Physics of Phonons: Proceedings of the XXIII Winter School of Theoretical Physics, Held in Karpacz, Poland, February 16-28, 1987

Physics of Phonons: Proceedings of the XXIII Winter School of Theoretical Physics, Held in Karpacz, Poland, February 16-28, 1987

by Tadeusz Paszkiewicz (Editor)


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The physics of phonons is a rapidly growing branch of solid state physics. In the present volume A.A. Maradudin presents a thorough review of its current development. This is followed by papers from international specialists studying a variety of theoretical and experimental problems: The foundations of the dynamics of condensed media, including surface vibrations and localization of phonons: phonon kinetics and phonon spectroscopy; and finally the interaction of phonons and electrons. The lectures address graduate students as well as specialists because the main purpose of this publication is to give an overview of the present development of phonon physics.

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ISBN-13: 9783540182443
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 10/28/1987
Series: Lecture Notes in Physics Series , #285
Pages: 486

Table of Contents

Phonon physics — a survey.- Lattice dynamics at high temperature.- A comment on the applicability of thermodynamics perturbation theory.- Surface acoustic waves on real surfaces.- Acoustic phonons in infinite and semi-infinite superlattices.- Phonons in superlattices.- Nonergodic behaviour and phonon localization at structural phase transitions.- Spectrum of local frequencies for orderless solids.- Interaction of phonons and point defects and its influence on defect mobility.- Equivalence of Eulerian and Lagrangian phonons: Sound pressure and two-fluid equations.- Squeezed states of light and sound.- Ultrashort transient dynamics of phonons and electrons in semiconductors.- Crossing effects in phonon scattering.- Theory of formation, dynamics and explosion of a phonon hot spot.- Superconducting tunnel junctions, very high frequency phonons, and the Kapitza resistance.- Phonon focussing in crystals.- Phonon scattering at plane interfaces and surfaces.- Quasi-particle interaction and anomalies in the excitation spectra of metals.- Acoustic phonon interaction with a two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG).- Electron-phonon relaxation mechanism and kinetic effects in two-dimensional conducting systems.- Electron-phonon interaction in systems with strong electron correlations.- Density of states of a 2-D electron gas in a magnetic field.- Generation and propagation of phonons in crystalline and amorphous silicon under optical excitation.- Bound quasiparticles scattering by point impurities in one-dimensional systems as a soliton problem.- Phonon scattering on dislocations and recovery processes in plastically deformed 4He crystals.- Inelastic phonon scattering in an amorphous subsurface layer and the estabilishment of a temperature below 1K.- Propagation and relaxation of nonequilibrium phonons in thin monocrystal plates.- Molecular dynamics study of a model with incommensurate phases.- Anisotropy of relaxation of acoustic phonons scattered by isotopic impurities.- Selected topics on polaron.- Phonon detection by means of TSEE.

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