Philosophy of Mind and Phenomenology: Conceptual and Empirical Approaches

Philosophy of Mind and Phenomenology: Conceptual and Empirical Approaches

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This volume identifies and develops how philosophy of mind and phenomenology interact in both conceptual and empirically-informed ways. The objective is to demonstrate that phenomenology, as the first-personal study of the contents and structures of our mentality, can provide us with insights into the understanding of the mind and can complement strictly analytical or empirically informed approaches to the study of the mind. Insofar as phenomenology, as the study or science of phenomena, allows the mind to appear, this collection shows how the mind can reappear through a constructive dialogue between different ways—phenomenological, analytical, and empirical—of understanding mentality.

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ISBN-13: 9781134516346
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Publication date: 08/11/2015
Series: Routledge Research in Phenomenology
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 334
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About the Author

Daniel O. Dahlstrom is a Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Boston University, USA.

Andreas Elpidorou is Visiting Assistant Professor of Philosophy, University of Louisville, USA.

Walter Hopp is an Associate Professor in the Department of Philosophy at Boston University, USA.

Table of Contents

Introduction  Section I: Introspection and Phenomenal Consciousness  1. Cognitive Phenomenology David Woodruff Smith  2. For-me-ness: What It Is and What It Is Not Dan Zahavi and Uriah Kriegel  Section II: Embodiment and Sociality  3. Lived Body, Intercorporeality, Intersubjectivity: The Body as a Phenomenological Theme Dermot Moran  4. The Body and Its Image in the Clinical Encounter Dorothée Legrand  5. Merleau-Ponty: Actions, Habits, and Skilled Expertise Komarine Romdenh-Romluc  6. The Minds of Others Shaun Gallagher  Section III: Self-Awareness and Knowledge  7. Interoception and Self-Awareness: An Exploration in Interoceptive Phenomenology  Daniel O. Dahlstrom  8. Knowing One’s Own Desires  Jonathan Webber  9. Phenomenal Conservatism and the Principle of All Principles Walter Hopp  Section IV: Perception and Dreams  10. Hearing, Seeing, and Music in the Middle Dan Lloyd  11. Eyes Wide Shut: Sartre’s Phenomenology of Dreaming Nicolas de Warren  Section V: Affectivity  12. Defending a Heideggerian Account of Mood Lauren Freeman  13. The Significance of Boredom: A Sartrean Reading Andreas Elpidorou  Section VI: Naturalism and Cognition  14. Prospects for a Naturalized Phenomenology Jeffrey Yoshimi  15. Bringing Philosophy Back: 4e Cognition and the Argument from Phenomenology Mark Rowlands

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