Photoshop 5.5/ImageReady 2 Hands-On Training

Photoshop 5.5/ImageReady 2 Hands-On Training

by Lynda Weinman

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Photoshop 5.5/ImageReady 2 Hands-On Training by Lynda Weinman

When Photoshop 5.5 released in the Fall of 1999, it included ­ to the delight of many Web artists ­a full copy of Adobe¹s ImageReady 2. This powerful Web-tools combo needed a good teacher to demonstrate how to use them to their fullest potential. Enter Lynda Weinman and her Hands-On Training (H.O.T.) series.

Using classroom-proven techniques from her Ojai training center, Weinman shows readers ‹ in her characteristically warm and approachable style ‹ how and when to use both Photoshop 5.5 and ImageReady 2 to create appealing Web graphics that load quickly online while also easing artists¹ workloads during their creation.

As with her other Hands-On Training books, Photoshop 5.5. and ImageReady 2 Hands-On Training guides readers through a series of exercises of increasing complexity, to give them actual step-by-step experience in optimizing and previewing GIF and JPEG graphics, slicing Web images for faster loading, using layers to create rollovers and Layer Effects to automate buttons, using ImageReady to "tween" animations, and much more. The book includes a CD-ROM with QuickTime movies that illustrate some techniques, and sample files for all of the exercises.

Even experienced artists may be surprised at how much they¹ll learn about Photoshop from this pioneering Web author, whose pure enthusiasm for the medium is evident throughout the book.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780201354676
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Publication date: 03/23/2000
Edition description: BK&CD ROM
Pages: 512
Product dimensions: 7.62(w) x 9.24(h) x 1.09(d)

Table of Contents

Front Matter1
Note from Lynda2
How This Book Works4
Exercise Files on the H-O-T CD-ROM5
Software Files on the CD-ROM6
Troubleshooting FAQ6
Skill Level6
RAM, RAM, and More RAM7
System Requirements7
About lynda.com8
About Me9
Interface Overview13
Photoshop 5.5 and ImageReady 2.0 Toolbars14
Jump To Buttons15
Exercise #1Using Flexible Palettes and Tabs16
Exercise #2Returning the Palettes to Default Settings18
Palette Shortcuts19
How to Set a Tool's Default Setting in Photoshop21
How to View Hidden Tools in Photoshop and ImageReady21
3.Color Management22
Exercise #1Changing Photoshop Color Settings for Web Design24
Exercise #2Changing Your Photoshop Preferences for the Web27
What Affects Speed on the Web?29
GIF or JPEG?29
Transparency and Animation30
Lossy or Lossless?31
How Can You Make Small JPEGs?32
How Can You Make Small GIFs?33
What About PNG?34
What is Bit Depth?35
Exercise #1Saving for Web Using JPEG36
Exercise #2Saving for Web Using GIF42
Exercise #3Choosing the Right Palette50
Exercise #4Reducing the Colors53
Exercise #5Previewing Gamma and Browser Dither56
Exercise #6Changing the Dimensions of a Graphic59
Exercise #7Previewing in a Browser60
Exercise #8Setting Up for Optimization in ImageReady62
Exercise #9Optimizing a JPEG64
Exercise #10Using a Matte Color on a JPEG66
Exercise #11Previewing and Writing HTML69
Exercise #12Using Lossy Compression72
5.Web Color76
What is Web-Safe Color Anyway?77
Why is Web-Safe Color so Important?80
What is Hexidecimal Color?81
What Happens If You Don't Use Web-Safe Color?82
Exercise #1Changing the Info Palette86
Exercise #2Copy Color as HTML88
Exercise #3Only Web Colors90
Exercise #4Snapping to Web Colors94
Exercise #5Setting the Color Palette to Web Colors95
Exercise #6Setting the Swatches Palette to Web Colors96
Exercise #7Loading the Swatch98
Exercise #8Previewing Dither100
Exercise #9Fixing a Non-Safe Image102
Exercise #10When Dithering is Good107
Exercise #11Preserve Transparency110
Exercise #12Filling with Ditherbox116
Exercise #13Previewing Gamma119
Differences in Type in Photoshop 5.5 and ImageReady 2.0123
Exercise #1Type Basics124
Exercise #2Jump To130
Exercise #3Changing the Update Feature132
Exercise #4Editing Type136
Exercise #5Rendering Type139
Exercise #6Setting Up Artwork for Buttons144
What Is Preserve Transparency?142
Exercise #7ImageReady Layer Effects148
Exercise #8Photoshop Layer Effects152
Exercise #9The Gradient/Pattern Layer Effect156
Exercise #10Applying Styles160
Exercise #11Making Your Own Styles163
Exercise #12Stroked Text Using Styles and Filter Affects168
Exercise #13Stroked Text Using Selections171
Exercise #14Clipping Groups175
Exercise #15Painting Inside Type178
7.Background Images180
What is a Background Image?181
Background Image Sizes182
Exercise #1Defining, Editing, and Previewing a Background Image184
Exercise #2Saving a Background Image189
Exercise #3Recoloring Background Image Artwork192
Exercise #4Seamless Background Tiles198
Saving Options in ImageReady202
Exercise #5Copying and Pasting with Offset203
Ways to Access the Offset Filter in ImageReady207
Exercise #6Seamless Photographic Background Images208
Which program is best for Background Images?213
Exercise #7Full-Screen Background Images214
Exercise #8Large-Screen Photographic Background Images219
Exercise #9Directional Tiles222
8.Transparent CIFs224
What Does Anti-Aliasing Look Like?226
How to Recognize a Transparent Layer227
Offset Problems in Browsers228
Transparency, Masks, and GIFs229
Exercise #1Creating and Previewing GIF Transparency230
Exercise #2Fixing Bad Images233
Exercise #3Adding a Drop Shadow236
Exercise #4The Pitfalls of Broad Backgrounds238
Exercise #5Saving Transparent Images241
Exercise #6Transparency in Photoshop242
Exercise #7Transparency Layer Versus Transparent GIF244
Exercise #8GIF 89a Export247
9.Image Maps248
Server-Side or Client-Side Image Maps?249
What Does an Image Map Look Like?251
Exercise #1Making an Image Map252
Exercise #2Making an Invisible Layer an Image Map257
Exercise #3Jumping to Photoshop with an Image Map262
What are Slices?265
Slice Icons266
GoLive or ImageReady Code?267
Exercise #1Slicing and Selecting268
Exercise #2Optimizing Slices272
Exercise #3Previewing and Saving Slices278
Exercise #4Using the Slice Palette282
Exercise #5Setting Auto-Slices to No Image286
Saving Slices Recap291
Exercise #1Single-Button Rollover with Styles293
Exercise #2Image Map-Based Rollovers298
Exercise #3Saving a Rollover300
Preferences for Saving Rollovers303
Exercise #4Single-Button Rollover with Layers307
What JavaScript States Are Allowed?310
Exercise #5Remote Rollovers311
Exercise #6Saving Complicated Rollovers324
Exercise #7Creating Navigation Bar Layers326
Exercise #8Aligning Layers332
Exercise #9Adding Slices to a Navigation Bar339
Exercise #10Adding Rollovers to a Navigation Bar340
12.Animated CIFs344
Animation Terms345
Animated GIF Format348
Compression Challenges348
Controlling the Timing of Animated GIFs349
Animated Aesthetics349
Exercise #1Frame-by-Frame Animation with Layers350
Exercise #2Setting the Speed and Looping354
Exercise #3Optimizing and Saving an Animated GIF356
Exercise #4Making a Transparent Animated GIF358
Exercise #5Tweening with Opacity363
Exercise #6Selecting, Duplicating, and Reversing Frames367
Exercise #7Tweening a Tweened Sequence370
Different Ways to Duplicate Frames372
Exercise #8Tweening with Position373
Exercise #9Tweening with Effects376
Exercise #10Animated Slide Show379
Exercise #11Animated GIF Rollovers384
Exercise #12Designing Entire Interfaces389
What is the Web Photo Gallery?397
Actions that Ship With Photoshop and ImageReady398
Exercise #1Creating a Web Photo Gallery399
What Do All the Web Photo Gallery Settings Do?403
Exercise #2Creating an Action404
Exercise #3Batch Processing with an Action410
Adding, Changing, Deleting, or Pausing an Action414
Exercise #4Creating a Preview in Browser Action415
Exercise #5Previewing Backgrounds with an Action418
Exercise #6Automating Animation with a Droplet422
More About Droplets427
Exercise #1Update HTML429
How Does HTML Work?434
Exercise #2Getting ImageReady Rollovers into GoLive436
Exercise #3Getting ImageReady Rollovers into Dreamweaver443
Exercise #4Exporting Illustrator 8.0 Files453
Exercise #5Exporting from Earlier Illustrator Versions456
Exercise #6Exporting ImageReady to QuickTime458
Exercise #7Converting from QuickTime to ImageReady460
15.Troubleshooting FAQ461

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Photoshop 5.5/ImageReady 2 Hands-On Training 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As an industry professional, student and lecturer at the University of California, Berkeley, I found this book to be exceptional! From beginning to end the book is not only aesthetically competent, but is also easy to understand and follow along. It is a quick read and for you experts who want to brush up on your teaching skills you can finish this book in one sitting. Very helpful! The full color diagrams and practical examples make this book a must have for Web Developers and Beginner Designers alike. Way to go... and thanks for making such a great book! (Note: Advanced Users may find this book redundant, although it is very well written and a good reference for teaching)