Piecing Together Los Angeles

Piecing Together Los Angeles


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ISBN-13: 9780615528236
Publisher: East of Borneo Books
Publication date: 05/30/2012
Pages: 392
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.20(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

1 The Journey West

22 Patchin Place: A Memoir

36 About Malibu

45 Outward Journey

49 The Death of Dreiser

2 California Changes Everyone

64 Peter Reyner Banham: 1922-1988: An Appreciation

67 The Founding Mother by Reyner Banham

71 Schindler, Space Architect

75 The California House...How It Started

77 Notes on Greene and Greene

79 Charles Greene's Presence

83 An Architect Speaks Out [William Gray Purcell]

85 Gill's Birthday

92 The Dodge House

95 Letter from Esther McCoy to Torrance City Council

96 Frank Lloyd Wright: 60 Years of Living Architecture

98 Conversation with Lutah Maria Riggs, FAIA

102 The Office of R.M. Schindler

114 Happy Birthday, R. M.S.

126 Neutra in California

131 Neutra: An Appreciation

133 Konrad Wachsmann: Memorial for Wachsmann at USC

139 The Second Generation

154 Los Angeles: A Private Proving Ground

3 The New Face of the 1950s

162 Peter Reyner Banham, review of Modern California Houses: Case Study Houses, 1946-1962

164 Arts & Architecture Case Study Houses

181 Charles and Ray Eames

189 A Quincy Jones and Frederick E. Emmons

194 Then and Now [Whitney R. Smith and Wayne R. Williams]

196 Architecture West [Harwell Hamilton Harris]

198 Recommendation for Harwell Hamilton Harris

199 Pierre Koenig

203 The Ultimate Climes of John Lautner

205 Letter Regarding John Lautner

206 Before the Silvers

4 Writing and Raking Over the Foibles

216 The Important House

222 Library Use

225 Palms

229 Landscape Architecture in the Urban Scene

232 Letter from Ray Bradbury to Esther McCoy

237 Letter from Esther McCoy to Ray Bradbury

240 Letter from Ray Bradbury to Esther McCoy

242 Wanted: Architect (Preferably a Dead One)

244 If You Don't Want to Get a Loan...

247 Letters to the Editor

5 Building, Ambition, and Vision

254 A Vast Hall Full of Light, the Bradbury Building

258 Architecture West [Hearst Castle]

60 Acceptance Speech for Julia Morgan Award

262 The Wiltern Theater

263 Watts Towers

264 Grandma Prisbrey's Bottle Village

269 Those "Crazy" Domes

272 Report from Malibu Hills

274 Frank O. Gehry

278 Dr. Salk Talks About His Institute

283 High-Tech Images

287 The Blue Bombshell: Pacific Design Center

292 Robert Venturi: To Whom It May Concern

6 Looking Backward

300 On Attaining a Certain Age [Eames House]

303 A Love of Small Packages: A Friend Remembers Ray Eames

307 Architecture West: News Report [Santa Monica]

309 J.R. Davidson

313 Something to Wrap the Herring In

315 John Entenza: A Memorial

317 Lloyd Wright 1890-1978

324 The Rationalist Period

334 Letter from Esther McCoy to Richard Weinstein

335 Second Guessing Schindler

338 Geography as Destiny

342 A Who's Who

368 Notes

373 Acknowledgments

375 Index

388 Photographs

389 About Esther McCoy

390 About Susan Morgan

391 About East of Borneo

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