Picturing Perfect

Picturing Perfect

by Melissa Brown


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ISBN-13: 9781477849910
Publisher: Amazon Publishing
Publication date: 09/28/2013
Pages: 317
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.90(d)

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Picturing Perfect 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 15 reviews.
megankylene More than 1 year ago
“Just because things aren’t as you pictured them, doesn’t mean they’re any less perfect.” Picturing Perfect was a cute, heartwarming story and the perfect summer read. I adored the characters in this novel and their journey to find love and happiness. This is my first Melissa Brown novel, but certainly not my last. I will most definitely read the other novels in her “Love of my Life” series, especially since I know Jason Kelly will be in them. Please note that you do not have to have read the other books to enjoy Picturing Perfect. What I love most about Hadley is her resilience and determination. Despite being put in rather unfortunate circumstances repeatedly, she comes out shining. Her father passed away of pancreatic cancer, which led her mother to go into a deep depression. As a result, Hadley lost her mother’s comfort and friendship. After a trip backpacking around Europe, Hadley develops a severe case pneumonia, and since she is unable to teach, Hadley is without a job. If that’s not enough, her boyfriend, Tucker, (sidenote: I can’t say his name without it dripping with disgust and hatred) is a complete loser. Tucker is more concerned with his appearances, his career, and with himself than his relationship with Hadley. And don’t even get me started on his evil mother. Hadley, you deserve better! Hadley ends up pregnant with his baby, and when she works up the nerve to tell Tucker (ugh), his knee-jerk reaction is to encourage her to get an abortion. “Tucker was my safe place for three years, my secure dock in a sea of indecision as I dealt with my father’s illness and death. And now I had to sink or swim. It was time to let go and move on. Slowly, I pushed off from the dock that was Tucker Montgomery and prepared to swim…praying I wouldn’t drown.” Things start looking up for Hadley after she gets a new job at a Sunnydale Association, a center that teaches lifeskills to developmentally disabled adults. What started out as a temporary job because she was too sick to return to teaching, becomes something more. She is a natural with working with her students and becomes fast friends with her co-workers. Enter Jason Kelly. Hadley has been in love with her Jason Kelly, her best friend, Auden’s, brother since she was a teenager. Little did she know, that Jason’s feelings were reciprocated, but neither of them had a chance to tell each other how they felt. As adults, they get their chance. Their relationship was reminiscent of Harper and he-who-shall-remain-nameless (to avoid any spoilers) in Taking Chances. Jason Kelly is the perfect man. There, I said it. He stepped up to the plate when Tucker (eww) wouldn’t. He supported Hadley through her pregnancy and beyond when the child wasn’t even his. His dedication and devotion to Hadley was remarkable and incredibly touching. “Thats the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read,” I said. The red t-shirt simply said, “Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life…love gives us a fairy tale.” “It’s how I feel,” he said, swallowing hard. “I think I”ve been in love with you since I was fifteen years old.” Sometimes life just happens and things don’t turn out the way you plan. This is something Hadley learned and the end result was more than she could likely have dreamed. If you’re looking for a cute summer read that will make you feel like you’ve been surrounded by a warm hug, this is for you.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Loved the wotk of friendship,motherhood, a baby,and the long awaited love story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
micharch More than 1 year ago
Hadley and Jason's story was well told and the characters were well developed. It dealt with some adult issues and some conflicts but was an overall good story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TheAutumnReview More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars Picturing Perfect was without a doubt, my favorite in this collection. I say collection, because you really don't need to read the other books to follow along with this one. Although, I did love seeing Evan and Kate again. Picturing Perfect is the story about friends, who've finally found the right time to be together. They just have a few obstacles to overcome first.  I really liked Hadley. It's obvious that she's pregnant by looking at the cover, so I'm not spoiling anything by saying that I could relate to her as a woman and a mother. She didn't have a perfect pregnancy. She had a few scares along the way.While I didn't have the same issues during my pregnancies, I was high risk, so I could relate to her anxiety about making sure the baby was ok. Then, after her baby was born, I got a bit nostalgic. It made me miss those infant moments for a split second. But, one of the best parts about all of this was the fact that Jason was right there beside her the whole time.  