PIC'n Techniques: PIC Microcontroller Applications Guide

PIC'n Techniques: PIC Microcontroller Applications Guide

by David Benson



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PIC'n Techniques: PIC Microcontroller Applications Guide by David Benson

PIC'n Techniques is an intermediate level applications guide covering Microchip Technology's PIC microcontrollers.

The book describes the unique features of the 8-pin microcontrollers.

The use of timer 1, timer 2 and the capture/compare/PWM (CCP) module is detailed, followed by timing, counting and pulse width modulation (PWM) experiments. These experiments include producing a single time interval output, free running pulse output, event counting, time measurement, frequency measurement and PWM. Some of these techniques are illustrated further by experiments which show how to design and build simple digital pulse and frequency generators and time interval and frequency measurement instruments.

The book also explains how to establish serial communication between a PIC chip and a PC via a RS-232 conversion circuit and a terminal program. These techniques are used in a digital voltmeter/data logger experiment for uploading data to a PC for display plus graphing using a spreadsheet program.

PIC'n Techniques illustrates techniques used in designing and building intermediate level microcontroller-based instrumentation and systems.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780965416238
Publisher: Square 1 Electronics
Publication date: 01/28/1999
Pages: 275

Table of Contents

8-pin Microcontrollers - PIC12C508
Test Equipment For Timing And Counting Experiments
Using Timer 1, Timer 2 And The Capture/Compare/PWM (CCP) Module
Designing And Building Your Own Test Equipment
Talking To A PIC16 With A PC Via A Terminal Program
Simple Digital Voltmeter Experiment
Simple Data Logger Experiment

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