Pink Cheeks and Chocolate

Pink Cheeks and Chocolate

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ISBN-13: 9781909335370
Publisher: Xcite Books
Publication date: 01/03/2013
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 54
Sales rank: 1,226,054
File size: 430 KB

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I sat on the chair, my eyes steady on the closed door in front of me, as my ears registered the soft knock. I’d told him that I would be ready at exactly noon and if I had to wait a second more there would be serious consequences. Narrowing my eyes, I stared at the white porcelain door handle and waited for it to turn. I could hear the scraping of clothing across wallpaper as he turned to fit himself into the narrow hallway that led to the attic where I was waiting.

I knew his journey had not been an easy one and that much of it was occupied with balancing a delicate tray in both hands. He was under strict orders that the tray was to arrive in the attic room in perfect condition. I assured him that I would not only know if the chocolates on the tray had been disturbed by his movements, but I would also know if he set the tray on the floor to make his passage easier.

Holding my breath, I listened to the soft whisper of Luc’s breath as he stood on the other side of the door. I wondered what thoughts ran through his head. If he’d allowed anticipation to shadow every moment of his day.

Because I had.

Luc opened the door, slowly entering the room without a word, his head bowed and his eyes on the floor ahead of him.

‘You’re late.’

‘I’m sorry,’ Luc whispered as he sank to his knees, holding the tray out for my inspection.

‘Do you have an explanation?’

Luc shook his head and kept his eyes trained to the floor. ‘No,’ he said plainly. ‘I am undisciplined. I need to be punished.’

Even before he said it I knew he wouldn’t have an excuse handy. I also knew that if I added up all his tiny acts of rebellion I would begin to understand the pattern of his disobedience. Perhaps if I looked at all the ways I’d allowed such discord to settle over us before we’d come to this breaking point I would not have to take such drastic action. My fear now was that if I did not correct him I would lose him.

That was not a risk I was willing to take.

‘Yes, you do,’ I agreed. ‘And for such a blatant act of disrespect you are expecting a more severe punishment, I suppose?’

Luc said nothing as he tried to hide his smile from me. I knew that smile; it was the one I feared seeing the most. It meant that as far as he was concerned we were playing a game and he’d just gotten the upper hand. What he didn’t know was I’d spent the past days in the company of the domme who trained me years before I ever met him, and together we’d gone over my little problem.

In other words, I was about to fix his wagon.

‘Don’t look too happy,’ I warned. ‘This isn’t a game. If that’s what you want than you can leave because I’m not dressing you up in bondage gear and playing kink for the night. Do you understand?’

‘Yes,’ he said.

‘Good, because if you don’t I suggest you leave now so I can start searching for a new submissive.’

‘Please.’ Luc sucked in his cheeks and held himself perfectly still while all the colour drained from his face. ‘Don’t make me leave.’

‘Put the tray down on the small table next to the window.’

‘Would you like me to crawl?’ he asked. Fear and desperation gave his voice just the hint of sincerity I was looking for. ‘Or should I walk?’

‘Walk,’ I told him. ‘Slowly, so I can watch you.’

Luc nodded and moved with such careful grace it made the nerves under my skin stand at attention and my cunt go wet.

‘Very good, pet,’ I told him when he bent down to place the tray of chocolates on the table. ‘Now, bring me my first treat.’

Luc plucked a perfectly round, white chocolate truffle off the tray before halting in front of the table of implements I’d laid out. I knew he was counting, measuring in his head and was wrestling with the reality that I had changed the rules without his consent.

‘Would you like me to tell you what it is?’ I pointed to the small bundle lying between the strap and whip. ‘Or are you willing to trust me?’

Luc drew a deep breath and stepped closer. ‘I trust you.’

‘Good.’ I held out my hand to receive my token of his obedience before ordering him to strip. To another domme the candy I held in my hand would mean nothing but to me it was more valuable than gold because I knew in order to create the five different pieces of chocolate on the tray he would have to stop what he was doing in the shop, clear the kitchen, and make each separate piece by hand as I never ordered anything that sitting in the display cases. This candy, like the four other that would follow, represented devotion, and as I sank my teeth into the soft cocoa butter shell and watched him slip his chef’s jacket past his shoulders and down his arms I knew that the risk I was about to take was the right one.

‘Give me your belt,’ I said as the truffle dissolved, leaving my mouth empty and in need of something more.

Luc slid the belt free of his black pants and handed it to me without question before stripping out of the rest of his clothes.

‘Across my knee.’ I motioned for him before pulling the hem of my dress up past the metal clips of my garter belt. ‘I want to spank your ass.’

With a grateful sigh, Luc fitted his body across mine until his ass was in the perfect position to receive his punishment. ‘Very good,’ I whispered and readjusted my legs so that the clips dug into the skin of his pelvis. I was happy to feel the first stirring of his cock against my thigh at such a pittance of discomfort and rewarded him with a swift stroking of my fingernails across the smooth plane of his back.

It was all the warning I would give him before I slipped the belt between his teeth and brought my hand down on his backside with a sharp, stinging slap. Luc instinctively shifted his weight and tensed his ass in anticipation of the next spank. ‘Relax,’ I warned. ‘Or I’m going to stop.’

With the belt muffling his groan, I felt Luc’s body go slack and I quickly rewarded him with five short, swift strikes on each cheek. ‘Good boy.’ His cock pressing against the naked skin of my leg where the hem of my dress and my silk stocking met made me smile. ‘Now hold still.’

Luc took hold of the chair legs to brace himself before I delivered another series of spanks, this time splaying my fingers wide apart to increase the sharp burn of contact.

‘Beautiful,’ I whispered as I squirmed under him, grinding the garter clips into his skin one more time. ‘Are you happy, my pet?’ 

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