The Pink Trance Notebooks

The Pink Trance Notebooks

by Wayne Koestenbaum


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The Pink Trance Notebooks is the product of the year Wayne Koestenbaum stopped keeping the traditional journal he had maintained for three decades and began a series of “trance notebooks” as a way to reflect an intensified, unmoored consciousness. The resulting sequence of 34 assemblages reflects Koestenbaum’s unfettered musings, findings, and obsessions. Freed from the conventions of prose, this concatenation of the author’s intimate observations and desires lets loose a poetics of ecstatic praxis—voiced with aplomb and always on point.

“Wayne Koestenbaum is one of the most original and relentlessly obsessed cultural spies writing today.His alarmingly focused attention to detail goes beyond lunacy into hilarious and brilliant clarity.” —John Waters

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781937658403
Publisher: Nightboat Books
Publication date: 10/06/2015
Pages: 416
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 7.70(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

WAYNE KOESTENBAUM is a poet and cultural critic. His recent books include My 1980s & Other Essays, Humiliation, The Anatomy of Harpo Marx, and the poetry collection Blue Stranger with Mosaic Background. He lives in New York City.

Table of Contents

• Trance Notebook #1 [I believe in ruin]
Trance Notebook #2 [nerdy questions about exact pitch]
Trance Notebook #3 [a testicle descends, but a lark ascends]
Trance Notebook #4 [the table doesn't have genitals]
Trance Notebook #5 ["father" a category almost leviathan]
Trance Notebook #6 [family birthmarks surgically removed]
Trance Notebook #7 [the shame somersault]
Trance Notebook #8 [the erotic father]
Trance Notebook #9 [eye drops in a dirty negligee]
Trance Notebook #10 [a Marschallin moment in the vanity mirror]
Trance Notebook #11 [the nearby succulence of fag ideation]
Trance Notebook #12 [fruit binge]
Trance Notebook #13 [shaving errors on Perry Street]
Trance Notebook #14 [cut it up and then project it]
Trance Notebook #15 [the opposite of Tupperware]
Trance Notebook #16 [nights illuminated by imperishable clutter]
Trance Notebook #17 [the lake and the kink]
Trance Note #18 [desire demands specialization]
Trance Notebook #19 [saloon Jews hijacked the known]
Trance Notebook #20 [self-slaughter and poppies]
Trance Notebook #21 [surreptitious nookie with a large astronaut]
Trance Notebook #22 [ultramarine has a pocky charisma]
Trance Notebook #23 [alabaster concussive effect of stillbirth]
Trance Notebook #24 [naked sailor confronting his Laocoön identity]
Trance Notebook #25 [choose grope partners among the Eddie Fishers and Tony Curtises]
Trance Notebook #26 [jade plant phallus lopped off]
Trance Notebook #27 [nostalgia for the wooden nipple era]
Trance Notebook #28 [agape gape gape]
Trance Notebook #29 [shopworn Cassandra towels in requiem half-moon]
Trance Notebook #30 [dribble cloth disguised as fashion statement]
Trance Notebook #31 [like a camp counselor or a hurricane]
Trance Notebook #32 [blow job cut through with lime tenderness]
Trance Notebook #33 [I decided not to keep up with the death drive]
Trance Notebook #34 [the she picks for comfort, "hernia"]

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