Photophysiology: Current Topics in Photobiology and Photochemistry

Photophysiology: Current Topics in Photobiology and Photochemistry

by Arthur C. Giese

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ISBN-13: 9781483262208
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 10/22/2013
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Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
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Chapter 1. Comparative Studies On Photosynthesis In Higher Plants

1. Introduction

2. The Photosynthetic Process

3. Comparative Studies of Component Photosynthetic Reactions

4. Photosynthetic Adaptation


Chapter 2. Analysis of Photosynthesis in Green Algae Through Mutation Studies

1. Introduction

2. Methodology

3. Types of Mutations Directly Influencing the Photosynthetic Mechanism


Chapter 3. Separation of Photosynthetic Systems I and II

1. Introduction

2. Differentiation of the Photosystems

3. Morphological Separation of the Photosystems in Plants

4. Physical Separation of the Photosystems In Vitro


Chapter 4. The Role of Cation Fluxes in Chloroplast Activity

1. General Introduction

2. The Measurement of Ion Fluxes in Organelle Suspensions

3. Relation of Cation Fluxes to Energy Transduction

4. Cation Functions in Catalysis and Control

5. Mechanisms for Possible Control of Photosynthesis by Mg Ion


Chapter 5. Nitrogen Fixation in Photosynthetic Bacteria

1. Introduction

2. Relationship of Hydrogenase and Nitrogenase

3. Role of Nitrogen Fixation in Metabolism

4. Control of Nitrogenase

5. Enzymology of Nitrogen Fixation

6. Ecological Significance of Nitrogen Fixation in Photosynthetic Bacteria

7. Concluding Remarks


Chapter 6. Parallel and Sequential Processing of Visual Information in Man: Investigation by Evoked Potential Recording

1. Introduction

2. Methods of Recording Evoked Potentials in Man

3. Examples of Evoked Potential Studies of Visual Information Processing

4. Summary


Chapter 7. Inhibition of Growth and Respiration by Visible and Near-Visible Light

1. Introduction

2. Light and Growth: General Studies

3. Mechanisms of Photoinhibition

4. Concluding Remarks


Chapter 8. Denaturation in Ultravioletirradiated DNA

1. Introduction

2. Types of Photodamage to DNA

3. Qualitative Detection of Defects

4. Quantitative Detection of Defects

5. Nature of Defect Region

6. Summary and Future Experiments


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