Refurbished NOOK GlowLight Plus

Refurbished NOOK GlowLight Plus

by Barnes & Noble
Our Certified Pre-Owned NOOK GlowLight Plus undergoes a testing process to ensure that it meets B&N standards. This refurbished NOOK includes a brand new battery & outer shell.

•  Includes 90-day limited warranty
•  Excellent condition
•  All of the great features of the NOOK GlowLight Plus at $79.99

Woman using NOOK GlowLight Plus

Featuring GlowLight® Illumination

Read in bed or in the bright light of the sun with NOOK’s most advanced Ambient GlowLight technology.

Water drops with NOOK GlowLight Plus

Waterproof and Worry-Free

You’ll never stress about reading poolside or anywhere else with our new watertight design.

NOOK GlowLight Plus - "Hillbilly Elegy" by J.D. Vance

Built to Last

The aluminum body is durable and dust-proof, ensuringyour device retains the highest quality over time.

More Features & Contents

Display with Text

Our Highest Resolution

Enjoy crisper text, enhanced contrast, and a glare-free, scratch-resistant screen.

GlowLight Illumination

Featuring GlowLight Illumination

It’s powerful enough to read in bed or in the bright light of the sun. NOOK’s most advanced Ambient (Always-On) GlowLight technology lets you enjoy an evenly dispersed light.

Water Drop

It’s Waterproof1

Our new water-tight design lets you read worry-free poolside or in your bath or kitchen. Rain or shine, wherever you are, it’s the perfect companion.


Built for Adventure

The seamless aluminum body offers a premium feel and increased durability. Plus, it’s dust-proof for dirt roads and busy, flour-filled kitchens1.


Long Battery Life

It’s perfect for long road trips or even travel to remote corners of the world. Read for up to 6 weeks on a single charge2. Get going and never look back.

Library of Books

So Many Books

Carry thousands of titles everywhere life takes you. Choose from the millions of books Barnes & Noble has to offer — and add to your library in seconds using built-in Wi-Fi®.

NOOK Cloud

Read Across All Your Devices

The free NOOK Reading App™ for iPhone, iPad and Android devices makes it easy to pick up right where you left off. Start a book on your NOOK and continue reading on your smartphone or tablet.

In-store Support

Free Lifetime In-store Support3

Visit any Barnes & Noble Store and receive free in-person support to help you get started, organize your library, or discover your next great read.

B&N Readouts

Now with B&N Readouts™

Enjoy a quick read for every moment with our new digital discovery feature. Offering a daily selection of free book excerpts, magazine articles, sneak peeks at upcoming releases, and more.

Device Specifications

Screen & Resolution

  • A 6" high-resolution
  • 300-dpi screen withbuilt-in glare-
  • scratch-
  • and fingerprint-resistant lens provides a paper-like readingexperience.

Battery Life2

  • Read for up to 6 weeks on a single charge.


  • Enjoy your favorite books in the bathtub orat the pool.

Device Storage3

  • Holds thousands of books (4GB memory:2.5GB for NOOK Store content and side-loaded content).

Cloud Storage

  • All of your purchased eBooks are stored freein the NOOK Cloud.

Built-in Wi-FI®

  • Wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n).Free Wi-Fi in all Barnes & Noble stores and at30
  • 000 AT&T® hotspots nationwide.


  • Micro-USB connector charges your battery and connects to your computer.

Suggested File Types5

  • Text: ePub, PDF, Adobe DRM ePub and PDF.
  • Graphic: JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP.

Warranty & Service

  • One year limited warranty included.
  • Optional Extended Protection Plan sold separately.
  • As always, visit your local Barnes & Noble for free lifetime in-person support.(3)

In the Box

  • NOOK GlowLight Plus
  • Micro-USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Rechargeable Battery (installed)
  • Built-in anti-glare screen protector

1 IP67 certified. Waterproof in fresh water for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1 meter (3.28 feet). Avoid immersion in saltwater or other liquids. USB port must be completely dry before use. Learn more

2 Based on 30 minutes of reading per day and 1 page refresh per minute with GlowLight at 30% brightness and wireless off. Battery life tests conducted using specific units; actual results may vary based on device settings, usage, and many other factors.

3 Lifetime in-store support provides assistance for setup, connectivity, and basic troubleshooting when you visit Barnes & Noble bookstores.

