The Philosophy of Religion on the Basis of Its History

The Philosophy of Religion on the Basis of Its History

by Otto Pfleiderer


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ISBN-13: 9780527032388
Publisher: Periodicals Service Company
Publication date: 01/01/1974
Pages: 4
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CHAPTER VI. REDEMPTION AND MEDIATION. Redemption from the evil of the world, and the attainment of a salvation which satisfies all wants, in communion with the life of God, this is the end which every religion seeks in its own way to attain. But we saw in the foregoing chapter that it is essential to the religious consciousness to refer its desire for saving divine fellowship to a divine will which also seeks for the same thing, and to find the revelation of that will in gracious manifestations and saving acts of the Deity, both of an outward and an inward kind. On this side redemption is expected from a movement of the will of God which has man for its object from his grace. But on the other side it is held to be no less certain that redemption is only obtained from a movement of the human will directed to God from faith. These two sides, from their very nature, come together to a unity in the religious process; and the religious idea now embraces them both in one pregnant and typical expression, in the ideal representation of these mediating figures of religious history and legend, the importance of which for faith lies in every instance in the fact that they make present and visible to faith, in a personal unity, this bringing together of the divine and the human, which faith itself is : of this they afford to faith the typical representation and the certainty, whether it be that, by their action merely, as ambassadors and representatives of Deity, they convey the revelation of God to man, or whether they stand in virtue of their nature in the middle between the two, partaking in some way of the nature of both, and so representing in a corporeal form in the personal(metaphysical) unity resident in them, the becoming one of God and man. Of both these kinds of mediators...

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