Photography Demystified: Your Guide to Exploring Light and Creative Ideas!

Photography Demystified: Your Guide to Exploring Light and Creative Ideas!


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Photography Demystified—Your Guide to Exploring Light and Creative Ideas, Taking You to the Next Level builds upon the knowledge gained from my first book in the series. After reading the first volume, you are now ready to take all of that knowledge, get out there, and take even more amazing photographs than you ever dreamed. The problem—what to photograph, what specifics to consider for that situation, and when and how to do so?

Specific situations, such as times of day, specific light, gear choice, nightscapes, street scenes, people, landscapes, and more, all have certain intricacies, limitations, and issues that need to be considered when approached. Now that you have learned all about exposure, lenses, histograms, and more, in my first volume, this book is the next step in the process of Photography Demystified!

In volume 2, I am going to take you to the next level with your photography. This book will give you very specific directions in making truly amazing photographs of very specific subject matter.

Photography Demystified, Your Guide to Exploring Light and Creative Ideas, Taking You to the Next Level, has been designed to get you out and shooting!

This book will give you the tools, education, and chapter “Take Action Assignments” needed to get incredible photographs of landscapes, street scenes, nightscapes, people, and more. It is filled with not only what to photograph but how to photograph each subject presented. As a bonus, an entire section is dedicated to the quality of light, the best times of day to photograph, and how to do so!

Photographers, camera buffs, photo enthusiasts, and many others who struggle with understanding photography concepts, exposure, and their camera manuals have already experienced my proven methods of teaching beginning photography in volume 1. This book will take you to the next level, helping you to obtain very specific results in many types of photographic situations.

Don’t be the person who has an awesome camera yet misses out on what you can do with it. Be the kind of person that others will look at and marvel at your ability to take amazing photographs. Be the kind of photographer that others ask, “How did you do that?” Most importantly, don’t be the person that misses capturing the moments and memories of life that you will forever value and are truly priceless. After all, isn’t that what photography truly is all about?

The photographic education, tips, and working “assignments” you are about to read are proven methods to help people create the best photographs of their lives. All you have to do to take even better pictures than you already are is to keep reading. Take control of your photographic journey right now, make it productive, and enjoy the results of capturing a lifetime of memories and moments you always dreamed of.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781945177361
Publisher: McKay Photography Inc
Publication date: 08/31/2016
Series: Photography Demystified , #2
Pages: 136
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.02(h) x 0.37(d)

Table of Contents

Foreword 7
How to Use This Book 11
About the Photographs Included 13
Section One: Preparation and Gear 15
Tripods 17
Cable Release 18
Filters 19
Metering Systems 27
Take Action Assignment 28
Section Two: Exploring Light 31
Predawn-Twilight/Blue Hour 34
Evening-Twilight/Blue Hour 39
Sunrise and Sunset-The Golden Hour 43
Midday Light 57
Stormy Light 64
Moonlight 69
Stars 73
Section Three: Creative Ideas 77
Sun Flare 78
Starburst 81
The Art of the Silhouette 83
Backlight 88
Reflections 92
Water Movement 95
Panning 99
Fireworks 105
Light and Shadow 108
Painting with Flashlights 111
Street Photography-Life Images 115
HDR-High Dynamic Range 124
Final Thoughts and Send-Off 129
About the Author 130
Recommended Resources 131

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