Philosophical Perspectives on Power and Domination: Theories and Practices

Philosophical Perspectives on Power and Domination: Theories and Practices


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ISBN-13: 9789042002616
Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers, Inc.
Publication date: 02/29/2000
Series: Philosophy of Peace Series
Pages: 319

Table of Contents

Joseph C. KUNKEL: Editorial Foreword. Laura DUHAN KAPLAN and Laurence F. BOVE: Preface. Acknowledgments. SECTION I DOMINATION AND ITS ALTERNATIVES. Introduction. ONE Robert LITKE: Domination and Other Kinds of Power. TWO William C. GAY: The Violence of Domination and the Power of Non-violence. THREE Gail M. PRESBEY: Hannah Arendt on Power. FOUR Maria MORALES: The Corrupting Influence on Power. SECTION II POWER, SELF, AND SOCIETY. Introduction. FIVE Laura DUHAN KAPLAN: Physical Education for Domination and Emancipation: A Foucauldian Analysis of Aerobics and Hatha Yoga. SIX Glen T. MARTIN: Eschatological Ethics and Positive Peace: Western Contributions to the Critique of the Self-Centered Ego and Its Social Manifestations. SEVEN Jerald RICHARDS: Power Imbalance and Human Worth. EIGHT. Judith PRESLER: Plato's Solution to the Problem of Political Corruption. NINE Marc STIER: The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth? Deception and the Educative Ideal of Politics. SECTION III POWER, WAR, AND GLOBAL RESPONSIBILITY. Introduction. TEN Bernard R. BOXIL: Power and Poverty: The Prospects for World Peace. ELEVEN Joseph C. KUNKEL: The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Starve: Is There an Ethical Alternative? TWELVE Michael HOWARD: Future Generations and Moral Duties. THIRTEEN Barbara A. THIEDE: Assuming Power: Liberal Peace Advocacy in the U.S. and Germany. FOURTEEN David J. ULBRICH: A Kantian Critique of Machiavelli's Ethic of Power. SECTION IV POWER, RACE, AND GENDER. Introduction. FIFTEEN Elizabeth KAMARCK MINNICH: Preparing to Think about Power and Domination: Locating Errors that Perpetuate Injustice. SIXTEEN Laurence F. BOVE: Malcolm X's Rejection of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Nonviolence. SEVENTEEN Judith A. BOSS: Throwing Pearls to the Swine: Women, Forgiveness, and the Unrepentent Abuser. EIGHTEEN David E. JOHNSON: Educational Responses to Tailhook. NINETEEN Amy IHLAN: Burning Crosses, Political Expression, and the First Amendment: The Case of R.A.V. v. City of St. Paul. TWENTY Alison BAILEY: Mothers, Birthgivers, and Peacemakers: The Need for an Inclusive Account. Reference Bibliography. About the Authors. Index

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