Pinnacle Lust

Pinnacle Lust

by Michelle Dim-St. Pierre

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BN ID: 2940149890347
Publisher: BookLogix
Publication date: 01/20/2015
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 786,894
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About the Author

Michelle Dim-St. Pierre was born in Tel-Aviv, Israel, where she spent more than half of her life before relocating to the United States.
She lived through four wars and served in the Israel Defense Forces for two years. Unlike her first year of service in an armored division in the Golan Heights, she spent her second year serving in the medical corps where she interacted directly with the injured soldiers of the Peace of Galilee war and their families. This interaction, along with the exposure to the hospital atmosphere, fascinated Michelle and further touched her heart.
After graduating from nursing school with a BS in Nursing in Tel-Aviv, she practiced internationally for 32 years in various positions in the surgical field and quickly advanced into health care administration. During her career she worked in the Operating Room, Recovery Room, and CCU—along with many other duties.
Writing was Michelle’s outlet at first, but it soon became her passion. Recently she left nursing and became a full-time writer. Her international background, along with her military and nursing experience is always at the tip of her pen. Her first novel, Pinnacle Lust, starts the Pinnacle trilogy.
Michelle is a world traveler who enjoys cooking epicurean food and creating original recipes.

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Pinnacle Lust 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Emory More than 1 year ago
A Story of How Lust Effects the Human Spirit Most of us have at least a vague notion that there are complications that will be endured by anyone involved in an extra-marital affair. “Pinnacle Lust” by Michelle Dim-St. Pierre details in specific terms most of those complications and how they can impact the next generation. The main character in Dim-St. Pierre’s striking novel, Leigh, discovers in her mother’s journal the secret life of a beautiful young nurse who lusts after a married doctor, both of whom give in to temptation – often and passionately. As Leigh reads of her mother’s affair, she also learns about love and hate, lust and anger, as well as the power of love and the resilience of the human spirit. While reading the story of this intense love affair I also learned a great deal about the culture of Israel and how the Jewish religion influences the nation and all of its people. The author loads the story with several surprises and twists so that just when you think you know what’s coming next the plot turns elsewhere. I reached the point where I could not put the book down until finishing and was fascinated by the ending. A transforming story of romance, lust, love, intrigue and interpersonal puzzles awaiting answers – some of which never come. “Pinnacle Lust” is well worth reading and I highly recommend you do so.
Susan-Keefe 16 days ago
Secrets unfold when a mother reveals all to her daughter. What would a girl expect to be given from her mother on her 18th birthday? A locket, or similar as a keepsake perhaps? Leigh Stone does receive something memorable on her 18th, but not quite what one would expect. Her mother Sharon decides that this is the right age for her daughter to discover secrets she has kept about her past, through necessity, until now. So bravely (or foolishly, I wonder) Sharon decides to give Leigh her own journal, which reveals the truth about her younger life. The story begins with Leigh’s stunned acceptance of her mother’s unusual gift, and as she reads it the story unfolds through Sharon’s own words. The journal begins in November 1990, when the young Sharon, a kosher Jew, living a secular life, is the nurse house supervisor at the Kol Israel Achim Jewish Hospital. It is there that one day she is introduced to a new physician at the hospital Dr. Sloan, and it is love at first sight. Despite being in a relationship, with a very eligible man, the sight of the six foot, well built and ‘gorgeous’ Dr. Sloan literally takes her breath away. As their eyes meet she dares to imagine that he feels the same. Sounds like a fairy-tale, a match made in heaven. Well it would be, if it wasn’t for the fact that Sloan is in fact a married man with a son. However, their joint attraction is so strong that neither can resist the temptation, and they embark on a passionate, and very intense love affair. Leigh soon discovers in the pages that her mother’s young life at this time was very traumatic. She reads of Sharon’s decision to finish the relationship with boyfriend Joel, her establishment of lifelong female friendships, brief sexual encounters, and tragic loss of life. Also, she get a glimpse of what it was like to live through the terrors of the bombing of Israel by the Iraqis during Operation Desert Storm. As adults with a few years of life behind them, many people, myself included, can relate to the core emotions of this story, from one side or the other, wife, mistress, husband, lover, either through their experiences, or those of friends. However the reader has to remember that Leigh is only 18 and her reactions to her mother’s life as they unfold are typical of someone that young. Along with the excitement of the affair, Sharon and Sloan also have to deal with the real life issues of being together, both at work and at home. The celebratory days when the married lover is with his ‘family’, the snatched moments, these and so much more are situations which the lovers have to come to terms with. Very clearly the loneliness of Sharon, (the mistress’) life is exposed, laid bare, emotions raw. With her body clock ticking away, like thousands of women before her, Sharon decides she wants a baby. However, how will this affect their future? Will Sloan really leave his wife for the woman he professes to love? If he does, what will the spurned wife do, and how will she react when she discovers about the affair? So many questions run through Leigh, and the readers mind in this exciting story. As the story concludes, Leigh’s life is turned upside down by the revelations the journal contains, and she realises she doesn’t know her mother at all! Having grown up in Tel-Aviv the author
