Picture Perfect Wedding

Picture Perfect Wedding

by Fiona Lowe
4.7 8

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Picture Perfect Wedding 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this story. The characters were believable and had real issues they needed to work out together. I highly recommend this book.
HarlequinJunkie_ More than 1 year ago
If you are looking for a great feel good read then do I have the book for you. The Picture Perfect Wedding by Fiona Lowe had me hooked from the first page and kept me hooked until the last.  Welcome to Whitetail to Wisconson the town know for Weddings with WOW. This little town is in the middle of no where with nothing but farms, cows, corn, and the most beautiful sunflower field that you could ever imagine. Enter Erin Davis, wedding photographer, looking to use the sunflower field for a bat-crazy bride and her chance to win the Memory Award (Memmy as the pros call it) and make her mark in the photo world. There is only one little problem, enter tall, sexy, grumpy Luke Anderson, owner of said field and the one man standing in the way of the perfect picture. Luke doesn't want any wedding interruptions and Bridezilla's running around on his farm, but finally caving to the sexy city girl. Now with the wedding drawing closer, the bride acting even crazier than ever, and sparks flying between Erin and Luke, will Erin get her Perfect Picture, or will she get more than she ever imagined? Luke and Erin had me laughing from the first page of this book. I love love loved these characters! They are both very strong in their conviction that neither has time in their lives for love, romance and relationships. But a summer fling is something that they can both agree on. Their backgrounds are so totally different, she grew up without stability, learning at an early age that the only person she could ever count on for security is herself, he grew up on a 6 generation family farm, surrounded by love, family and a legacy. Neither of them expected more than a summer of fun, but what they found together was so much better than they could ever hope for. There is a side story with a widowed single mom, Nicole and her young son Max, and a HOT, sexy fire cheif Tony, that only added to the fun and lightheartedness of this book. Being that this is the second book in the Wedding Fever series, I did not feel like I missed out on anything because I did not get to read the first book. I will however be going back to read book 1 becasue Fiona Lowe is an author that I will be following. I would highly recommend this book to anyone that loves a fun, cheeky, feel good book.
Turophile More than 1 year ago
There are so many reasons to like this book: a romance that builds but isn’t easy.  Humor. Family and friends with complicated relationships and personalities that add to the story.  A small town setting that’s charming without being sticky sweet. A hero and heroine who’s chemistry is combustible.     And it’s all set in Northern Wisconsin!  Picture Perfect is the second in the Wedding Fever series set in Whitetail Wisconsin, a town that’s been seeking to boost the fading local economy by becoming a destination wedding mecca.  And where there’s weddings,  there’s romance. (At least you would hope!)  Our heroine Erin is a photographer based in Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota (the closest metro area) hoping to win a contest that will shoot her into the big leagues, allowing her to become a full time photographer and quit her waitressing job. She thinks the wedding of Constance Littlejohn is the perfect opportunity, even though Connie is a bridezilla with too much money to spend.  At Connie’s request, Erin travels to Whitetail to persuade a local farmer to allow them to take photographs in his sunflower field, which should be in full bloom at the time of the wedding.  Erin’s GPS and navigation skills land her straight in the land and then the lap of Luke Anderson, the farmer whom she needs to charm.  Between getting her car stuck on his property and her small dog attacking him, things go from bad to worse and he scoffs at her request.  They can’t stand each other, but they can’t pull their eyes and later their hands off each other.  One reason I really enjoyed this book is that it’s happy, but not sugary sweet.  Too many times with small town novels everything wraps up in such a sugary manner that I want to poke my eyes out.  Ms. Lowe doesn’t do that to her readers.  Our heroine suffers several significant disappointments along the way but does get her happy ending.  The mixing of good with bad (which included some realistic family dynamic) makes for a great read.  You wouldn’t know Ms. Lowe is Australian the way creates a welcoming small town in Northern Wisconsin that gives readers a real flavor for what life is like in the rural Upper Midwest.  You don’t need to be from Wisconsin to appreciate the book, but if you are you’ll probably like it even more.  You don’t need to read the other books in the series to understand this one.  But after you read this one, you’ll probably want to! 
sbart84 More than 1 year ago
This is the second book in the series. The story of Luke and Erin, in a small town in Wisconsin. I loved the flirting between the two of them. A good mixture of family drama, romance and humor. Plus two lovable dogs. A great summer read, looking forward to reading more of Fiona Lowe's wedding series.
flchen1 More than 1 year ago
Oh my. Ms. Lowe writes a charming, entertaining, and sometimes wrenching story in Picture Perfect Wedding. The Wedding Fever trilogy, set in Whitetail, Wisconsin, continues with this installment that features Erin, an up-and-coming wedding photographer, and Luke, a dairy farmer who's been handed the family farm by his parents, who are hot to retire to warmer climes. Erin and Luke get off to a rocky start but it's soon clear to them (and even more so to everyone around them) that they've got the basis of a rip-roaring mutual attraction going on. There's also an enjoyable secondary plot with the town wedding coordinator/hairstylist and the new fire chief. Ms. Lowe creates charming and interesting characters who also display quite a bit of depth. The issues concerning them are ones that feel very true to life despite the idyllic town's setting and the fairy-tale feel of the wedding business they're building. Ms. Lowe's written a delightful read, and I definitely look forward to the final book in the Wedding Fever trilogy!
caitbellleigh1 More than 1 year ago
Picture Perfect Wedding is the second book in the Wedding Fever series.  In it, we revisit Whitetail, for more Weddings that Wow!   In this book, we get the story of Erin Davis, wedding photographer and Luke Anderson, Dairy Farmer.  The relationship starts when Erin arrives at the Anderson farm to convince Luke to help out with a clients wedding wishes.   Of course, things do not take a smooth and easy course -- where would the fun be in that?!  As time progresses, not only do Luke and Erin fall in love, but they help each other satisfy other things in their lives. They both are looking to expand their businesses but both have their own fears about how to do this.    A second, side romance, is that of Nicole and Tony.  I enjoyed the drama of this as the town came to terms with one of their beloved community members moving on from her late husband.  This story has a little bit of everything, there's a sweet romance building, drama, and a crazy bride who's next move keeps you on the edge wondering what hilarity is coming next.  We also get to see more of how the small town of Whitetail prove they are the best for Weddings and romance. 
Gecko_Book_Girl More than 1 year ago
What happens when all you ever wanted to do is take over running the family farm, then when you finally get your wish, suddenly you can't remember what made you happy about farming? For Dairy Farmer Luke Anderson being able to run the farm his way without his fathers disapproval should of been the realisation of his lifelong dream but why does it feel like a nightmare? City girl Erin Davis is a Wedding Photograph who wants nothing more than the financial security she never had as a child and to make her clients big day perfect and her one aim is to get that "Perfect Happiness" shot to make it all worthwhile. The last thing she wants is to be stuck in a small town, but when hardworking Erin drives down to Whitetail - home to Weddings that Wow to try and make her latest Bridezilla's dream of photos in a sunflower field happen her GPS isn't the only thing that gets lost. She's there to confront a stubborn farmer who won't return her brides phone calls - but what she wasn't expecting was Luke. But the sparks flying between country boy Luke and city girl Erin aren't the only thing happening in Whitetail. In Book 2 of the Wedding Fever Trilogy we get to catch up with some of the lovely locals from Book 1 (Saved by the Bride) including the lovable Nicole - hairdresser and wedding planner extraordinaire who just wants to get on with her life - but the town doesn't want to let anyone forget her "hero" late husband. Will new fire chief Tony finally change things for Nicole and Max? Or will it be all smoke and no fire? Another great heart warming, small town story from Award Winning Aussie Author Fiona Lowe with a perfect blend of family drama, romance and story. I can't wait for the final book in this trilogy to find out what happens next in the town of Whitetail.
Monicareents625 More than 1 year ago
Fiona Lowe writes beautifully about people, relationships, wants, desires, needs, love, and romance. Her readers get to know her characters inside and out, using humor and real emotion to do so. Picture Perfect Wedding, the second book in her Wedding Fever Trilogy, was no exception to this rule. We revisit Whitetail, Wisconsin, the home of Weddings that WOW! We are introduced to a few new characters and still have the comfort of a few old ones from the first book, Saved by the Bride. The characters may be fictitious, however, they are all people that we know or would like to know and their lives can be relatable. The town of Whitetail comes together to plan and create the perfect wedding day for every bride, and their grooms (we can’t forget the guys!). Every possible need that a bride can have is solved by the wonderful towns’ people of Whitetail; the bride has the key to the city for their special day. So, what happens if you are a beautiful photographer from the city and you are hired to go into a small farming community and you bump into, or rather fall into, an over the top handsome farmer and he breaks all of the rules as to what you think a farmer should be? It becomes an electric, heat building start to an amazing story. Luke Anderson lives on and runs his family farm, alone. He is very handsome, a bachelor, and intelligent. He also has a dog named Mac and doesn’t spend much time dating the same woman. His was one of the founding families of Whitetail and his parents have retired to Arizona, leaving him in charge of the farm. This is what he thought he wanted but, he has some reservations. He has some great innovative ideas for improving the farm and is one of three siblings who each have opinions about what he should do. Erin Davis is from the city, beautiful, intelligent, and trying to build her photography business. She has a dog named Maggie-May. She is single and hasn’t dated in a long time but upon meeting Luke, her inner woman has been awakened. Luke and Erin have an undeniable immediate response to each other that will pull you in as you read about their thoughts and growing feelings toward each other, even if it’s a little rocky at first. Both are strong characters and use that to stand their ground with the other, although wanting to cave in at times. Their flirting, sarcasm, strength, and sense of humor will have you falling in love with them and rooting them on. Erin needs to use Luke’s sunflower field for photos for an upcoming wedding. She is working with a difficult bride and has been instructed to make sure this happens because Luke hasn’t returned any of her calls and this bride does not take no for an answer. With this photo shoot meaning more to her than just some job; Erin is willing to do almost anything to make this happen for her client. Since her first meeting with Luke wasn’t really what she was hoping for, she has another plan, which somehow leaves her needing yet another plan. Luckily, the next day, Erin meets Nicole Lindquist, widower-single mother, salon owner, and wedding planner who also finds a new romance with the town’s new fire chief, the incredible Tony Lascio from New Jersey. Nicole and Erin hit it off perfectly and things begin to take a turn in her direction and she couldn’t be happier. But Nicole has more to offer Erin, than just some help with getting her sunflower field. Erin will learn how the small town of Whitetail really is a community that depends on each other and she maybe finds herself fitting right in. I mentioned that Luke and Erin both have dogs because this adds to the humor of the story and you won’t help but laugh out loud. Fiona understands how to bring her readers into the moment with her characters. You will find yourself feeling, laughing, surprised, and caring. This book is perfect for the beach, bedtime, rainy days, and any day that you are looking for a fun book to read. I highly recommend this book and hope you enjoy it as much as I have. This is a fantastic book that will leave you counting the days until book III comes out, Runaway Groom.