Pinnacle Studio 11 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide

Pinnacle Studio 11 for Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide

by Jan Ozer

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ISBN-13: 9780132712606
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 11/06/2007
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 496
File size: 32 MB
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About the Author

Jan Ozer has worked with Digital Video since 1990, and since 1996 has served as a contributing editor for EventDV and PC Magazine. Jan's numerous titles on digital video, including his books on Pinnacle Studio, Microsoft MovieMaker, Adobe Premiere Elements, and DV 101: A Hands-On Guide for Business, Government and Educators, have been translated into seven languages.

Table of Contents

Introduction     xi
Getting Started     1
Creating Watchable Video     3
What Is Watchable Video?     4
Watchable Video Guidelines     5
Using a Feature-Rich Video Editor     7
Developing Strong Nonlinear Editing Skills     8
Choosing the Right Camera Settings     10
Applying Basic Shot Composition     17
Applying Advanced Shot Composition     24
Introduction to Studio 11     29
Using Edit Mode     30
Using Capture Mode     36
Using Make Movie Mode     39
Using Undo and Redo     40
Using the Help Menu     42
Selecting Your Capture Drive     44
Defragmenting Your Capture Drive     45
Setting Project Preferences     48
Saving Your Projects     49
Deleting Projects     53
Hiding Premium Content and Features     54
Setting Default Durations     55
Setting the Project Format     56
Working with Auxiliary Files     58
Setting Up a Dual-Monitor Display     60
Gathering Your Assets     63
Capturing Digital Content     65
TheDV/HDV Capture Interface     66
Connecting for DV/HDV Capture     70
Entering Capture Mode     72
Capturing DV/HDV Video     75
Choosing Your Capture Format     79
Capturing DV Video to MPEG Format     81
Importing AVCHD Video     85
Viewing Your Captured Video     87
Capturing Analog Video     89
The Analog Capture Interface     90
Connecting for Analog Capture     93
Choosing Your Analog Capture Parameters     96
Tuning the Incoming Video Signal     100
Adjusting the Incoming Audio Volume     102
Capturing Analog Video     104
Viewing Your Captured Video     106
Working with Still Images     107
Capturing Still Images     108
Quick Image Fixes in Studio     115
Inserting Pan-and-Zoom Effects     118
Using Moving Picture     123
Collecting Assets in the Album     131
Opening the Album to Video Scenes     132
Loading Video Files     133
Importing Content from DVDs     135
Playing Videos     137
Combining Scenes     139
Splitting Scenes      141
Working with the Album's Views and Tools     145
Working with Scene Comments     149
Working with the Still Images Tab     151
Working with the Sound Effects Tab     154
Editing     157
Producing Videos in the Movie Window     159
Looking at Movie Window Views     160
Working on the Storyboard     162
Getting Video Clips to the Timeline     168
Customizing Your Timeline View     175
Common Tasks     177
Trimming with the Clip Properties Tool     184
Trimming a Clip on the Timeline     189
Trimming Multiple Clips on the Timeline     190
Advanced Timeline Editing     193
The Insert Edit     194
Producing Split Edits     202
Working with Still Images     205
Working with Audio Files     208
Using Transitions     211
Looking in the Box     212
Understanding Transitions     214
Using Transitions     216
Customizing Transitions     223
Working with Background Rendering     226
Ripple Transitions for Slide Shows     229
Working with Vitascene Transitions      231
Vitascene and its Components     234
Applying Special Effects     239
Types of Effects     240
Before Getting Started     242
Learning the Special Effects Interface     243
Working with Keyframes     247
Studio's Cleaning Effects     256
Varying Playback Speed     263
About the Overlay Track     265
Applying Picture-in-Picture Effects     267
Accessing Advanced P-I-P Controls     273
About Chroma Key     274
About Chroma Key Controls     275
Working with Vitascene Effects     279
Creating Music Videos Automatically     282
Designing Titles and Menus     285
Opening the Title Editor     286
Looking at the Title Editor     290
Adding and Editing Text     292
Using Studio's Styles     295
Resizing and Justifying Text     301
Kerning and Leading Text     303
Rotating and Skewing Text     304
Using Full-Screen Titles     305
Adding Logos to Video     309
Creating and Editing Title Objects     313
Working with Buttons     315
Working with Multiple Objects     319
Creating DVD Menu Templates     325
Creating Rolls and Crawls     327
Working with Audio     329
About Audio Tracks and Workflow     330
Setting Recording Options     332
Ripping CD Audio     334
Creating Background Tracks Using Scorefitter     337
Recording Narrations     340
Using Studio's Sound Effects     343
Editing Audio Clips     344
Using the Volume Tool     345
Adjusting Volume, Balance, and Fade on the Timeline     357
Using Studio's Audio Effects     361
Using ClearSpot Noise Reduction     367
Using BIAS SoundSoap PE     369
The SoundSoap Interface     370
DVD Authoring     375
About DVD Authoring     376
Using Menu Templates     382
Using Custom Menus     395
Previewing Your DVD     402
Creating Audio Menus     405
Creating Video Menus     407
Burning a Standard-Definition DVD Title     412
Burning an AVCHD Disc     417
Burning an HD DVD Disc     420
Other Output     423
Writing to Tape      425
Setting Up Your Hardware     426
Writing to Tape     427
Creating Digital Output     431
Decoding Your Compression Parameters     432
Studio's Format Options     434
A Task-Oriented View     435
General Encoding Parameters     437
Creating Windows Media Files     439
Creating iPod-Compatible Files     442
Creating Sony PSP-Compatible Files     443
Uploading Videos     445
Uploading Videos to StudioOnline     446
Uploading Videos to Yahoo! Video     449
Converting Tapes to DVD     451
Working in Advanced Mode     452
Customizing Your DVD Menus     457
Index     461

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