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Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.
Philosophical Essays and Correspondence

Philosophical Essays and Correspondence

by Rene Descartes, Roger Ariew


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ISBN-13: 9780872205031
Publisher: Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.
Publication date: 03/01/2000
Series: Hackett Classics Series
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Roger Ariew is Professor of Philosophy, University of South Florida.

Table of Contents

Descartes: Life and Timesvii
Principle of Selection for the Volumexvii
A Bibliographical Note on Descartes's Main Worksxx
Selected Bibliography of Primary and Secondary Sourcesxxii
Brief Chronology of Descartes's Life and Worksxxiv
I.Early Works and Correspondence (to 1637)1
Preliminaries and Observations (1619)1
Rules for the Direction of the Mind (1618?-1628?)2
To Mersenne, On the Eternal Truths (April 15, May 6, and May 27, 1630)28
The World or Treatise on Light [and Man] (1632)30
To Mersenne, About Galileo's Condemnation (April 1634)43
II.Discourse on Method (1637)46
III.Correspondence (1637-1641)83
To Silhon, Existence of God and of the Soul (March 1637)83
To Plempius for Fromondus, Atomism and Mechanism (October 3, 1637)84
To Vatier, On the Discourse (February 22, 1638)86
To Regius, Knowledge of the Infinite (May 24, 1640)89
To Colvius, On Augustine and the Cogito (November 14, 1640)90
To Mersenne, Immortality of the Soul (December 24, 1640)91
To Mersenne, The Aim of the Meditations and the Context for the Principles (December 31, 1640)94
To Mersenne, On J.-B. Morin's Proof for the Existence of God (January 28, 1641)95
IV.Meditations on First Philosophy (1641)97
Letter of Dedication97
Preface to the Reader100
Synopsis of the Meditations102
Meditation 1Concerning Those Things That Can Be Called into Doubt104
Meditation 2Concerning the Nature of the Human Mind: That It Is Better Known Than the Body107
Meditation 3Concerning God, That He Exists113
Meditation 4Concerning the True and the False122
Meditation 5Concerning the Essence of Material Things, and Again Concerning God, That He Exists127
Meditation 6Concerning the Existence of Material Things, and the Real Distinction between Mind and Body132
V.Objections by Some Learned Men to the Preceding Meditations, with Replies by the Author (1641)142
First Set of Objections142
Reply by the Author to the First Set of Objections149
Reply to the Second Set of Objections159
Third Set of Objections, by a Famous English Philosopher, with the Author's Replies167
Fourth Set of Objections, by Antoine Arnauld, Doctor of Theology177
Reply to the Fourth Set of Objections182
Sixth Set of Objections190
Reply to the Sixth Set of Objections194
VI.Correspondence (1641-1644)207
To Mersenne, Idea Defined and Discussed (July 1641)207
To Gibieuf, Ideas and Abstraction (January 19, 1642)209
To Buitendijck, Possibility of Doubting God's Existence (1643)212
To Elisabeth, Primitive Notions (May 21 and June 28, 1643)213
To Mesland, On Freedom (May 2, 1644)216
VII.Principles of Philosophy (1644-1647)222
VIII.Late Works and Correspondence (1645 On)273
To Mesland, On Freedom (February 9, 1645)273
To Clerselier, Concerning Principles (June or July 1646)274
To the Marquis of Newcastle, About Animals (November 23, 1646)275
To Chanut, On Nicholas Cusa and the Infinite (June 6, 1647)277
Notes Against a Program (1648)281
To More, Replies to Objections (February 5, 1649)292
The Passions of the Soul (1649)297
The Search After Truth by the Light of Nature (1641?-1649?)315

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