Jason is truly a special guy. Hadley and Jason have loved each other since they were young, but they never dated. Once Jason found out that Hadley was involved with Terrible Tucker, he backed off. Now, the timing is right. Sure, she's carrying another man's child, but his love for her out weighs that fact. I loved the chemistry between them. There was an ease because they've know each other so long, but I could also feel the attraction. And can I just say that Jason was so sweet with the baby. I was on board with Jason immediately, but I just love seeing a guy who loves his child. For all intents and purposes, Jason was Marty's (the baby) father. It's was so sweet.  Just a few little things that I wanted to mention. I am an absolute fanatic about 80's movies. I loved all the 80's movie and music references. I also loved Jason's t-shirt collection. I have a thing for t-shirts myself. Neither one of these things were critical to the book, but it did give insight to the characters for me. It gave me one more thing to relate to them. It also made me laugh.  Overall, I really enjoyed this one. It's romantic, but it's also very realistic. Relatable. Hadley and Jason are such a great couple and they had a good foundation of friendship to build on. It wasn't heavy on drama, but it's a lovely heartfelt romance. I definitely recommend this one.  Quotes: ~She was right, though. Can't Buy Me Love is one of my favorite movies. And I've had a soft spot for Patrick Dempsey ever since he rode Cindy Mancini away on his lawn mower.-Loc 221 ~"Is it a total guy move if I think that's pretty awesome?" "That you were my first kiss? Why?" I smiled, the tension lessening with each laugh that came from his beautiful mouth. He squeezed my hand in his. "Because I'm planning to be your last."-Loc 2598 ~He was mine. And I was his. It'd taken us way too long to get there through all the madness we had both created. But we were there. And I refused to go back to a life without him. It'd all been worth it. All of it.-Loc 2950 
JLC4 More than 1 year ago
This not only a review of how wonderful Picturing Perfect was but also a thank you for giving me a wonderful flashback to the 80’s and my hometown. My love of this story started with Bouquet Toss, and grew in Champagne Toast, but exceeded my expectations in Picturing Perfect. As much as I love Daph and Tanner, and Kate and Evan, I connected with Hadley and Jason. Hadley was graceful, strong and had enormous amount strength. I admired all that she accomplished, and her patience when dealing with her mom, Auden and especially Tucker. Her love for Jason started as a teenager, but even with obstacles you saw that there was never ever going be anyone for her but him. Lastly, the unconditional love she had for her son from the second she found out she was pregnant was simply beautiful. Jason, well what can I say, he was perfect! He was warm, funny, patient, interesting, complex, and sexy. He was a character that was so different but so real. He is the guy we all want to be friends with because you know he will have your back. Of course we cherished how much he cared for and loved Hadley, but what I respected just as much was his devotion to Marty. That takes an incredible person and Jason hit it out of the park [Comiskey Park, I am Southsider]. Melissa Brown you are an amazing writer and I treasured your books more than I can say, WELL DONE!! I read a lot but I know that I will be rereading these books, especially before each new release. They will become just as important as watching all the 80’s movies we love---Totally!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
FrankieP More than 1 year ago
Melissa Brown does it again with Picturing Perfect! This book is absolutely amazing and you will want to read this in one sitting! Jason Kelly is an absolute doll! He is a successful indie author who is also passionate, thoughtful, has a love of crazy T-shirts and 80's music and he is totally head over heels for Hadley. In my opinion, he is perfect! Hadley Foster is an amazing person who has always harbored a secret crush for Jason (he's her BFFs Auden's brother!). She has always taken care of everyone and knows exactly what she wants in life and where she wants to be. She is a teacher for those with special needs and loves what she does. However an unforseen change of plans ensues and the life she has envisioned makes a 180 degree turn. Through out the years, Hadley and Jason kept "missing" each other, by ways of circumstances, other relationships and misunderstandings. Through a chance meeting at a coffee shop, Hadley and Jason bumping into each other paves the way for them to give their relationship a go. A revelation from Hadley really sets the stage for their relationship and for their love for each other to ultimately grow stronger. But, will this love be enough? Read Picturing Perfect to find out! Again, kudos Melissa! This book is my absolute favorite!