D_Donovan More than 1 year ago
Pinnacle Lust is an unexpected story that tells of a 'kosher good girl' born in Israel who happens to be a secular Jew with no religious interests or desires to be radical. One might expect from the novel's title and cover art that this is to be a story of sexual discovery; but it also is a story of a daughter discovering her mother's deepest secret, which began before Leigh was born and is steeped in stories of relationships that break boundaries, religious roots, and heritage alike.   Yes, readers can expect a lusty story; but that doesn't mean it's packed with steamy sex scenes: it also comes filled with cultural observation, psychological revelations, and accounts of military training discussing the finer lines between bravery and stupidity.   Will her mother's lies repeat in her daughter's life? Will erotic choice translate to the ability to overcome adversity and betrayal to reach new pinnacles of achievement? Be forewarned: there are affairs between professionals, discussions of the positive and negative forces of love, Israeli culture and Jewish religion, and everyday life in an Israeli girl's world: multifaceted matters that weave a satisfyingly complex yarn of passion, redemption, and exploration against the backdrop of a nation at war.
WriterJohn1960 More than 1 year ago
Sex, Lies, Betrayal And One Woman's Unyielding Faith In Life And Love “Pinnacle Lust,” the emotionally charged, complex and gripping debut novel by Michelle Dim-St. Pierre, is an emotionally intimate, sensual, and moving novel, about the very nature of human emotion and free will. It’s an unyielding woman’s confession to her daughter of love, lies and betrayal; a masterfully rendered story within a story that leaves the reader stunned, and still hungry for more. Filled with intimate, sensual and sometimes comical stories of love, lies, deceit and betrayal, “Pinnacle Lust,” charts one woman’s discovery of the depth of her own heart and the inherent danger we face each day in deciding whether or not to trust each other with our hearts and souls. Michelle Dim St-Pierre’s triumphant, daring debut heralds an ambitious talent and welcomes a new voice to contemporary fiction. From the opening paragraphs of “Pinnacle Lust,” one feels the gravity of what is to come, as well as a colorful, emotional palate of the author’s wide, brilliant canvas. Paramedics in Israel race to save a life, the victim of some horrible trauma. “The gates of Heaven appeared to Leigh in a dramatic picture. It was a mixture of Heaven and Hell. Unique colors of the sunset dipped into the horizon—reds, blacks, golds and pinks, changing their shades rapidly.” Against this backdrop, Leigh drifts into a memory of the shocking discovery of long-held secrets and lies. On the day she turned 18, her mother finally told the truth behind so many lies, in the form of an “elegantly” handwritten journal; an intricately woven and deeply detailed explanation of her past. As Leigh reflects on reading the journal, we, too, are transported into the past and the life of Sharon Lapidot, the details of which begin to peel away like the skin of an onion, tears and all. Sharon writes that she was a “kosher and graceful Jewish girl in Israel,” working as the House Nursing Supervisor at a brand new hospital, set in a Hassidic area in Israel around the start of the first Gulf War. Sharon admits she did not practice the traditions of more “radical” members of her faith and neighborhood, and because of this she often felt like an “outsider.” Even worse, she’s unhappily trapped in an unfulfilling, sexually unsatisfying relationship with a career officer in the “top secret” IDF, Israel Defense Force. Longing for real love and passion in her life, it’s not surprising when she’s instantly attracted to a new face at the hospital, the tall, dark, handsome and flirtatious Dr. Sloan, who also happens to be married with children. Still, the heart wants what the heart wants and it’s not long before Sharon and Dr. Sloan begin a steamy, albeit adulterous affair, which lasts three years. At first, Sharon’s new paramour seems ambivalent about his lackluster marriage, but it isn’t long before he is staying with Sharon and expressing his undying love for her. Neither is able to resist the temptations of the flesh and her journal entries are filled with detailed accounts of red-hot lovemaking. At one point, a half-naked Sloan says to Sharon: “We’re not going to talk. I have to love you here and now,” he said and let his body rub against mine. “I don’t want any clever conversation. I really don’t care why and when. All I want is you.” The choice was mine. I could refuse him or give in. But I couldn’t resist him.” And that’s just a small PG-rated sample of the love and lust that Sharon and Sloan shared and is recounted in the journal. It may seem slightly salacious, but the sex scenes are vital to the plot in showing the depth of affection at this particular stage. Something like: 50 Shades of Sloan. Sharon repeatedly describes in this journal presented to her daughter, this daring mother’s wild and ecstatic romance with Dr. Sloan as a “fairy tale.” But like all fairy tales, it also includes several monsters and daunting challenges that eventually lead to the novel’s exciting and shocking climax. In the final chapter, Dim-St. Pierre takes us back to where we began (and beyond), and, ultimately, we are left with more questions than answers about the very essence of this love affair. The author brings us full circle, back to the journal, with Sharon eloquently writing to Leigh: Life is a chain of endless, different loves. One love cannot resemble another. They each uniquely serve you in some way…I have no doubt that you are the result of a supreme, impossible love. You are the testimony of your father’s statement that our love would never die. Michelle Dim-St. Pierre’s debut is a masterpiece both because the detailed and intimate details that make us feel one with Sharon and her brave decisions, and because “Pinnacle Lust” has the audacity to speak of the absolute necessity of love and courage in our increasingly complex, dangerous world; a world still craving love. “Pinnacle Lust” is truly transcendent and highly recommended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago