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Physical Anthropology, with PowerWeb / Edition 9

Physical Anthropology, with PowerWeb / Edition 9

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ISBN-13: 9780073205755
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 07/22/2005
Edition description: REV
Pages: 544
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.98(d)

About the Author

Philip Stein has taught anthropology at Los Angeles Pierce College since 1964. He did double-duty as an instructor of Anthropology at California State University, Northridge from 1966-1975. Professor Stein has received many teaching awards and wrote the chapter on teaching physical anthropology for a book published by the American Anthropological Association.

Bruce Rowe has taught anthropology at Los Angeles Pierce College since 1969. Professor Rowe has also received numerous awards for teaching. He teaches sociology and linguistics as well as physical and cultural anthropology.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Investigating the Nature of Humankind

The World of Physical Anthropology

Box 1-1 The Branches of Anthropology

The Nature of Science

Views on the Essence of Humans, Nature, and Time

Box 1-2 William “Strata” Smith

Box 1-3 The Scopes Trial

Chapter 2: The Study of Heredity

Discovering the Mechanisms of Heredity

Box 2-1 Gregor Mendel and the Discovery of the Laws of Heredity


The Molecular Basis Of Heredity

Box 2-2 Facts about DNA

Chapter 3: The Modern Study of Human Genetics

Medical Genetics

Box 3-1 Sex and the Olympics

Genetics and Human Affairs

Box 3-2 Genetics and Insurance: An Ethical Dilemma

Advances in the Molecular Study of Genetics

Box 3-3 Landmarks in Genetics: The First DNA Sequence of an Animal Genome Is Decoded

Box 3-4 DNA Fingerprinting

Chapter 4: Population Genetics

A Model of Population Genetics

Mechanisms of Evolutionary Change

Box 4-1 The Case of the Island of the Colorblind

Box 4-2 The Case of Mad King George

Box 4-3 The Population Genetics of Religious Isolates

Chapter 5: Natural Selection and the Origin of Species

Box 5-1 The Importance of Words

Natural Selection

The Origin of Species

Box 5-2 Social Darwinism

Box 5-3 Eugenics and the Reduction of Variability

Chapter 6: People's Place in Nature


Box 6-1 The Diversity of Life

Box 6-2 The Feet of Whales

Box 6-3 Linnaean Systematics in the Twenty-First Century

People and the Animal World

Chapter 7: The Living Primates

The Primate Order

Box 7-1 The Advantages of Color Vision

The LivingPrimates

Box 7-2 Talking about Apes and Humans

Box 7-3 The Discovery of the Gorilla

Box 7-4 Vanishing Primates

Chapter 8: Comparative Studies: Anatomy and Genetics

Comparative Anatomy of Locomotion And Manipulation

Comparative Anatomy of the Skull And Brain

Box 8-1 Differences in Male and Female Brains: Preference for Toys

Box 8-2 The Ultrastructure of Tooth Enamel

Comparative Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology

Chapter 9: Nonhuman Primate Behavior

Primate Behavior

Case Studies of Primate Behavior

Box 9-1 The Behavior of the Dwarf Lemur

Box 9-2 The Rhesus Monkeys of Cayo Santiago

Box 9-3 The Sexual Behavior of the Bonobo

Chapter 10: Human Behavior In Perspective

Social Behavior of Human Foragers

Are Humans Unique?

Box 10-1 Chimpanzee Culture

Box 10-2 Bird and Human Communication: Alex the Parrot and the FOXP2 Gene

Chapter 11: The Record Of The Past

Box 11-1 Fossils of the Gods

Fossils and Their Interpretation

Geological Time

Box 11-2 What Is a Billion?

Box 11-3 The Piltdown Skull

Box 11-4 Where Have All the Dinosaurs Gone?

Chapter 12: The Early Primate Fossil Record and the

Evolution of the Early Primates

Evolution of the Anthropoidea

Evolution of the Hominoidea

Box 12-1 Discovering the Earliest Primate

The Early Evolution of the Hominins

Origins of the Hominins

Chapter 13: The Early Hominids

Discoveries of the Early Hominids

Box 13-1 Naming Fossils

Early Hominids: Interpretations of the Evidence

Box 13-2 What Is a Tool?

Chapter 14: Early Species of The Genus Homo

The Early Homo Fossil Record

Box 14-1 The Little Hominins of Flores Island

Box 14-2 The Disappearance of the Zhoukoudian Fossils

Box 14-3 How Do You Spell and Pronounce "Neandert_l?"

Box 14-4 La Chapelle-aux-Saints

The Culture of Early Homo

Box 14-5 Who Are We Having for Dinner? The Roots of Cannibalism

Chapter 15: The Evolution Of Homo Sapiens

Homo sapiens

The Culture of Homo sapiens

Box 15-1 Upper Paleolithic Cave Art

Post-Pleistocene Homo sapiens

Box 15-2 "Man's Best Friend"

Chapter 16: The Biology of Modern Homo Sapiens

Human Adaptability: Adjustments

Box 16-1 How High Can People Live without Bottled Oxygen?

Human Adapation

The Nature of Human Growth and Development

Box 16-2 Aging

Chapter 17: The Analysis of Human Variation

The Distribution of Variability

Box 17-1 Skeletal Evidence of Cultural Practices

The Classification of Human Variation

Box 17-2 Are the Japanese, on the Average, Smarter than Americans?

Chapter 18: The Modern World

Cultural Changes and Their Consequences

Box 18-1 Human Technology as a Selective Agent

Application of Anthropological Knowledge

Box 18-2 Flesh Reconstructions in Forensic Anthropology

Appendix: An Introduction to Skeletal Anatomy and the Anatomy of the Brain


Glossary of Primate Higher Taxa



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