Physicians and their Images

Physicians and their Images

by Ludmilla Jordanova


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The Royal College of Physicians celebrates its 500th anniversary in 2018, and to observe this landmark is publishing this series of ten books. Each of the books focuses on fifty themed elements that have contributed to making the RCP what it is today, together adding up to 500 reflections on 500 years. Some of the people, ideas, objects and manuscripts featured are directly connected to the College, while others have had an influence that can still be felt in its work.

This, the eighth book in the series looks at the art and portraits of the Royal College.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781408706367
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Publication date: 04/17/2018
Series: 500 Reflections on the RCP, 1518-2018 Series
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 5.75(h) x 0.25(d)

About the Author

Founded in 1518 by a Royal Charter from King Henry VIII, the Royal College of Physicians of London is the oldest medical college in England. It continues to play a pivotal role in raising standards and shaping public health today.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements 8

Preface 10

Setting The Scene 15

Harvey 37

Dynasties 43

Inheritance, Sales, Gifting And Collecting 53

Science And The Bedside 63

Gender 75

Intimacy And Distance 87

Portraits As Solace 97

Concluding Comments: Labours Of Love 103

Endnotes 104

Select bibliography 108

Index of names and institutions 110

The Fifty Featured Portraits

J. Chapman, Hippocrates 11

Felix Szczesny Kwarta, Albert Schweitzer 13

Merlyn Evans, Robert Platt 15

Diarmuid Kelley, Richard Thompson 17

Allan Wyon, Medal in Honour of Walter Moxon 18

Robert Edge Pine, Edward Archer 20

R. W. Dickinson after Robert Edge Pine, William Cadogan 21

Jonathan Richardson, Richard Hale 21

John Collier, William Munk 22

Louis-François Roubiliac, Richard Mead 23

William Haines, William Macmichael 24

George Richmond, George Burrows 24

Samuel Lane, Charles Mansfield Clarke 25

Artist unknown, Samuel Gee and Edith Gee 25

Artist unknown, Theodore Turquet de Mayerne 26

Joshua Reynolds, William Pitcairn 26

Artist unknown, after Hans Hoibein, John Chambre 27

William Daniell after George Dance, John Moore 28

Artist unknown, Francis Glisson 31

Studio of Godfrey Kneller, John Radcliffe 34

Artist unknown, William Harvey 36

Jacobus Houbraken after Godfrey Kneller, Sir Samuel Garth 39

Attributed to Francis Hayman, Peter Scheemakers 40

Joseph Wilton, Thomas Sydenham 42

Lance Calkin, John Hughlings Jackson 43

Henry Room, John Baron 44

Neville Lewis, John Conybeare 45

Attributed to Thomas Barber, Sophia Baillie 47

Johann Zoffany, William Hunter at the Royal Academy 49

Joyce Aris, after Stephen Seymour Thomas, William Osier 51

Thomas Murray, Hans Sloane 52

After Michael Dahl, John Freind 55

Artist unknown, John Fothergill 57

Chitqua, Anthony Askew 58

Henry Bone, after John Hoppner, Matthew Baillie 60

Raymond Piper, Charles Dodds 62

After Luke Fildes, The Doctor 69

Luke Fildes, Edward Vll 70

Mary and Thomas Black, Messenger Monsey 79

David Poole, Margaret Turner-Warwick 80

Paul Brason, Ian Gilmore 80

Fred Wicker, Dorothy Hare 81

Jeff Stultiens, Carol Black 82

Nigel Boonham, Cicely Saunders 85

CSive Riviere, Clive Riviere 88

Pietro Annigoni, Charles McMoran Wilson 92

Nigel Boonham, Geoffrey Keynes 94

Arnold Chaplin and Margaret Douie Chaplin, The Roll of the Royal College of Physicians of London by William Munk 96

William Miller, after an unknown artist, Thomas Linacre 101

George Richmond after Hans Holbein, William Butts 101

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