Pieces of Life

Pieces of Life

by Farah Atika


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Pieces of Life by Farah Atika

The magical thing about poetry is that it does not speak for one person nor does it speak of one story. We all have something to say but not necessarily the means to convey. While the author expresses her experiences, she also speaks the hearts of others who may not travel the same adventure as her but relates in a way like no other.

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ISBN-13: 9781490727974
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 02/14/2014
Pages: 82
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.20(d)

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Trafford Publishing

Copyright © 2014 Farah Atika
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4907-2797-4



By mechanical wings,
I reached a foreign land,
Imagined great new things,
Yet taken down by grand.

The very first beginning,
I walked a foreign path,
Amazed by the surrounding,
This land just needs a bath.

Never saw it coming,
I ran the speed of light,
Felt like I was dying,
In a jar of glass airtight.

Time just kept on ticking,
I fought the ordeals through,
At times I end up passing,
But here I have a crew.

Now I am still living,
I can't believe it's true.
This once a foreign feeding,
I now have all the clue.

And every day I wake up,
Smiles are not of rid,
Behind an unkempt pickup,
My heart does feed and breed.

Tell me I am crazy,
My soul has turned all deaf,
While I'm a proud "Malizi",
Egypt is what's left.

A Change of Air

More than a day,
Lingering thoughts,
Nothing is rare,
Living things rot.
What can I say?
I got bored.
A change of air,
I need to sort.
Without delay,
I took off my shorts,
Long pants I tear,
In travelling trot.
Of hopes I lay,
And troubles I caught,
I'll find my way,
Here and abroad.
A change of air,
Is all to sort.
A change of air,
Is more than I got.

Step of Faith

In a tense dark mountain,
Where creepers crept the creep,
I hiked with steps too certain,
Did not I take a leap.

Wild roses flourishing through,
And took I lull by lean,
By leaves that warrant dew,
The dirt; I washed off clean.

Long strands of tangling vine,
Fall off the old oak tree,
Longing you as mine,
A wish deep down I keep.

I hope to find a bear trap,
I'll leave my flesh to bleed,
And shall I win your steps,
That'll sweep me off my feet.


It hurts, yes, it can,
Even more than a day,
That is the plan,
For memories at bay.

For leaving is trend,
To never decay,
I'll grow up a man,
And leave this whole play.

Goodbye my friend,
Lead your own way,
Moments we've spent,
Let never astray.

I'll head to a land,
Far, far away,
I'll try if I can,
To leave Milky way.


What was I thinking,
When I proposed you to stay,
We've reached an ending,
None left to play.

What was I hoping,
When I let my heart say,
Nothing is changing,
And that's I to pay.

What was I thinking,
I just have to utter,
These eyes will stop blinking,
And nothing shall matter.

What was I hoping?
Tell me my dear,
Let high-pitched shouting,
You still will not hear.


In every step,
In every dream,
The longing crept,
Like flowing stream.

The rays of light,
Reflects to peace,
The haunting night,
Calling to cease.

Beyond the miles,
Of parting sorrow,
The carved up smiles,
If loose to borrow.

Thus travel through,
The trough and crest,
As time gets due,
A good invest.

The sun will rise,
And clouds pass by,
Just throw the dice,
And say goodbye.

For in that land,
Of green and blue,
Warm hugs and hands,
Shall welcome you.

Seasons of Loss

That noon was summer,
Of hot striking heat,
The loaded anger,
It didn't defeat.

That noon was autumn,
Of leaves to let fall,
The haunting solemn,
Had stolen my all.

That noon was winter,
Of snow to behold,
Heart left in stutter,
Freezing and cold.

That noon was spring,
Of blooming blossoms,
These memories you ring,
Be sure to fathom.


Worry not!
Oh no, no, no.
Clear your thought,
From snow.

Words you've bought,
Will never show,
We're sure of that we know.

So worry not,
My friend, my foe,
Let time take its flow.

Trust my taught,
And keep it low,
That glory comes in slow.


Have you seen a kite?
A kite that flies with might?
And did you see the owner?
Running every corner.