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Another "perfect" book... As always the book pulls you in and wont release you until you reach the end, which I love. Once you begin the book you just can't stop reading it, just like with her first two books. All of them make you hang on to every detail and you feel as if you "know" these characters personally. You feel for them, fall in love with them and can feel what they are going through. There's so many emotions, detailed so perfectly that you can honestly "feel" them yourself. Like you grew up with them, so close to them that you lived it along side them or could be them. Every character had such a connectible personality that at some point in your own life you've felt what they are feeling or you have/are going through a similar situation. I love how Melissa has this way of writing. I haven't read in years and I was told by a friend to read Champagne Toast and I was hooked right away. I read the entire book in one sitting. Then found bouquet toss. Also read that all at once. I couldn't wait to read another. Then I heard about this release and I couldn't wait! I was counting down the days. Wanting. Needing to read more. I love how all the books are tied together in their own way revisiting old characters from the previous book and giving them their own "spotlight" so to speak. At the same time though they are amazing and well written enough to be read out of order and still fall in love with them. Though the connections for each character seem stronger once you follow the entire story. Its not hard to follow if you haven't. (Highly recommend you do though. They are just so imperfectly perfect!) I'm literally hooked, I own all 3 now and I reread them all the time. They are just so good even when they end i cant put them down. I love falling in love with each character over and over again. Especially Evan & Kate, Jason & Hadley. They are my favorites for sure. I was looking forward to this book and it was as amazing as I expected. If not better. I'm grateful to have been given the chance to be among one of the first to read it. Melissa is hands down my favorite author. I tell everyone I know they need to read her books. Male or female. She is so romantic you just can't help but get entangled in their lives! I can't wait for another book to come out. Keep up the amazing work Melissa. I'll be waiting impatiently <3
BrandeesBookEndings More than 1 year ago
4.5 for me :-) No secret here, I love Melissa Brown! “Why?” you ask…….well for the obvious reason, that she is just AWESOME and the sweetest gal around AND her stories give me the hearts, rainbows and butterflies you sometimes just need in life.  Melissa has the personality that believes in Prince Charming and Happily Ever Afters and she conveys this in her books.  It is not always the easiest road on getting there but it is always an enjoyable ride.  I have said before that Melissa’s books are the perfect chick-flick movie type of books and I stand by that feeling with Picturing Perfect….. I believe it would be a big hit in the box office. As the author mentions, you do not need to read either Bouquet Toss or Champagne Toast to follow this story.  Picturing Perfect is a stand-alone book that connects to Champagne Toast.  I was originally introduced to Jason in a/k/a T-shirt guy in Champagne Toast, which was released earlier this year and I love that we get Jason’s story in Picturing Perfect! Melissa has created another swoon-worthy book boyfriend in Jason….. he is the older brother of Hadley’s lifetime best friend, Auden. I loved the flashbacks in this story… Melissa flowed them into the story perfectly and really captured the feelings in the scenario of crushing on a boy at that age (especially your best friend’s older brother)!  Without giving anything away, Jason is so thoughtful, sweet and just swoon-worthy material!  There were so many times I just though awwwww. I really liked Hadley and was rooting for her through the book….the poor girl and her struggles…I really hope she gets her Happy Ever After!  I have said before, but for those of you that love sitting down and watching/reading a good “chick flick” this is the perfect book for you. I loved reading this story and would love to hear what you thought too!
sharonc06 More than 1 year ago
Picturing Perfect was amazing! I could not put the book down! This book has it all! I laughed,cried, and fell in love! If you ever had a crush in school this story will win you over. I love Hadley and her story. Hadley has had many events in her life that makes her a strong and lovable character. I LOVE Jason Kelly. Jason is a character you will fall in love with! He is strong, witty, and caring! Just when you think Jason can't do anymore to wins your heart he finds away. Melissa always tells an awesome story. This is a must read!