Physical Education Teacher's Book of Lists

Physical Education Teacher's Book of Lists

by Marian Milliken Ziemba M.Ed.

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ISBN-13: 9780130213341
Publisher: Wiley
Publication date: 07/01/2001
Series: J-B Ed: Book of Lists Series , #21
Edition description: SPIRAL
Pages: 291
Product dimensions: 8.95(w) x 10.82(h) x 1.14(d)

About the Author

Marian D. Milliken, M.Ed. has taught Health and Physical Education for over 20 years in the Council Rock School District in Newtown, PA, and has coached field hockey, softball, track, and gymnastics. She is also the proud advisor to the Newtown Junior High School S.A.D.D. program, which since its initiation in 1993, has grown to over 1,200 members. Marian has been nominated for Disney's American Teacher Awards and is listed in Who's Who in American Education.

Table of Contents


1. Definition of a Physically Educated Person.

2. Objectives of Physical Education.

3. Content Standards in Physical Education.

4. Skills Desired by Fortune 500 Companies.

5. Basic Physical Education Program Content.

6. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

7. Human Body Types.

8. Stages of Human Development.

9. Physical Education Career Opportunities.

10. Federal Statutes Prohibiting Discrimination in Education.

11. Laws Pertaining to Adapted Physical Education.

12. Disabilities Covered Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

13. Objectives of Adapted Physical Education.

14. Modification of Activities for Adapted Physical Education.


15. Historical Facts about Archery.

16. Archery Equipment.

17. Archery Target.

18. Archery Playing Field.

19. Basic Archery Rules.

20. Safe Method to Retrieve Arrows.

21. Safety Hints for Archery.

22. Archery Terms.

23. Historical Facts about Badminton.

24. Badminton Equipment.

25. Badminton Court.

26. Basic Rules of Badminton.

27. Badminton Faults and Lets.

28. Badminton Playing Courtesies.

29. Badminton Terms.

30. Historical Facts about Baseball.

31. Baseball Equipment.

32. Baseball Field.

33. Baseball Positions.

34. Basic Rules of Baseball.

35. Basic Baseball Batting Rules.

36. Basic Baseball Baserunning Rules.

37. Basic Baseball Pitching Rules.

38. Historical Facts about Basketball.

39. Original 13 Basketball Rules from 1891.

40. Basketball Equipment.

41. Basketball Backboard.

42. Basketball Court.

43. Basketball Positions.

44. Basic Rules of Basketball.

45. Basketball Fouls.

46. Length of Basketball Games.

47. Basketball Terms.

48. Historical Facts about Bocce.

49. Bocce Equipment.

50. Bocce Court.

51. Basic Rules of Bocce.

52. Three Basic Bocce Playing Methods.

53. Historical Facts about Bowling.

54. Bowling Equipment.

55. Position and Numbers of Bowling Pins.

56. Bowling Lane.

57. Basic Rules of Bowling.

58. How to Score Bowling.

59. Symbols Used to Score Bowling.

60. Bowling Terms.

61. Historical Facts about Dance.

62. Movements Common to All Dances.

63. Definitions of Dance, Rhythm, and Meter.

64. Basic Dance Steps.

65. Suggestions for Teaching Basic Dance Steps.

66. Basic Dance Formations.

67. Posture in Relation to Dance.

68. Dance Etiquette.

69. Historical Facts about Fencing.

70. Fencing Equipment.

71. Fencing Playing Area.

72. Basic Rules of Fencing.

73. Fencing Safety Considerations.

74. Common Fencing Terms.

75. Historical Facts about Field Hockey.

76. Field Hockey Equipment.

77. Field Hockey Field.

78. Field Hockey Rules.

79. Selecting a Field Hockey Stick.

80. Field Hockey Terms.

81. Ten Benefits of Regular Exercise (Fitness).

82. Keeping Children Physically Fit—Tips for Parents.

83. Facts about Warming Up and Cooling Down.

84. Basic Stretching Exercises (Example 1).

85. Basic Stretching Exercises (Example 2).

86. Calculating Target Heart Rate.

87. Presidential Fitness Test Standards.

88. National Physical Fitness Award Standards.

89. Presidential Physical Fitness Test Events.

90. Comparisons of Common Fitness Tests.

91. Body Mass Index Table.

92. Risk of Diseases Associated with Obesity According to BMI.

93. General Guidelines for Children's Weight.

94. Harvard Step Test.

95. Harvard Step Test Results Sheet.

96. Historical Facts about Flag and Touch Football.

97. Flag and Touch Football Equipment.

98. Flag and Touch Football Playing Field.

99. Flag and Touch Football Rules.

100. Flag and Touch Football Playing Regulations.

101. Flag and Touch Football Penalties.

102. Flag and Touch Football Terms.

103. Floor Hockey Facts.

104. Floor Hockey Playing Area.

105. Floor Hockey Positions.

106. Basic Rules of Floor Hockey.

107. Floor Hockey Fouls.

108. Floor Tennis Facts.

109. Floor Tennis Equipment.

110. Floor Tennis Etiquette.

111. Floor Tennis Court.

112. Basic Rules of Floor Tennis.