He tapped onto the string.
The kite just gave a spring.
If he tapped on harder.
The story turns a blunder.

Imagine I'm the kite.
And you're the little owner.
Stop tapping hard.
Or soon you'll be a loner.


To see yet not have seen,
To feel of that not felt,
To where the brain has been,
Not tied by leather belt.

The blue sky that you've seen,
Are rainbows that I've felt,
Through that same dull scene,
Distant memories we have melt.

To see yet not have seen,
To feel of that not felt,
Of soothing classic violin,
Discrepant stories we have dealt.

Favour what you've seen,
Indulge in what I've felt,
Thoughts that are not keen,
Be not for us to fret.

The Hero in Me

I walked into a quicksand,
My brain decided to jam.
And just towards the end,
It struck me with a BAM!

I paddled and I paddled,
The scene was just of struggle,
Hands were fixed in cable,
Then planks of seeming smuggle.

A slash of blunt knife,
Before I kick the bucket,
It's I to save my life,
I just have got to stop it!


I smile and you just stare.
An atmosphere so rare.
How did you gain dare?
To gift me such a lair.


Should I bear?
For I have just a swear.
That I gasp for pure clean air.
Of that which we could share.

My piece of hope you tear,
Proving you don't care.
My heart you put in bare,
And broken in despair.


Sometimes we fight too hard,
To prove we are true,
We end up crossed.

Sometimes we fight too hard,
To gain what we want,
And ego is the cost.

Sometimes we fight too hard,
Give all we've got,
Our heart ends up tossed.

Sometimes we fight too hard,
Aiming not to lose,
In fact we have already lost.

Sometimes, only sometimes.

Six Senses

I hear the dripping water,
I see the saddened heart,
I smell the darkness nature,
I taste the lot of thought,
I touch your soulless posture,
I sense my whole you've brought.

Through no spoken capture,
My focus you have caught.

Bye Bye, Birdie

That flock of birds in the open sky,
In light they chipper at night they cry.
They built their nests of neat tie,
To shelter themselves from the killing sly.
In the eyes of hunters they were never shy.
But storms and tornadoes kept coming by,
Shall breach the feathers off from high.
It's time to say goodbye.
To the open sky.
Again will they fly?


It was me.
And mine.
And I to blame.
When things were connected,
I triggered the flame.

I creep.
And I crawl.
And dwell in curl.
I dropped rejected,
Lost in shame.

I miss.
And long.
And sleep in crave.
For you and I,
To be the same.

I can only feel lucky,
That you, too,
Played the game.


It has been a long, long silence.
Thrilling off some vengeance.
Though it's just negligence.
Flesh turn rotten pungent.
In the silent dungeon.
This life of little pigeon.
Wake me from this dream.
It shouted and it screamed.
Awakened to a stream.
Of milky flow white cream.
Flashbacks all have trimmed.
Silence to the brim.


Autumn ends and now its winter.
Spring will come before its summer.
Flipping through a clean calendar.
Thought and thoughts turn into wonder.
What are coffees with no creamer?
What are toasts without pure butter?
What are smiles plain from glimmer?
What are laughs thank not the joker?
What are teardrops free from manner?
What are friends if not together?


Swim, baby, swim.
In the open sea.

Dive, baby, dive.
Into the ocean deep.

Look, baby, look.
Life around the reef.

Pick, baby, pick,
Pearls white and big.

Live, baby, live.
Immersed in curiosity.

Yes, baby, yes.
This endless mystery.

No, baby, no.
Although of seven seas.

Plea of the Heart

To please you.
To please me.
Of which shall it be?

Because pleasing you,
Does not please me.
And pleasing me,
Should not be.

If I please you,
Then what about she?
And what about he?

So let us please,
You and me,
And she and he and we.

Please us all,
Oh please.

Solitude of Imprisonment

Unknown assault,
And brought to custody,
Asked what all it was about,
Silence answered nobody.

Behind the bars of silver steel,
I crouch and I appeal,
What was thought of I to steal,
This judge is not for real.

The stench of charge encroach my cell,
A purge of urp up to my throat,
Let it loose and shout the tell,
For guilt will surely go decoat.

