The Philosophy of Richard Rorty

The Philosophy of Richard Rorty


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Richard Rorty was a seminal figure in philosophy, transforming the discipline during the last quarter of the 20th century and setting it on a new path for the 21st. An early, implacable critic of the widespread preoccupation with questions of truth, representation, and the foundations of knowledge, Rorty promoted a new type of philosophical pragmatism with great persuasive power, and many have credited him with inspiring the renewed interest in the thought of classical American philosophy, especially his hero John Dewey. Always controversial, Rorty's books and essays were read as carefully by his critics as by his admirers. This book includes in its nearly 1,000 pages Rorty's intellectual autobiography, 29 previously unpublished critical and descriptive essays by famous scholars, Rorty's replies to most of them, and a complete bibliography of his published works. Since Rorty passed away in 2007, his contributions to this volume have a special importance as among his final writings.

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ISBN-13: 9780812696417
Publisher: Open Court Publishing Company
Publication date: 06/01/2010
Series: Library of Living Philosophers
Pages: 992
Sales rank: 995,266
Product dimensions: 6.40(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.70(d)

Table of Contents

Frontispiece iv

General Introduction to the Library of Living Philosophers vii

Founder's General Introduction to the Library of Living Philosophers ix

Advisory Board xii

Preface xvii

Paul Arthur Schilpp: Does the Philosopher Need a "Home Territory"? A Reply to Richard Rorty xxxii

Abbreviations xxxv

Part 1 Intellectual Autobiography of Richard Rorty 1

Sample of Rorty's Handwriting 2

Intellectual Autobiography of Richard Rorty 3

Part 2 Descriptive and Critical Essays on the Philosophy of Richard Rorty, With Replies 25

I Pragmatism Old and New

1 Richard Rorty's Place in the Pragmatist Pantheon Cheryl Misak 27

Reply to Cheryl Misak 44

2 Idealism, Pragmatism, and the World Well Lost James W. Allard 47

Reply to James W. Allard 69

3 Richard Rorty and Cornel West on the Point of Pragmatism Harvey Cormier 73

Reply to Harvey Cormier 102

4 False Dichotomies and Missed Metaphors: Genuine Individuals Need Genuine Communities Jacquelyn Ann K. Kegley 107

Reply to Jacquelyn Ann K. Kegley 136

5 Pragmatism, Metaphysics, Comparison, and Realism Robert Cummings Neville 139

6 Richard Rorty, Pluralistic Pragmatism, and Relativism Jean-Pierre Cometti 155

Reply to Jean-Pierre Cometti 172

7 A Pragmatist View of Language: From Truth to the Meaning of Truth Aldo Giorgio Gargani 175

Reply to Aldo Giorgio Gargani 193

8 Richard Rorty: Building Up Pragmatism as a Tool for Democracy María Pía Lara 197

Reply to María Pía Lara 221

II The World Well Lost: Language, Representation, and Truth

9 Language, the World, and the Nature of Philosophy Jaroslav Peregrin 225

Reply to Jaroslav Peregrin 246

10 Representationalism and Antirepresentationalism: Kant, Davidson, and Rorty János Boros 249

Reply to János Boros 266

11 One Cheer for Representationalism? Huw Price 269

Reply to Huw Price 290

12 Davidson-Rorty Antirepresentationalism and the Logic of the Modern Theory of Ideas Yasuhiko Tomida 293

Reply to Yasuhiko Tomida 310

13 Rorty on Truth, Justification, and Experience Albrecht Wellmer 313

Reply to Albrecht Wellmer 343

14 Truth and the Pathos of Distance Michael P. Lynch 349

Reply to Michael P. Lynch 364

15 Rorty on Objectivity and Truth David Detmer 367

Reply to David Detmer 391

16 The Limits of Interpretive Anarchy: Rorty, Eco, and Fish Andrzej Szahaj 395

III Conversation Stoppers: Politics, Progress, and Hope

17 Politics and the Progress of Sentiments Susan James 415

Reply to Susan James 429

18 Rorty on Law and Public Policy Richard A. Posner 433

Reply to Richard A. Posner 443

19 Rorty's Progress into Confucian Truths Yong Huang 447

Reply to Yong Huang 476

20 Rorty on Utopia and Moral Philosophy J. B. Schneewind 479

Reply to J. B. Schneewind 506

21 The Contingency of Style William L. McBride 509

Reply to William L. McBride 521

22 Rorty on Religion and Politics Jeffrey Stout 523

Reply to Jeffrey Stout 546

IV A Kind of Writing: Edifying Conversations

23 Richard Rorty: Philosopher of the Common Man, Almost Raymond D. Boisvert 551

Reply to Raymond D. Boisvert 571

24 Truth, Solidarity, History Gianni Vattimo 575

Reply to Gianni Vattimo 584

25 Pragrammatology: Derrida's Pragmatism, Rorty's Deconstruction Jolán Orbán 587

Reply to Jolán Orbán 600

26 Speaking Up for the Clerks Pascal Engel 605

27 Inspirational Value and Causal Pressure Miguel Tamen 617

Reply to Miguel Tamen 631

28 "The Infinite is Losing its Charm": Richard Rorty's Philosophy of Religion and the Conflict between Therapeutic and Pragmatic Critique Peter Dews 635

29 Wishing Away the Truth: Thoreau, Emerson, Rorty James C. Edwards 657

Reply to James C. Edwards 674

Part 3 Bibliography of the Writings of Richard Rorty 677

Index 727

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