceutical Press
Publication date: 07/01/2012
Pages: 242
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.50(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction to the FASTtrack series vii

Preface viii

About the authors x

1 Controlling drug delivery 1

Introduction 1

Differentiating delivery systems according to their physical state 3

Differentiating delivery systems according to their route of administration 4

Differentiating drug delivery systems according to their mechanism of drug release 7

Immediate release 8

Modified release 10

Drug absorption 14

Mechanisms of drug absorption 16

Summary 18

Self-assessment 20

Further reading 24

2 Immediate-release drug delivery systems I: increasing the solubility and dissolution rate of drugs 25

Introduction 25

Improving drug delivery by increasing the solubility and dissolution rate of the drug 26

How to determine the dissolution rate of a drug 49

Super disintegrants 50

Summary 50

Self-assessment 50

Reference 56

Further reading 56

3 Immediate-release drug delivery systems II: increasing the permeability and absorption of drugs 59

Introduction 59

The biopharmaceutics classification system 59

The maximum absorbable dose 62

Drug absorption 63

Barriers to drug absorption 64

Strategies to overcome the barriers to drug absorption 66

Summary 68

Self-assessment 68

Further reading 70

4 Delayed-release drug delivery systems 71

Introduction 71

Small intestine-specific delivery 72

Colon-specific drug delivery 77

Summary 80

Self-assessment 81

Further reading 83

5 Sustained-release delivery systems 85

Introduction 85

Suitable drug candidates for sustained-release dosage forms 87

Dissolution-based sustained-release dosage forms 89

Gastroretentive drug delivery systems 90

Diffusion-based sustained-release dosageforms 97

Summary 110

Self-assessment 110

Further reading 115

6 Controlled-release dosage forms 117

Introduction 117

Polymer membrane permeation-controlled systems 120

Polymer matrix diffusion-controlled systems 123

Activation-modulated controlled drug delivery systems 127

Feedback-regulated controlled drug delivery systems 134

Conclusions 136

Self-assessment 136

Reference 139

Further reading 139

7 Site-directed drug targeting 141

General principles of drug targeting 141

Requirements for effective drug targeting 142

Physiological and biological barriers to drug targeting 145

Types of drug targeting 150

Cellular uptake and intracellular routing of the drug 154

Summary 156

Self-assessment 156

Further reading 160

8 Carriers for drug targeting 161

Options for drug targeting systems 161

Modification of the drug to promote targeting - prodrugs 162

Soluble macromolecular drug carriers to promote targeting 165

Colloidal and particulate drug delivery systems 176

Summary 205

Self-assessment 205

Further reading 213

Answers to self-assessment 215

Mind maps 217

Index 222

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