Save me from this solitude,
Bail me out of jail.
Imprisoned by your attitude,
Truth will clear prevail.


Tie me down by blood,
Tie me down alright,
The knot is in my heart,
Of sure to trade off fright.

Rope me to your castle,
Rope me through the night,
I'll crawl through all the hassle,
I'll win this endless fight.

Band me in this circle,
Band me in despite,
Round and round this cycle,
I'll stop and switch the light.

Moving On

You treated me a movie,
A beauty and a lad,
We started off so happy,
Yet ended up so sad.

It happened you were hero,
I; damsel in distress,
But then you fed me sorrow,
In spite your clean tucked vest.

My dream of fairy tale,
Became my worst nightmare,
Upon the line of stale,
I hope I didn't care.

Hopes were only hopes,
Fair was never fair,
For such a great elope,
I sunken into stare.

Beyond that creepy show,
Of heart to never had,
I'd love to let you know,
It didn't hurt too bad.

Tunnel of Hope

In that tunnel of hope,
I digged and I had digged,
To endure and cope,
Are all mine to rig.

Gold and copper,
I surely have picked,
Gems are proper,
And deep in they stick.

What is depth?
For such valued stone,
What is death?
Apart from alone.


An early morning,
The crows were crowing,
The wind was blowing,
And there was I; sitting.

The open sky,
Of colours changing,
I wondered why,
Life was aging.

On the ground; I laid.
Running clouds; I faced.
Questions were; all paid.
Answers were; what's paced.

When the clock was ticking,
I, still not moving,
My brain was shrinking,
And I was losing.

If only I,
Could change my style,
I'd wonder why,
The loads don't pile.

Mirror, Mirror

Look at her mole!
And her teeth full of holes!
Look at his hair!
His style I can't bear!
Look at that kid!
His frown well hid!
His car is so shiny!
The way he spends money!
Such a big tent!
Bet that's a rent!
She is so fat!
Her bad of a tad!

And the friend goes ...

"When can we look at me?"
The irony.


As the sun subsided to sleep,
In the sky we all had jumped.
And up above the dark deep,
Stars were dancing to the harp.
Amber red of warm heat,
Whispered blessings in occult,
The shooting stars took its leap,
A bond of hearts by no insult.


I should have known,
I should have seen,
I should have seen them all.

If it's not black,
It must be white,
Colours of recall.

Floating in true poetry,
Blinded by the chemistry,
I fall.

But now.

You leave me all alone,
Shattered on my throne,
For all the love I deed,
Lies are all you've shown.

The winter breeze has blown,
I guess,
I should have known.

A Walk in the Zoo

There was a magnificent lion,
Roaming in his den,
Silence from the visitors,
All trying to attend.

Then came a beautiful parrot,
His mouth too full of words,
Late came five tall giraffes,
Stayed calm all in the herd.

The zebras boast of beauty,
And the snakes were making money,
And at the back was an old hippo,
Turning all so sleepy.

I snap into reality,
Realizing fantasy,
In class I am to be!


What your mind can see,
I can only saw,
A blissful life I am,
Of childhood memoir.

You see me as a pity,
Old, filthy and poor,
My life is but so fruity,
I know and I am sure.

Your walk along the shore,
Emotions much involved,
On red and yellow seesaw,
Does mine only revolve.

So pack your bunch of sorrow,
Keep your chin up-lift,
For there will be tomorrow,
Of roses as a gift.

A Treasure of No Thought

In short of money,
Do the laundry,
A treasure of no thought.

A jar of honey,
A Lamborghini,
A treasure of no thought.

It might feel funny,
But life is sunny,
A treasure of no thought.

Exam Paralysis

I think I'm ready,
All packed and steady.
I am Miss Know-it-all.

I walk to school,
Like a bunch of fools,
My parents; I have called.

My heart pumps loud,
Perhaps she's proud,
Distracting me from all.

This modest room,
And I am doomed,
My brain an empty hall.


A coin into the wishing well,
Cast of potions and spells,
Colourful streams,
Le cakes and cream,
Candies and apple pie.

