Pilgrimage-The Sacred Art: Journey to the Center of the Heart

Pilgrimage-The Sacred Art: Journey to the Center of the Heart

by Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook

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Explore the many dimensions of the pilgrimage experience and change your orientation to the world.

"Pilgrimage is an opportunity for pilgrims to cultivate their inner life (or inner voice) in a way that leads to a greater sense of peace and compassion—a sense that pervades all of life."

—From Chapter 6, “Preparing to Practice”

Pilgrimage is a spiritual practice of nearly every major religion of the world. If you are a Christian you may travel to sites associated with the life of Jesus; Jews might visit the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem and other sacred places in the Holy Land of Israel; Muslims participate in the Hajj, the journey to Mecca; Buddhists visit the sacred sites related to the life of Buddha. Even if you practice no religion at all you will still find that you most likely participate in this practice—the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC, and Lenin's tomb in Moscow are considered national pilgrimage sites. As a spiritual practice, pilgrimage transcends religious, national, cultural and linguistic boundaries.

This fascinating look at the sacred art of pilgrimage integrates spirituality, practice, spiritual formation, psychology, world religions and historical resources. It examines how the world’s religious pilgrimages evolved as central spiritual practices and the relationship between pilgrimage and transformation. It explains what makes a place holy, and why and how some sites are so compelling that they attract thousands, even millions of pilgrims each year.

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ISBN-13: 9781594735400
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Publication date: 06/10/2013
Series: The Art of Spiritual Living
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 240
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About the Author

Dr. Sheryl A. Kujawa-Holbrook, an Episcopal priest, is a popular teacher, speaker and retreat leader on topics related to Christian spirituality, mysticism, social activism and interreligious encounter. A professor of practical theology at Claremont School of Theology, Claremont Lincoln University, and professor of Anglican studies at Bloy House, the Episcopal Theological School at Claremont, she is author of Hildegard of Bingen: Essential Writings and Chants of a Christian Mystic—Annotated&Explained and Pilgrimage—The Sacred Art: Journey to the Center of the Heart, among other books.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Journeys Across Traditions and Cultures 1
Pilgrimage Across Cultures and Religions 7
The Hindu Tradition 9
The Buddhist Tradition 11
The Greek and Roman Traditions 12
The Abrahamic Traditions 14
Secular Pilgrimage 33
Virtual Pilgrimage 37

Chapter 2

The Way of the Heart 40
Pilgrim Narratives 45
Jung and Images of Pilgrimage 53
The Stages of Pilgrimage 58
Spirituality of the Heart 64

Chapter 3

Holy Places, Sacred Spaces 75
Sacred Landscapes 78
Memory Places 84
Quiet Places 90
Divine Activity Places 95
Commercialization and Environmental Impact 99

Chapter 4

Walking the Labyrinth 106
A Single Path 111
Origins of the Labyrinth 115
The Labyrinth of Chartres Cathedral 119
Walking as Spiritual Practice 125

Chapter 5

The Journey Home 135
The Need to Belong 142
Home and Pilgrimage 149
Stories of the Journey Home 156

Chapter 6

Preparing to Practice 168
Beginning Spiritual Practice 169
The Practice of Prayer and Meditation 175
Spiritual Practices in Preparing for Pilgrimage 184
Practical Advice for Planning a Pilgrimage 185
Guidelines for Visiting Holy Places
and Sacred Spaces 188
The Benefits of Group Pilgrimages 193
Keeping a Record of Your Pilgrimage 196
Walking the Labyrinth 198
Returning Home 201

Acknowledgments 204
Notes 205
Suggestions for Further Reading 217

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