Physiology and Pathology of Membrane Digestion

Physiology and Pathology of Membrane Digestion

by A. M. Ugolev


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ISBN-13: 9781475700305
Publisher: Springer US
Publication date: 05/20/2012
Edition description: 1968
Pages: 226
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Table of Contents

I Basic Types of Digestion and Their Classification.- II Digestive Processes in the Small Intestines of Higher Animals The Role of Membrane Digestion.- Hydrolysis of Polysaccharides.- Hydrolysis of Oligosaccharides.- Hydrolysis of Proteins and Large Peptides.- Hydrolysis of Oligopeptides.- Hydrolysis of Fatty Acid Esters.- Hydrolysis of Phosphoric Acid Esters.- Criteria Employed in the Investigation of Localization of Digestive Processes.- Differentiation of Distal Extracellular Digestion from Cellular Digestion (Intracellular and Membrane).- Differentiation of Membrane from Intracellular Digestion..- III Physicochemical and Structural Aspects of Membrane Digestion.- IV Detailed Characterization of Membrane Digestion in Higher Animals.- Interrelationships of Cavital and Membrane Digestion.- Desquamation of the Intestinal Epithelium and Enzymatic Hydrolysis in the Cavity of the Small Intestine.- The Effect of Membrane Digestion on the Initial States of the Hydrolysis of Polymers.- Topography of Membrane Digestion.- Sterility of Membrane Digestion.- Peristalsis of the Intestinal Tract and Membrane Digestion..- Enzymatic Layer of the Intestinal Surface.- Membrane Digestion and Absorption.- Regulation of Membrane Digestion.- V Membrane Digestion and the Pathology of the Gastrointestinal Tract.- Methods of Investigating the Digestive Functions of the Intestinal Epithelium.- The Alteration of Structure and Ultrastructure of the Intestinal Surface.- Alteration in the Composition and Structure of the Enzymatic Layer of the Intestinal Surface.- Membrane Digestion During Irradiation Damage.- Compensatory Reactions.- VI Evolutionary Aspects of Membrane Digestion.- Membrane Digestion in Ontogenesis.- Regarding the Comparative Physiology of Membrane Digestion.- The Origin of Digestion — The Origin of Membrane Digestion.- Conclusion.- Supplementary Information.

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