by Cortney Pearson


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Resistance is no longer an option.

My house has a secret. A secret kept behind a closed door. A secret that led my mom to commit murder.

Lately, the same secret has begun plaguing me. Voices ring out in the night. Visions appear of people dressed in sweeping ball gowns and elegant top hats, of quiet servants trapped in their love for each other, unable to be together because of their master's obsessive, cruel control--and it all leads back to my mom. Something terrifying happened, something my mom discovered. And the worst part is, I don't think it's over yet.

My brother warns me not to open the door--even my best friend, Todd, tells me to ignore this impulse. But I'm tired of ghosts and secrets and lies. All along the answers have been at my fingertips. At the mere turn of a knob. All I have to do is open it.

I mean, seriously, would you be able to resist?

Hauntingly beautiful and daringly mysterious, if you like intrigue, the newness of first love, and the paranormal twist of the unexpected--all mixed in with a dash of spooky--then open the door to Cortney Pearson's Phobic today.

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ISBN-13: 9781500497194
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/28/2014
Pages: 434
Product dimensions: 5.25(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.97(d)

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Cortney Pearson is a mother, a musician, and a lover of all things pink and sparkly. She is the author of Phobic and Intrinsic, about doors that shouldn't be opened, and the Stolen Tears series, about an enchanted vial of tears and the girl chosen to wield them.

Cortney lives with her husband and three sons in a small Idaho farm town. She loves chocolate, romantic books, and classical music and believes anything can be made better with a book tucked away for those just-in-case times.

