Philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine: In Their Own Words

Philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine: In Their Own Words


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The purpose of philosophy in the practice of naturopathic medicine is to think as a Naturopath. This book, Philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine, lays out the foundation for clear naturopathic thinking. In choosing the philosophy of naturopathic medicine, the Naturopath recognizes that nature is inherently wise and that abiding by its laws one reinforces and sustains individual health and sanity. The naturopathic movement was founded by pioneer Benedict Lust and led by him through fifty years of publishing advocacy and patient care. He wrote, collected, edited and published several thousand substantial articles on every conceivable naturopathic medical subject. This title, which focuses on the philosophy of naturopathic medicine, represents a unique collection of the Lust journals dating from 1900 to 1923, previously housed in locked cabinets in The Rare Book Room at National University of Natural Medicine but now available to everyone as part of an extraordinary and accessible twelve book series—The Hevert Collection: In Their Own Words.

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ISBN-13: 9781945785016
Publisher: NUNM Press
Publication date: 09/12/2016
Series: in Their Own Words
Pages: 404
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Sussanna Czeranko, ND, BBE, is a 1994 graduate of CCNM (Toronto). She is a licensed ND in Oregon. In the last twenty-two years, she has developed an extensive armamentarium of traditional naturopathic therapies for her patients. Especially interested in balneotherapy, botanical medicine, breathing and nutrition, she is a frequent international presenter and workshop leader. She is a monthly Contributing Editor (Nature Cure-Past Pearls) for NDNR and a Contributing Writer for the Foundations of Naturopathic Medicine Project. Dr. Czeranko founded The Breathing Academy and along with Dr. Karis Tressel
The Nature-Cure Academy, both of which provide training and practicums for Naturopathic doctors, the former in the scientific model of Buteyko breathing therapy, and the latter in traditional Naturopathic modalities. Dr. Czeranko also founded Manitou Waters Clinic, Spa and Health Education Centre in
Saskatchewan, Canada, on the shores of a pristine, highly mineralized northern lake.

Table of Contents

The Natural Treatment And Medicine • Benedict Lust
Cleanliness-The First Principle Of Hygiene • Wilhelm Hotz, M.D.
The Causation Of Diseases • Ludwig Staden, Naturarzt
Just And His Method • Benedict Lust
The Kneipp Cure, II • Benedict Lust
Declaration Of Principles • Benedict Lust
How To Protect Oneself Against Disease And Illness • F. E. Bilz
Return To Nature • Adolf Just
What Is Naturopathy? • Ludwig Staden, Naturopath
General Rules For The Physical Regeneration Of Man Notice • C. Leigh Hunt Wallace
What Hinders The Propagation Of Naturopathy? • Benedict Lust
Return To Nature • Benedict Lust
Naturopathy • Benedict Lust
Sayings • Ella Wheeler Wilcox
The Naturopathic System Of Therapeutics Or The Prevention Of Disease And Its Cure • Benedict Lust
Naturopathy • Dr. Carl Schultz
Ten Commandments • Benedict Lust
Vital Force In Man • Samuel A. Bloch
The Purpose And Method Of Nature Cure • Benedict Lust
Doctors And Their Exorbitant Fees • S. T. Erieg
Nature As A Doctor • C. S. Carr, M.D.
The Effect Of The Mind On The Body • E. G. White et al
A Suggestion • C. M. Corbin, N.D.
Nature Cure In A Nutshell • H. Lindlahr, M.D.
Catechism Of Nature Cure • H. Lindlahr, M.D.
How To Live Long • Prof. Irving Fisher
Social Health And Personal Health • C. J. Buell
The New Paradise Of Health, The Only True Natural Method • Adolf Just
J. Austin Shaw Explains Yungborn Nature Cure • J. Austin Shaw
Preventive Medicine • J. W. Hodge, M.D.
How To Avoid Pain And Sickness • Louisa Lust, N.D.
Sick People • Arnold Ehret
Help To Abolish An Un-human Industry • A. A. Erz, D. C.
In Justice To Thomas And Tabby • Helen Sayr Gray
Medicine And Psychology • A. A. Erz., D.C.
Remove The Cause • Fred Kaessmann
Symptomatic Treatment, A Waste Of Effort And Time • Dr. Carl Strueh
Principles Of Ethics • International Alliance of Physicians and Surgeons
Brief 7• Carl Strueh
Efficiency In Drugless Healing, Standardizing The Nature Cure • Edward Earle Purinton
An Answer To Mr. Purinton's Article In March Naturopath • Dr. Wm. F. Havard
Eclecticism In Drugless Healing • Dr. Wm. F. Havard
The Editor Again Differs With Mr. Purinton • Benedict Lust
Drugless Healing • H. Tunison
The Poison Of Lake Erie Water • Ferdinand Muckley, N.D.
Disease, A Transmission Of Morbid Matter • Louis Kuhne
Cold Hand And Feet, Hot Head: Their Cause And Cure • Louis Kuhne
Affirmations • Edward Earle Purinton 297
How I Became Acquainted With Nature Cure • Henry Lindlahr, M.D., N.D.
Omnipresent Life • Helen Wilmans
Editorial: The Point Of View • Dr. Wm. F. Havard
Nature's Safety Valve • J. W. Wigelsworth, N.D.
Address On The Subject Of "Rational Healing" • Dr. Wm. F. Havard
"Rational Healing" Conclusion Of Address • Dr. Wm. F. Havard
Naturopathy Versus Medicine • Per Nelson, N.D.
Can The Mind Heal All Diseases? • E. Dickenson
Those Immutable Laws • Benedict Lust
What Have We, Nature Cure Or A Bag Of Tricks? • Herbert M. Shelton
Pain And Disease • Carlos Brandt
Medicines • Benedict Lust, N.D., D.O., M.D.
Proclamation For the 26th Annual Convention of the N.Y. and N.J.
State Societies of Naturopaths, Accredited Sections of the American
Naturopathic Association • Benedict Lust, N.D., M.D.
Doctor And Physician Are Naturopathic Terms • Dr. M. E. Yergin
The Functions Of A Health School • Herbert M. Shelton, D.P., N.D.

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