Big fat hopes,
Not much to cope,
The living of a dope.

To live or die,
The different guy,
Whom everyone walked by.


I love you in a thousand years,
I love you in distress.
I love the way you're always near,
I love the way you dress.
I love your nose, your eyes, your ears,
This heart will never rest.
I love you and you are so dear,
You are my very best!
I drew this picture of my late grandpa the summer before I
lost him. A trivial man to the world but significant in my life.


The many fights we make,
The many tears we shed,
The many smiles we fake,
The many strokes we take,
The many thoughts we trade,
Ain't that many.
Because you ...
You wipe them all dead.

Those Moments

There aren't many moments,
Where I sit down and pray,
And pled that my torments,
Be lifted away.
Perhaps a miracle will make it decay.

But in those moments,
Where I actually prayed,
It felt like new garments,
On a momentous day,
A miracle I hoped would make it stay.

As much as miracles,
And hopes in a day,
A diamond that sparkles,
Gets covered in clay.
So the tinkling tinkle; I winked it to lay.

Some things I share with the world.
Some things I keep inside.

Some things I wish to share,
But I'm afraid of the flare.

Some things I need to let out.
And if I do, grudges might sprout.

So here I am staring to the air,
And within my heart I shout.

I may vanish,
Let this finish,
But I'll wait and let things distinguish.

When I'm sure,
Don't come pulling,
For I am sure,
That'll keep me falling.

I need to move on,
And enjoy all the fun,
I need to search on,
The truth of the Only One.

That sunny road,
I wish not to take,
I'll go abroad,
To an open lake.

This life is only once.

The Surging We

This path is not for me.
This life is just a dream.
This fight is but my enemy.
Oh, maybe no.

This is destiny,
This is fate,
This is my journey.

Share my heart?
Spark the same light?
Because this ain't about me.
It's talking we.

The Shower of Diamonds

The common chills of every night,
The yellow glow of dim moonlight,
Dining through my appetite,
I sit upright.

Sparkling smiles of teeth bright white,
Things are going on quite right,
No more tears, no more might's,
Everything will be alright.

I stare above, I'm not dead,
The comet grins above my head,
Crawling to my cosy bed,
The black holes have all turned red.

Crying dry is now so common,
Probably just the games of demon,
But then outside I hear the summon,
And I welcome the shower of diamonds.

Don't Leave Me Stunned

This quiet night.
The pitch black sky.
I sit and fright.
Of futures passing by.

I dislike to fight.
And dislike to die.
So I hold tight.
What the heart has to cry.

For I believe in true adventure.
And I keep close the 'you' I treasure.
Oh grant me please the wish I pleasure.
Let destiny shape this little creature.

We all have faith in the Only One.
I beg forgiveness for all I've done.
The winding roads.
The unripe sun.
Our crazy path is still undone.

Don't leave me stunned.


Today I feel like giving up,
For time is almost due,
Today I feel like giving up,
For I dislike to queue.

I've reached the point of giving up,
The trouble inside brewed,
I've reached the point of giving up,
Unlucky, I am screwed.

Tell me why should I give up,
The sky can still turn blue,
Tell me why should I give up,
When always I have you.


Look at love as a fairy tale,
Big gardens of roses and daffodils.

Of white dresses and diamond rings,
And moments hence forever lasting.

It steals our logic and swipes like magic,
And best of all it feels fantastic!


Brain the story that I shall tell,
It turns a knife after a spell.

It draws the heart and takes the lead,
And stabs and cuts and leaves to bleed.

It carves a smile on broken souls,
And let the being in blindfold.

And as it goes deep and deeper,
Once a you is now a never.


The way this world keeps its order,
Leaves me lost in wonder,
A helping hand along the river,
A stop upon a shoulder.
A lending ear,
A smile of dear,
A sudden push from rear,
A hush of peer,
A change of gear,
And everything comes near.

Life belonged this aging structure,
Of more than just a year,
Leaves me not just in wonder,
But has been awe a render.


Excerpted from PIECES OF LIFE by FARAH ATIKA. Copyright © 2014 Farah Atika. Excerpted by permission of Trafford Publishing.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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