Photos for OS X and iOS: Take, edit, and share photos in the Apple photography ecosystem

Photos for OS X and iOS: Take, edit, and share photos in the Apple photography ecosystem

by Jeff Carlson


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ISBN-13: 9780134171951
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Publication date: 08/05/2015
Pages: 200
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Jeff Carlson is a columnist for the Seattle Times, a senior editor at TidBITS, and a frequent contributor to Macworld and other publications. He is also the author of numerous books, including three editions of the iPad for Photographers, four editions of the iPad Pocket Guide, and several editions of the OS X Pocket Guide. He believes there’s never enough coffee, and tries his best to prove that theory on a regular basis. Find more information at and follow him on Twitter at @jeffcarlson.

Table of Contents

Introduction xi

Notes About This Book xi

Chapter 1 Capture Photos 3

Capture Photos Using the Camera App 4

Take a photo 5

Adjust focus and exposure 6

Switch cameras 6

Capture photos in Square mode 7

Capture photos using the Apple Watch 8

Photography Fundamentals: Composition 9

The iPhone's flash 10

HDR 10

Burst mode 12

Timer mode 13

Zoom 13

Shoot using a filter 13

Photography Fundamentals: Color Temperature 15

Shoot a Panorama 15

Shoot a Video 17

Shoot a Slo-Mo Video 18

Shoot a Time-Lapse Video 20

Shoot Using Other Apps 21

Chapter 2 Convert iPHOTO and Aperture Libraries 25

Back Up Photo Libraries 26

Verify and Troubleshoot Libraries 27

Merge Libraries 28

Merge libraries using iPhoto Library Manager 29

Merge libraries using Aperture 30

What Changes in Photos for OS X 31

Star ratings are gone 31

Events and Projects become albums 32

Faces are now found in albums 32

Some metadata is not visible 33

Aperture custom fields are discarded 33

iPhoto referenced files actually work 34

Migrate a Library to Photos for OS X 34

Opening Converted Libraries in iPhoto or Aperture 37

Chapter 3 Your Photo Library 39

View and Navigate Photos 40

View by time 40

Summarize Photos 42

Trackpad Navigation on the Mac 43

Still Miss iPhoto? Turn On the Sidebar 45

View locations 45

Adding Location Information to Photos 48

View by Albums 48

Import Photos 50

Import from a camera or a memory card 50

Import from the hard disk 52

Import photos without moving their files 53

Consolidate the library 53

Other Ways to Import Images to Photos for OS X 54

Adjust the date and time 54

Import into the Photos app on an iPad 54

Mark Favorites 56

Add Information to Photos 57

Add a title and description 57

Add keywords 58

Keywords in the Info window 58

Keyword Manager 59

Replicate star ratings using keywords 60

Hide and Delete Photos 61

Hide photos 61

Delete photos 62

Recover deleted photos 63

Delete photos permanently 64

Albums and Smart Albums 64

Create an album in Photos for OS X 64

Folders and Albums 66

Add more photos to an album 67

Reorganize photos in an album 68

Choose an album's cover photo 68

Remove photos from an album 69

Create an album in Photos for iOS 69

Add more photos to an album in Photos for iOS 70

Apple's smart albums 71

Create a smart album in Photos for OS X 73

Identify Faces 75

Add new faces to the library 76

Identify faces in photos 78

Remove faces from the library 78

Browse photos using faces 78

Search for (and Find) Photos 80

Search in Photos for OS X 80

Search in Photos for iOS 81

Chapter 4 iCloud Photo Library 85

iCloud Photo Library Basics 86

iCloud Photo Library is not required 86

Telling Apple's cloud photo services apart 86

How iCloud Photo Library works 87

iCloud storage requirements 88

Library must be the System Photo Library 89

Set Up iCloud Photo Library 90

Photos for OS X 90

Photos for iOS 91

Working with Optimized Libraries 92

Consolidating a Library for iCloud 92

View Photos Everywhere 93

Pause iCloud Photo Library syncing 93

View photos in optimized libraries 94

Merge Libraries via iCloud Photo Library 95

iCIoud Photo Library on the Web 95

My Photo Stream 96

Set up My Photo Stream 97

My Photo Stream limits 98

Chapter 5 Edit Your Photos 101

Edit Images in Photos for OS X 102

Working in the editing view 102

Access editing tools 103

Full screen mode 104

Add adjustments 104

Revert to original and undo adjustments 105

Experiment on duplicates 106

Work with Raw+JPEG images 106

Reprocessing Raw Files 108

Automatically enhance the photo 108

Crop, straighten, and rotate 109

Apply filters 111

Adjust light 112

The Light slider 112

Histogram 116

Levels 117

Adjust color 118

White Balance 119

The Levels control 121

Black and white 122

Zoom to Check Details While Editing 123

Detail adjustments 124

Sharpen 124

Definition 125

Vignette 125

Noise Reduction 127

Retouch problem areas 127

Fix red-eye 131

Copy and paste adjustments 132

Edit Videos in Photos for OS X 133

Trim a clip 134

Edit Slo-Mo video 135

Save video frames as stills 136

Edit Images in Photos for iOS 137

Working in the editing view 137

Work with Raw+JPEG images 138

How Edits Transfer Between OS X and iOS 139

Crop, straighten, and rotate 140

Apply filters 141

Automatically enhance the photo 141

Adjust light 142

Adjust color 144

Photos for iOS as the First Line of Editing 145

Black and white 146

Edit using other iOS apps' tools 147

Edit Videos in Photos for iOS 149

Trim a clip 149

Edit Slo-Mo video 150

Edit video using other apps' tools 150

Chapter 6 Share Photos and Videos 153

iCloud Photo Sharing 154

Create a shared album 154

Add photos and video to a shared album 155

Invite people to a shared album 156

Share via Messages or Mail 158

Share via AirDrop 159

Share to Online Services 160

Share to Other Services 161

Chapter 7 Make Projects 163

Slideshow 164

Play a slideshow in the app 164

Create a Slideshow project 166

Photo Book 169

Add or remove pages 170

Change a page's layout 171

Add or remove photos 172

Edit photos and text 172

Calendar 173

Prints 174

Cards 175

Index 177

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