Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising


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Phoenix Rising by Douglas Glen Johnson, Sharon Oliver

Montgomery Jameson is a college professor with a streak of curiosity. When he stumbles across a secret government project, he has to be careful that his curiosity doesn't get him killed.

General Harold Trent is finally getting his shot at recognition by being chosen to oversee this secret government project. It is his dream job. Too bad his dream will soon become a nightmare and might be the words on his headstone.

Maxwell Simon is a bitter billionaire with a personal score to settle with both Jameson and Trent. When he finds out this government project needs funding, he hatches a devious plan to get his ultimate revenge on both Trent and Jameson.

Project Phoenix was created as a way to ultimately save lives. However, when there is a malfunction, Phoenix turns into an unstoppable killing machine.

Jameson and Trent will soon find themselves teaming up to stop Simon from using Phoenix to exact a terrible revenge on both of them.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781482667738
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 04/21/2013
Pages: 150
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.32(d)

About the Author

Author Biography: Douglas G Johnson

Douglas G Johnson is a licensed educator and published author. He noticed that in his 12+ years of teaching that he ran across many instances when he had a reader whom he could not find suitable reading material for. It was either way too hard or way too easy. There was no happy medium. He needed something that was in a chapter book format, but was easily accesible to all levels of readers. He found that many times his reader could not seem to make it through the set up chapters and thus became frustrated and gave up on the book before even giving it a chance. Sometimes, just seeing there was 150+ pages was enough to turn the reader off. However, he still needed a book that contained rich complex characters, an active multilayered plot line and a thought provoking message. All this needed to be packaged into a story that was easily readable, high interest, yet less than 200 pages. Many of his readers wanted to wait until the "movie version" of books came out. This is a direct result of the instant media access culture we have created.
However, as we are aware, there are two major problems here. One, many good stories never get turned into films. Two, the ones that do get turned into films are so altered, watered down, and fluffed up with high interest items (IE: violence, romance, etc.) that the storyline and the initial message of the book is lost for the sake of a successful film.
It was a tall order, but to start to address this problem, he decided to write his own story that fit the criteria he was looking for. Thus, PHOENIX RISING was written. Even after receiving positive initial reactions from publishers, no one decided to pick it up for traditional publishing. He decided to self publish it and at the same time create a web site dedicated to finding books and authors who fit what his vision was. The hope is to have a place where anyone can go and download reading material that fits the criteria set forth above. They could then purchase it for a reasonable cost and download to any device or even acquire a hard copy of it if so desired.
In addition, it will eventually be a place where new authors can get works shown that fit the same basic criteria. It is an exciting venture with many possibilities!
Doug Johnson is currently working on his second book. Please enjoy Phoenix Rising and let Doug know what you think of the book or any thoughts you might have regarding his website.

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