113. Basic Four Square (Box Ball) Rules.

114. Four Square (Box Ball) Court.

115. Four Square (Box Ball) Strategies.

116. Four Square (Box Ball) Games.

117. Historical Facts about Frisbee.

118. Frisbee Games.

119. Basic Frisbee (Flying Disc) Throws.

120. Historical Facts about Golf.

121. Gentlemen Golfers of Leith 1744—Rules of Golf.

122. Basic Rules of Golf.

123. Golf Rules of Etiquette.

124. Golf Clubs.

125. Golf Club Diagrams.

126. Golf Balls and Tees.

127. Basic Golf Grip.

128. Basic Golf Swing.

129. How to Putt.

130. Golf Terms.

131. Historical Facts about Gymnastics and Tumbling.

132. Basic Facts about Gymnastics Competition.

133. Events Included in Gymnastics Competition.

134. Basic Gymnastics Skills.

135. Safety Rules for Gymnastics and Tumbling Classes.

136. Gymnastics and Tumbling Terms.

137. Historical Facts about Handball.

138. Handball Equipment.

139. Handball Court and Basic Rules.

140. Basic Rules of Team Handball.

141. Historical Facts about Hopscotch.

142. How to Play Hopscotch.

143. Basic Hopscotch Patterns.

144. Historical Facts about Horseshoes.

145. Horseshoe Equipment and Courts.

146. Horseshoe Court Diagrams.

147. Horseshoe Pitching Techniques.

148. Basic Rules of Horseshoes.

149. Interesting Facts about Jacks.

150. Flipping the Jacks.

151. Basic Rules of Jacks.

152. Historical Facts about Juggling.

153. How to Juggle.

154. Juggling Exercises.

155. Historical Facts about Jumping Rope.

156. Jump Rope Rhymes.

157. Benefits of Rope Jumping.

158. Basic Jump Rope Skills.

159. Chinese Jump Rope.

160. Historical Facts about Lacrosse.

161. Men's Lacrosse Field Positions.

162. Basic Rules of Men's Lacrosse.

163. Personal Fouls in Men's Lacrosse.

164. Technical Fouls in Men's Lacrosse.

165. Lacrosse Playing Field.

166. Women's Lacrosse Field Positions.

167. Basic Rules of Women's Lacrosse.

168. Historical Facts about Paddleball.

169. Paddleball Paddle and Balls.

170. Paddleball Safety Rules.

171. Paddleball Court.

172. Basic Rules for One-Wall Paddleball.

173. Historical Facts about Paddle Tennis.

174. Paddle Tennis Ball and Paddle.

175. Paddle Tennis Court.

176. Basic Rules of Paddle Tennis.

177. Historical Facts about Pickleball.

178. Pickleball Equipment.

179. Pickleball Court.

180. Basic Rules of Pickleball.

181. Specific Rules of Pickleball.

182. Historical Facts about Shuffleboard.

183. Shuffleboard Equipment.

184. Shuffleboard Court.

185. Basic Rules of Shuffleboard.

186. Shuffleboard Scoring Instructions.

187. Historical Facts about Soccer.

188. Soccer History Timeline.

189. Soccer Ball Specifications.

190. How to Choose the Best Soccer Ball.

191. Soccer Field.

192. Soccer Players and Positions.

193. Basic Rules of Soccer.

194. Historical Facts about Softball.

195. Softball Equipment.

196. Softball Fielding Positions.

197. Softball Field Diagram.

198. Basic Softball Rules.

199. Softball Terminology.

200. Speedball Facts.

201. Speedball Playing Field and Equipment.

202. Basic Rules of Speedball.

203. Speedball Penalties and Infractions.

204. Speedball Terms.

205. Historical Facts about Table Tennis.

206. Table Tennis Equipment.

207. Table Tennis Table.

208. Table Tennis Grips.

209. Table Tennis Serving and Scoring Rules.

210. Historical Facts about Tennis.

211. Tennis Equipment.

212. Tennis Court.

213. Basic Tennis Rules.

214. Tennis Scoring Rules.

215. Tennis Etiquette.

216. Tennis Terms.

217. Historical Facts about Track and Field.

218. Track and Field Equipment.

219. Track and Field Diagrams.

20. Basic Rules of Track and Field.

221. Track Events.

222. Field Events.

223. Historical Facts about Volleyball.

224. Volleyball Player Rotation.

225. Volleyball Equipment.

226. Volleyball Court.

227. Basic Rules of Volleyball.

228. Safety Hints for Volleyball.

229. Volleyball Terms.

230. Weight Training Facts.

231. Benefits of Weight Training.

232. Guidelines to Follow When Lifting Weights.

233. Order of Muscle Groups When Exercising.

234. Muscles Exercised by Specific Exercises.

235. Historical Facts about Wrestling.

236. Five Wrestling Styles.

237. Wrestling Mat Diagrams.

238. Basic Rules of Wrestling.

239. Wrestling Terms.


240. Table of Weights and Measures.

241. Metric Conversion Table.

242. Metric and U.S. Equivalents.

243. Interesting Olympic Facts.

244. The Games of the Olympiads and the Cities of the Olympic Games.

245. Facts about the Special Olympics.

246. Tournament Design Considerations.

247. Types of Tournaments.

248. Bracket Tournament Diagrams.

249. Round-Robin Tournament Rotation Schedules.

250. Physical Education Quotations.

251. Ways to Praise.

252. Multisport Organizations.

253. Special Sport Organizations.

254. Sport-Specific Organizations.

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