Physical Rehabilitation Of The Injured Athlete / Edition 3

Physical Rehabilitation Of The Injured Athlete / Edition 3

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Elsevier Health Sciences
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Physical Rehabilitation Of The Injured Athlete / Edition 3

This new edition represents collaboration among orthopaedists, physical therapists, and athletic trainers. It reviews the rehabilitation needs for all types of sports injuries, stressing the treatment of the entire kinetic chain with various exercises. Chapters have been extensively revised, featuring new concepts and techniques. The 3rd edition of Physical Rehabilitation of the Injured Athlete includes new chapters including Proprioception and Neuromuscular Control (Ch. 8), Cervical Spine Rehabilitation (Ch. 16), Functional Training and Advanced Rehabilitation (Ch. 10), and Plyometrics (Ch. 11), with new contributors and new features, such as summary boxes and tables.

• New and updated information for orthopaedists, athletic trainers and physical therapists comprehensively give an up-to-date and practical guide for rehabilitating athletes.
• Updated chapters with the most current rehabilitation information that effectively gets the athlete back on the field as quickly as possible.
• Fast access to appropriate information using summary tables and boxes and pearls from each chapter author.
• New information on cervical spine rehabilitation, proprioception, and female athletes.

With 31 additional contributors

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ISBN-13: 9780721600147
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication date: 02/01/2004
Edition description: REV
Pages: 696
Product dimensions: 1.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 11.00(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Psychologic Factors of Rehabilitation

Chapter 2: Physiologic Factors of Rehabilitation

Chapter3: Biomechanical Implications in Shoulder and Knee Rehabilitation

Chapter 4: Therapeutic Modalities as an Adjunct to Rehabilitation

Chapter 5: Measurement in Rehabilitation

Chapter 6: Range of Motion and Flexibility

Chapter 7: Principles of Rehabilitation

Chapter 8: Proprioception and Neuromuscular Control

Chapter 9: Application of Isokinetics in Testing and Rehabilitation

Chapter 10: Functional Training and Advanced Rehabilitation

Chapter 11: Plyometric Training and Drills

Chapter 12: Aquatic Rehabilitation

Chapter 13: Rehabilitation Considerations for the Female Athlete

Chapter 14: Leg, Ankle, and Foot Rehabilitation

Chapter 15: Knee Rehabilitation

Chapter 16: Hamstring, Quadriceps and Groin Rehabilitation

Chapter 17: Low Back Rehabilitation

Chapter 18: Cervical Spine Rehabilitation

Chapter 19: Shoulder Rehabilitation

Chapter 20: Elbow Rehabilitation

Chapter 21: Rehabilitation of Wrist and Hand Injuries

Appendix A: Throwers’ Ten Exercise Program

Appendix B: Interval Rehabilitation Programs

Appendix C: Upper Extremity Plyometrics


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