Phases of the History of English: Selection of Papers Read at SHELL 2012

Phases of the History of English: Selection of Papers Read at SHELL 2012



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ISBN-13: 9783631647639
Publisher: Lang, Peter Publishing, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/30/2013
Series: Studies in English Medieval Language and Literature Series , #42
Pages: 384
Product dimensions: 5.83(w) x 8.27(h) x (d)

About the Author

Michio Hosaka is Professor of English Linguistics at Nihon University.
Michiko Ogura is Professor of Medieval English at Keio University.
Hironori Suzuki is Professor of English at Daito Bunka University.
Akinobu Tani is Professor of English at the Hyogo University of Education.

Table of Contents

Contents: Jacek Fisiak: Discovering English Historical Linguistics in Japan: A Personal View – Joyce Hill: Naming the Liturgical Year: Reflections on Vernacular Practice – Hans Sauer: Middle English Word-Formation: A Sketch – Liliana Sikorska: Malevolent Visitors: on Hosts and Hostiles in Medieval Romances – John Scahill: Syntagmatic Glossing in the Old English Gloss to the Rule of St Benedict – Tadashi Kotake: Gospel Glosses in Context: with Special Reference to Old English Scratched Glosses in London, BL, Additional 40000 – Tomonori Yamamoto: The Semantic and Syntactic Study of Periphrastic ‘Modal verb + Infinitive’ Constructions in OE: Comparing the Versions of the OE Gospels – Young-Bae Park: Impersonals in OE Syntax: Data and Explanations – Michiko Ogura: Ambiguity in Old English – Yoshitaka Kozuka: Element Order in Old English Translation – Michio Hosaka: A Diachronic Approach to Cleft Constructions in English – Fuyo Osawa: Impersonal Constructions and the Non-universality of Subject – Hideki Watanabe: Form, hand, and mund in Beowulf Reconsidered: Symbolism and Synecdoche for the hands in Heorot – Hironori Suzuki: Metrical influences on constructions with complex predicates in Old English hypermetric verses – Robert D. Stevick: Much Ado About Nothing, or, Further Thoughts on Null in Early English Writing – Takuto Watanabe: On the transition from ymb to about in Old and Middle English – Fumiko Yoshikawa: How is a Text Classified in Mystical Writing? Typical Vocabulary and Expressions in Middle English Mystical Writing – Akinobu Tani: Revising the Loss of the Verb Wit in Comparison with Know: A Survey into the ICAMET ME Prose Corpus – Akira Okada: An Investigation of English Negative Prefixes Appearing as Doublets - inability, disability, non-ability, unability – Yoko Iyeiri: The Pronoun it and the Dating of Middle English Texts – Fuminori Nakamura: On the Changes in the Clausal Complement of the Copulative Perception Verbs in American English – Kiriko Sato: Whomever in present-Day American English.

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