Pinkerton's First Lady - Kate Warne: United States First Female Detective

Pinkerton's First Lady - Kate Warne: United States First Female Detective


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In this HISTORICAL-FICTION, Kate Warne was the first female detective in the United States, hired by Allen Pinkerton in 1856. Kate did not flaunt her beliefs of women rights; however she went about it the right way by speaking about and visualizing how women would be very useful as undercover detectives. She was very capable of speaking to the fact, and did so often, that women have the physical and mental natural abilities to fit in, mingle, and investigate, and during the year 1856 no one would have suspected her as being a detective employed by a law enforcement agency. Warne went further, she did not just talk it, she walked the walk and became a very important member of the Pinkerton Agency, criminal investigator, and spy during the civil war period. Warne later was assigned as being head of female detectives, training, mentoring and hiring those women she thought would be a good fit as a detective. Kate Warne's accomplishments brought forth the hiring of all future female detectives as she was a pioneer and first among a male dominated profession. Our modern day female police officers and detectives owe a debt of gratitude to Kate Warne and Allen Pinkerton. All known facts have been entered accurately, although very little is known about her, hence the need to embellish her story into what feels like what may have happened.

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Publication date: 05/25/2014
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About the Author

John Derrig started a law enforcement career walking a patrol beat making his way to Detective. He had a high propensity for undercover and received medals of commendation throughout his career.
After retiring from law enforcement in 1998, returned to college and received his BS degree, MS degree and Ph.D (ABD) and currently works as a Florida Fraud Investigator.

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