Piercing The Dark Side

Piercing The Dark Side

by Bleu Waters


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What is a human life worth? The following fictional stories, based on actual events happening all over our great nation, leave that question in limbo.
To people affected by the loss of life and abuse to the living, it's worth everything to stop the pain and suffering. Graves are being filled everyday with the bodies of children and helpless adults whose death could have been prevented if our government's protection system really worked.
However, to the government system, human life is judged by the status of the person affected, by politics and having the right connections. We are being divided and placed into categories based on our worth to the system as a whole. "Justice for all" does not exist in the political spectrum.
Loss of life, in the right setting, is merely collateral damage, abuse is reduced to "the eye of the beholder." Silence of the people has allowed the corruption to grow and pollute every facet of our lives. Only the victims and those left behind cry out, but their pleas are ignored.
Perspectives are changing, producing apathetic, and in some cases, disrespectful attitudes in those who have been fortunate enough not to have had to endure a tragedy, while others who have, suffer in silence, with no hope, their lives are ruined.
The following stories give a birds eye view to the shattered lives of people who have been abused/murdered, with families left behind to fight for justice that never comes.
What is human life worth? You decide...........

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Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 08/30/2005
Pages: 264
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