Pipe Dreams

Pipe Dreams

by Gilbert Alter-Gilbert (Editor)
Pipe Dreams

Pipe Dreams

by Gilbert Alter-Gilbert (Editor)


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There are two histories of drug use: the social history and the secret history of subjective experience.

From antiquity to the present, people have sought artificial paradise in the stimulations and insights afforded by the use of intoxicants. Famous literary figures have often been the first to experiment with little-known drugs, and to champion their unique fascination upon the human imagination. In this remarkable anthology, a dazzling array of authors, including H. G. Wells, Marie Corelli, Guy de Maupassant, Leo Tolstoy, Charles Dickens, Stephen Crane, Sadegh Hedayat, Santiago Dabove, Jean Cocteau, William James, Charles Baudelaire, Théophile Gautier, and a host of others from many cultures and historical periods, raids a pharmacopoeia containing ether, absinthe, morphine, hashish, opium, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, chloral hydrate, psilocybin, ayahuasca, carbon tetrachloride, lsd, amyl nitrate, ecstasy, and angel dust, in flights of descriptive prose of unparalleled suggestive power and visionary splendor.

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ISBN-13: 9781587750380
Publisher: Coyote Arts LLC
Publication date: 11/01/2022
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 430
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Gilbert Alter-Gilbert is an essayist, anthologist, translator, and critic. His fictive histories Poets Ranked by Beard Weight and Desktop Digest of Despots and Dictators: An A to Z of Tyranny have been widely acclaimed. Gnostic Clock: A Tenebrist Miscellany, a collection of pessimist writings through the ages, is forthcoming from Coyote Arts.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction, Gilbert Alter-Gilbert
  • Get Drunk, Charles Baudelaire
  • Alcohol and the Absolute, William James
  • from Wormwood, Marie Corelli
  • Absinthia Tetra, Ernest Dowson
  • Nightmare Alley, Jean Richepin
  • from Wine and Hashish, Charles Baudelaire
  • Hashish Théophile Gautier
  • The Apocalypse of Hasheesh, Fitz Hugh Ludlow
  • Cannabis Indica Poisoning, J. C. O'Day, M.D.
  • The Dance of the Ouled-Näils, Hendrik DeLeeuw
  • The Pleasures of Opium, Thomas de Quincey
  • Opium Smoking in America and China, Henry Hubbell Kane
  • Opium's Varied Dreams, Stephen Crane
  • An "Opium Joint" Raided: Lee Young's Place on Park Street Cleaned Out by the Police, Anonymous
  • from The Mystery of Edwin Drood, Charles Dickens
  • Out of the Silence, Claude Farrere
  • To Be Dust, Santiago Dabove
  • Junkie Monkey Ahmad Mahmood
  • Notes on Soma, Sampurnanand
  • Mescal: A New Artificial Paradise, Havelock Ellis
  • Ayahuasca, Eugenio Buona
  • The New Accelerator, H. G. Wells
  • The Elixir of Life, Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • Dark Angel, Gaston Danville
  • Dreams, Guy de Maupassant
  • The Possessed, Jean Lorrain
  • The Effects of Nitrous Oxide, Peter Mark Roget
  • The Anesthetic Revelation, Benjamin Paul Blood
  • Under the Knife, H. G. Wells
  • Under Chloroform, Maurice Level
  • Artificial Hell, Horacio Quiroga
  • from The Diary of a Drug Fiend, Aleister Crowley
  • The Hop-Heads, Fred V. Williams
  • Morbid Craving for Morphia, Edward Levinstein
  • René Daumal, Carbon Tetrachloride, and Experiments in Near Death, Jordan Jones
  • Unglued, Greg Boyd
  • Angel Rivera and the Sidewalk Jesus, Jordan Jones
  • flag day, m. i. blue
  • Why Do Men Stupefy Themselves?, Leo Tolstoy
  • Circle Game, Michael Stephans
  • About the Authors
  • Other Notable Authors
  • Notes

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