Photographing Families: Use Natural Light, Flash, Posing and More to Create Professional Images

Photographing Families: Use Natural Light, Flash, Posing and More to Create Professional Images


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Photographing Families: Use Natural Light, Flash, Posing and More to Create Professional Images by Lou Jacobs Jr, Tammy Warnock

This comprehensive volume teaches photographers simple approaches for producing client-pleasing family portraits in any location and with the use of minimal equipment. Family photographers must face all of the typical challenges that the average portrait photographer faces, but as the subject numbers increase, so do the number of issues the photographer must confront in order to produce a pleasing, saleable image. The methods used to produce 60 high-end images of actual family groups are shared here—including what went in to the conceptualization process; the posing and grouping strategies; and how the photographer can establish rapport with his subjects, especially with babies, children, and disinterested teens—address the entire range of obstacles portrait photographers must overcome. Also featured are tips on modifying and manipulating studio and natural light, how to use physical elements as posing aids, and what tools are needed for off-site work. With lighting diagrams and alternate images, each section in this book illuminates the many aspects of family portrait photography, equipping and inspiring photographers to create to create quality, heirloom-worthy images.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781608956456
Publisher: Amherst Media, Incorporated
Publication date: 10/01/2013
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 7.30(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Lou Jacobs Jr. is a professional photographer; the author of more than 30 photography books, including "The Art of Off-Camera Flash Photography," "Photographers Lighting Handbook," "Professional Children's Portrait Photography," and "Studio Lighting"; and a regular contributor to "Rangefinder" magazine. He lives in Cathedral City, California. Tammy Warnock is a portrait photographer working from her studio, True Blue Photography. She lives in Los Alamitos, California.

Table of Contents

Introduction 5

1 A Firefighter's Family 6

2 Pets and Infant 8

3 Choice Child Coverage 10

4 ISO Selection 12

5 At the Beach 14

6 In the Park 16

7 Finding Locations 18

8 Extended Families 20

9 Animated Subjects 22

10 Storytelling 24

11 As Children Grow 26

12 Portrait Experiments 28

13 What to Wear 30

14 Portrait Variety 32

15 Larger Group Portraits 34

16 A Sandy Challenge 36

17 On the Trails 38

18 Intimacy 40

19 A Charming Age 42

20 Show the Closeness 44

21 Parents and Babies 46

22 A Family in Stages 48

23 Diverse Looks 50

24 In the Studio 52

25 Posing Babies 54

26 Poses and Faces 56

27 Ideal Outdoor Light 58

28 Friendly Backgrounds 60

29 Minimizing the Location 62

30 A Classic Approach 64

31 Bring on the Charm 66

32 Best Friends, Beautiful Light 68

33 Comfort with Children 70

34 Changing Sites 72

35 Planning with Subjects 74

36 Really Big Croups 76

37 Repeat Clients 78

38 An Unusual Session 80

39 Hailey Is Born 82

40 Naked Babies 84

41 Outdoor Advantages 86

42 Children at Play 88

43 Returning Families 90

44 Timing 92

45 Maternity Portraits 94

46 People and Pets 96

47 Posing Diversity 98

48 Depth of Field 100

49 A Popular Promotion 102

50 Maternity-Plus Packages 104

51 Family Attitudes 106

52 Talk to Your Subjects 108

53 Midday Sun 110

54 The Outdoor Studio 112

55 Flexible Lighting 114

56 Capturing Emotion 116

57 Posing Young Children 118

58 Dressing Up 120

59 Outdoor Arrangements 122

60 Good-Bye and Good Luck 124

Index 126

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Photographing Families: Use Natural Light, Flash, Posing and More to Create Professional Images 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
sobasphotos More than 1 year ago
Photographing Families is a great little tip book particularly for the beginning photographer. Over 50 scenarios of family photography are gone over in this book giving you a full spread of knowledge for making better family images. Each scenario is two pages with plenty of photos to guide you in utilizing that particular bit of info. There are tips on lighting, posing, location, and many other other areas of family photography. There's something for everyone to learn in this handy book.