Philosophy of Religion: An Anthology / Edition 6

Philosophy of Religion: An Anthology / Edition 6

by Louis P. Pojman, Michael Rea
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Cengage Learning
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Philosophy of Religion: An Anthology / Edition 6

This anthology includes 75 articles in nine areas of philosophy of religion. These areas include: traditional arguments for the existence of God; on the validity of religious experience; the problem of evil and other atheological arguments; the attributes of God; miracles and revelation; death and immortality; faith and reason; religious pluralism; and ethics and religion. The articles are arranged in a coherent framework, with the presentation of each area progressing from the classical to the contemporary and treated in a dialectic (pro and con) fashion.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781111305444
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 01/03/2011
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 704
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

Preface. Introduction to the Philosophy of Religion. PART I: TRADITIONAL ARGUMENTS FOR THE EXISTENCE OF GOD. The Cosmological Argument for the Existence of God. St. Thomas Aquinas: "The Five Ways." Samuel Clarke: "The Argument from Contingency." Paul Edwards: "A Critique of the Cosmological Argument." William Rowe: "An Examination of the Cosmological Argument." William Lane Craig: "The Kalam Cosmological Argument." Paul Draper: "A Critique of the Kalam Cosmological Argument." William Lane Craig: "Scientific Confirmation of the Cosmological Argument." The Teleological Argument for the Existence of God. William Paley: "The Watch and the Watchmaker." David Hume: "A Critique of the Design Argument." Richard Swinburne: "The Argument from Design." The Ontological Argument. Anselm and Gaunilo: "The Ontological Argument." Kant: "Critique of the Ontological Argument." Alvin Plantinga: "The Ontological Argument." William Rowe: "The Modal Version of the Ontological Argument." J.N. Findlay: "God's Existence is Impossible." PART II: ON THE VALIDITY OF RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE. Selection of Mystic Experiences. William James: "The Varieties of Religious Experience." C.D. Broad: "The Argument from Religious Experience." Wallace Matson: "Skepticism on Religious Experience." William Alston: "Religious Experience and Religious Belief." Louis Pojman: "A Critique of Arguments for the Validity of Religious Experience." Bibliography. PART III: THE PROBLEM OF EVIL AND OTHER ATHEOLOGICAL ARGUMENTS. David Hume: "The Argument from Evil." Leibniz: "Theodicy." John Hick: "Evil, Theodicy, and Soul-Making." EdwardMadden and Peter Hare: "A Critique of Hick's Soul-Making Theodicy." John Mackie: "The Problem of Evil Proves Atheism." Alvin Plantinga: "The Free Will Defense." William Rowe: "The Inductive Argument from Evil Against the Existence of God." Sigmund Freud: "The Future of an Illusion." Paul Draper: "Evolution and the Problem of Evil." Bibliography. PART IV: THE ATTRIBUTES OF GOD. Time and Eternity. Stephen T. Davis: "Temporal Eternity." Hugh McCann: "Timeless Eternity." Omniscience and Freedom. St. Thomas Aquinas: "Does God's Omniscience Preclude Human Freedom?" Nelson Pike: "God's Omniscience Does Preclude Human Freedom." Alvin Plantinga: "God's Omniscience Does Not Preclude Human Freedom." Omnipotence. St. Thomas Acquinas: "Is God's Power Limited?" George Mavrodes: "Some Puzzles Concerning Omnipotence." Harry Frankfurt: "The Logic of Omnipotence." Nelson Pike: "Omnipotence and God's Ability to Sin." Bibliography. PART V: MIRACLES AND REVELATION. David Hume: "Against Miracles." Richard Swinburne: "For the Possibility of Miracles." J. L. Mackie: "Miracles and Testimony." Richard Purtill: "Miracles: What if They Happened?" Richard Swinburne: "Miracles and Revelation." Biblography. PART VI: DEATH AND IMMORTALITY. Plato: "Immortality of the Soul." David Hume: "Skepticism over Immortality of the Soul." Bertrand Russell: "The Finality of Death." John Hick: "On Immortality and Resurrection." Paul Edwards: "Against Survival: The Dependence of Consciousness on the Brain." Jeffrey Olen: "Personal Identity and Life after Death." Peter Van Inwagen: "The Possibility of Resurrection." Bibliography. PART VII: FAITH AND REASON. The Challenge to Faith. Anthony Flew, R. M. Hare, and Basil Mitchell: "Theology and Falsification." Michael Scriven: "The Presumption of Atheism." C. S. Lewis: "The Legitimacy of Belief." Pragmatic Justification of Religious Belief. Blaise Pascal: "The Wager." W. K. Clifford: "The Ethics of Belief." William James: "The Will to Believe." Fideism: Faith Without/Against Reason. Soren Kierkegaard: "Subjectivity and Truth." Robert Adams: "Kierkegaard's Argument Against Objective Reasoning in Religion." Ludwig Wittgenstein: "A Lecture on Religious Belief." Norman Malcolm: "The Groundlessness of Religious Belief." Michael Martin: "A Critique of Fideism." Rationality and Justified Religious Belief. John Hick: "Rational Theistic Belief without Proof." Alvin Plantinga: "Religious Belief without Evidence." Michael Martin: "A Critique of Plantinga's Religious Epistemology." Louis Pojman: "Rationality and Religious Belief." Louis Pojman: "Faith, Doubt, and Hope." Bibliography. PART VIII: RELIGIOUS PLURALISM. John Hick: "The New Map of the Universe of Faiths: A Defense of Religious Pluralism." Alvin Plantinga: "Pluralism: A Defense of Religious Exclusivism." David Basinger: "Reformed Epistemology and Hick's Religious Pluralism." Paul Tillich: "Faith as Ultimate Concern." Joseph Runzo: "God, Commitment, and Other Faiths: Pluralism vs Relativism." Bibliography. PART IX: ETHICS AND RELIGION. Plato: "On the Divine Command Theory of Morality." Patrick Nowell-Smith: "Morality: Religious and Secular." George Mavrodes: "Religion and the Queerness of Morality." Bibliography.

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