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Phobic 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Disclaimer- I was sent this by the author for review, but as always, thoughts and opinions are my own! *3.5 stars* I thought this was an entertaining and creepy read! I went in expecting that, and that’s what I got from it, so I think this book did what it was trying to accomplish. This isn’t a book that I’m going to remember years from now or anything, but it’s something different than what I usually read, since I don’t read a lot of YA “horror” books. Plot- The plot for me is what drove this story along, as I think it should be in mystery novels like this. Even from the first few chapters we get a nice introduction to this house, the house that’s at the crux of all the strange happenings in the novel. From the beginning we know something isn’t right, and then the mystery just keeps unraveling as the plot moves on. The plot was entertaining, but not necessarily the most original. Enjoyment wise, that didn’t bother me, but I think it’s something worth mentioning. With that said though, I still think it was an interesting take on the “haunted house” set up. There were some predictable parts here and there, but overall I was kept wondering what was going to happen next, and I thought the different mysterious aspects melded well together. As a horror book, I think it did its job. I’m one that doesn’t get scared by books, so I wasn’t expecting to actually be frightened after reading this, but the plot had enough “spooky” moments to keep the reader on their toes, but not too many that it just felt overdone. Characters- For me, this was the book’s weakest link. The characters in this weren’t bad, but they all just felt pretty average to me. None of them stuck out to me, and they just seemed kind of generic. Take our main character, Piper. She wasn’t a bad main character, and I didn’t dislike her, she just felt like your average misunderstood teen girl that just didn’t seem quite real to me. Being in high school myself, I often am more critical when I see it portrayed in books, because it just doesn’t seem real. I’m just getting tired of seeing the “mean girl” trope used, so when I saw it here it disappointed me a little. I can see the point of it, objectively, it’s just not something I’m into as a reader. The same goes for Todd, I thought he was a fine love interest, but his character just seemed really convenient and typical. With that said, I’d much rather have a Todd than a romanticized abuser boyfriend, so I appreciate that she made the love interest actually be a decent person. The House- I decided to put this in its own category, because I consider the house in this book its own character, and I all I say about the other characters in the book doesn’t apply to this one. The house was my favorite part of the book, and I think the author really succeeded in creating a character of this house, and making it fleshed out like any other human character, which really elevated the plot.
Jessica Szczepanski More than 1 year ago
Wow, oh wow! This book was definitely something else- I've been getting into books that deal with hauntings/legends etc. and this book definitely filled that need and made me want to dive more into these types of books! Really- the author came up with a perfect beginning to this novel. The first two sentences are like Bam! Pow! You know that you wanted to learn more about this crazy situation right off the bat. The author did a very good job at coming up with a unique idea that also incorporated some well-known haunting/ghost stories. The house was so unique- I thought it was crazy that it did all these things that were pretty cool and downright scary. The main character had lived with it her whole life so she was incredibly indifferent to the weirdness and the creepiness that this house was shrouded in. The legend behind this house goes way deeper than you could ever imagine- and it just gets crazier and crazier with every turn of the page. It's definitely thrilling and creepy- I was dumb enough to read it while I was home alone in the dark. There were a few minor repetitive descriptions but I could deal for all the good things that came from this novel.
TheAvidReader_KA More than 1 year ago
Phobic by Courtney Pearson is the first book in The Forbidden Doors series. It is a young adult paranormal horror story. Piper Crenshaw is fifteen years old, has terrible acne, father died ten months ago, and her mother is in prison for murder! Just your typical teenager—wrong! Her older brother, Joel is her guardian and Todd Dawes, who lives next door, is her best friend. They live in a beautiful old Victorian home that has been in their family for a couple of generations. When they changed towns to get away from publicity regarding the murder, their father moved the house. In all the time they have owned the house they have never needed to do repairs or replace anything in the home. Everything in the house still looks brand new. They do not have to do yard work. Their home is alive. Piper is starting to have visions while in the house. She can see scenes from the people who lived in the house when it was first built. Augustus Garrett, his maid, Ada, and driver, Thomas are in the scenes. Garrett was a nasty man who was cruel. He killed people in the basement for parts. Pipe does not know what is going on? There were certain rules her father had in place. Do not go into the basement and do not open the door behind his desk in the library. Unfortunately, Piper violates both rules. Then ten horrible teens from school come to the house one night. They want to know what is behind the door to nowhere (a door on the outside of the house above the library). When one of the teens takes an axe to the door, Pipe starts bleeding from her stomach! What is going on? Why when something happens to the house it happens to Piper? Then her brother goes missing. What is going on with the house, Piper, and where is Joel? What was Augustus Garrett doing with the body parts? Piper along with Todd set out to find answers to their questions. I give Phobic 3.5 out of 4 stars. The book is okay, but it did not flow smoothly. It was very stilted (that is the only word that comes to mind). There is graphic violence and gore in the book. I received a complimentary copy of this novel from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
lakraft More than 1 year ago
This was an enjoyable teen supernatural love story. While in no way believable (it won't give you nightmares) it still had a great storyline that was easy to follow and will hold your interest. You really get to know the characters within this book so you do form a connection and do feel bad when bad things happen and cheer for the good as well. Definite well written book worth your time. I look forward to reading more from Courtney Pearson! Thank you for the copy from netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good spooky, romantic, suspenseful story! I loved that it was scary and suspenseful enough to keep me reading (all day until I finished it, by the way) without being gory.  I found Piper very relatable, almost like someone I would have been friends with as a teen.  Unlike a lot of YA I've read, the romance aspect is clean enough that I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any teens I know.  I can't wait to read more from the author!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Phobic, my new go-to book. As an avid mystery book reader, I usually figure out a book pretty quick. Phobic had me guessing after every chapter! I love the horror without the grotesque gore/graphic gnarly carnage that usually happens in this genre. Make sure to start reading this book early in the day or risk staying up til 2 am like I did because you wont be able to put this page turner down!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
aly36 More than 1 year ago
In this book, so far we have met Piper and Piper has a very strange house that protects her. Piper doesn’t get to have many friends over because her house is so weird and she is not always sure how the house will respond. The house is haunted and this is a good book about Piper and her haunted house. I really like ghost stories so this one is one of the good ones. A very good creepy and gripping book. I would read the next one. * This book was given to me by author in exchange for honest review*
rebecca21 More than 1 year ago
Oh My gosh! I could not put this book down! From the first line it hooks you in and you are dying to know what happens. It was so well written and the characters seem to come to life. The imagery is fabulous without ever getting graphic or gory, and despite the genre it did not give me nightmares. The idea was unique and so well crafted. And the story itself! Ahhh - there is not enough I can say about the story, especially without giving too much away. But I completely fell in love with the characters and their story. Even my husband got into it and we sat speculating on what and how and why things were happening. We simply had to finish it to really figure it out. It definitely keeps you guessing all the way through and then it clicks so well into place. So well put together. I would easily recommend this to anyone, even if it's not your typical genre. I could not imagine myself reading, let alone loving, a book like this. But I did, and I do! So worth the read!
eternalised More than 1 year ago
Let’s start with the good. In Phobic, fifteen-year-old Piper Crenshaw lives in the strangest house imaginable. It was the place where her mother committed murder, the house repairs itself, sometimes rooms change of their own accords, and the lights flicker whenever Piper says something. When she opens up a forbidden door, that’s when trouble really starts. The plot about the house, the history of the house, and the connection it has with Piper, is pretty much amazing. I loved everything about that. The mystery takes a while to take shape, and to be revealed, and the pacing on that was just right. Unfortunately, the secondary plots were not of the same quality. The characters, except for Piper, all lack personality. They’re not developed well, and what little personality they have, switches as often as one would switch clothes. They’re not consistent. Even the bullying seems over the top – I understand she might be bullied because she lives in a strange house and her Mom murdered someone, but it just went too far here. Piper, at first, acts like a human doormat. I was glad to see her gain some personality and guts toward the end of the novel. At least she didn’t let people walk over her like that anymore. She’s the only character showing development though, which wasn’t exactly great. The writing was overall solid, but there were some strange expressions, and the editing wasn’t always stellar. The book was creepy enough though, and the house, and the house’s history were highly entertaining. If the secondary plots hadn’t been so over the top, I probably would’ve loved this one. Now I enjoyed it, but I can’t give it more than a three-star rating. Concept is original though, and anyone interested in YA horror should definitely take a look at this book. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you're a fan of ANNA DRESSED IN BLOOD you must read this book. Maybe you think you've read haunted house stories before, but I guarantee you will not expect the twists in PHOBIC. The author's writing is beautiful and gripping, and this book has a lot more going on than just creepy horror - it has mystery, romance, family drama, and a teen dealing with bullying. Bonus - there's no cliffhanger ending and the story wraps up completely in a satisfying way, yet still leaves room for more books in the series. I can't wait for the next book!