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Philanthropy Reconsidered

Philanthropy Reconsidered

by George Mccully

Paperback(New Edition)

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A re-interpretation and strategic overview of philanthropy-its meaning and values, greatest accomplishments, current transformations, and future directions-based on close analysis of historical sources, and 25 years' practical experience in all aspects of philanthropy. Chapter I: " Promethean Fire: the Archetype" - from its first coinage in ancient Greece, in Prometheus Bound, philanthropia meant "the love of humanity", or of what it is to be human, an educational and cultural ideal; Chapter II: " Philanthropy's Finest Hour: the American Revolution" - the Revolution as philanthropy in action-how Classical philanthropy through voluntary associations produced a "purportedly philanthropic nation", created by and for philanthropy; Chapter III: " Philanthropy Yesterday and Today" - how 20th-century growth and professionalization made philanthropy paradigmatic, but neglected Classical values, and how we are now in a paradigm-shift, in which philanthropy is being thoroughly transformed; Chapter IV: " The Future of Philanthropy" - how the paradigm-shift analysis illuminates issues facing Old Paradigm institutions, and current trends suggesting a probable future; Chapter V: " Philanthropy Reborn"- how a possible New Paradigm, uniting Classical ideals with Internet-based operations, might benefit donors, grantmakers, philanthropic advisors, trustees, executive directors, scholars, media journalists, teachers and students, as well as civic, religious and political leaders. Appendix I: "Case Study: the Catalogue for Philanthropy in Massachusetts." Exemplifies the current paradigm-shift. Appendix II: "A Taxonomic Tree of Philanthropy" A donor-friendly presentation of how the fields of philanthropy constitute a coherent whole. Appendix III: "Bibliographical Notes" Suggested further readings.

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ISBN-13: 9781438905617
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Publication date: 08/26/2008
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 148
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