4 Actual size and weight may vary by configuration and manufacturing process.

5 Adobe, the Flash logo, and Flash are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.

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Piper 3.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 148 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just wanted to add another positive review, because looking through the reviews here and throughout the web, I think the Nook Glowlight Plus has been pretty harshly judged. And maybe I am just saying that because this is my first e-reader, but I think it is just the coolest, most easy to use thing I have ever owned. The screen is great. I have been checking out e-readers every time I am in a book store since they first came out. I have always wanted one but never made the jump. 4 days ago I went to B&N to get another book, and took my usual stroll through the nook section. I saw the glowlight plus, and there was a very nice man working there who answered all of my questions in a non-pushy way. I decided to just do it. So I took it home, scoured the internet for reviews to make sure I hadn't made a bad impulse buy, and I did see some not so good reviews. But as I used it, I didn't experience any of the problems that other users had mentioned. I love the shopping experience and serial reads and suggestions. I love the simplicity. I love how easy on my eyes it is. I love that I CAN get library books (which I guess was a problem when it first came out but no longer is). I did have some questions after I bought it, and I brought it into the store and they were so nice and helpful and took care of me right away. I just don't think that you are going to get the same level of continued customer service that B&N will give you when you buy from another maker. And I don't think people realize how incredibly amazing the waterproof feature is at this price point. I had to buy a brand new Macbook Pro about a year ago when apple juice got spilled on mine and ruined it. I lost everything on it, and had to spend more than $1000 to get a new one. So the waterproofing alone is a huge selling point for me. Just wanted to write this, in case anyone was teetering between this and something like the paperwhite. The glowlight plus is a great device, it is beautiful and I can't think of anything I would change.
suzatm07 More than 1 year ago
Pros *No swipe to wake *The Glowlight is always on *Increased resolution and even lighting (beautiful screen) *No recessed screen – I like the feel of the new textured screen. Touches are very responsive. Safe from cat hair!!! *Set up was very easy, the provided manual really wasn’t needed – it found wifi quickly, books downloaded very fast *Light weight and easy to hold one handed *Quality build and feel – I do like the textured feel of the bezel. Bezel is the right size to rest your thumbs. I like the back color and how the back of the Nook is presented. *Covers very well made (I think Barnes and Noble have always done a nice job on the covers they have provided for their devices) – I really like the inside of the cover – it has a nice feel and is easy to clean. Would like to see covers that offer a sleep/wake functionality. I also wish they would have kept the built in stand on the covers. I used that a lot with the previous Glowlight . *Soft and hard shell back covers are available for the device. There are times when I don’t like to have a full cover on the device and like to have just the back covered for protection and to also help secure a handgrip. These back covers are clear and they showcase the nice back appearance of the Nook. *No swipe to wake (this isn’t a mistake – I really, truly am so glad that swipe was gotten rid of!!!) Not quite a Con *The bezel color takes a little getting used to. It is cream but turns almost yellow when there are overhead lights on and is a little distracting until you get involved in your reading. *I wish the charging cords were made longer since they are always never long enough to go from wall to reading chair. *Opened up at 52% but took several hours to get up 100% - I read on it all last night and when I opened it this morning it was at 86%. Hopefully the next full charge will not take as long. *Words do not completely fill all available space like it did on the previous Glowlight – when I look at the screen I find myself thinking of Kobo *Weight of the fonts look thinner than on the previous Glowlight – would be nice to be able to change the weight. I like thicker lettering. *I wish there were more font sizes offered before the largest which gives you about three words per page. No real Cons which I consider would be something that would make me not buy the device again. I have had the Ebookwise and then every E-ink Nook since the very beginning and I have liked every one (the previous Glowlight not so much). I have to say that BN did an excellent job on this new Glowlight Plus!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Quick update for users interested in purchasing this: support has now been added for Adobe Digital Editions. This is a free over-the-air update you can download. If you are a new purchaser of this item, the update will install automatically during setup assistant while you are connected to Wi-Fi. If you are a current owner, you can manually check for an update via Settings or simply connect to Wi-Fi and install this update.
Jeremy Whitley More than 1 year ago
I really feel Barnes and Noble is finally back to where they need to be, making a great ereader. I know they were trying to cater to some that were crying for a tablet, but I feel that was a mistake that led to them losing a lot of the ebook business. I never understood myself why some customers wanted them to make a tablet. They are a book store. If you want an ereader get an ereader. If you want a tablet get a tablet. The only thing I'd like better is if they'd bring out a color ereader.
PrairieWolf More than 1 year ago
Comparison: Nook Glowlight Plus and Nook Glowlight The Glowlight Plus is waterproof and dust-resistant, which is great if you plan to read near water and in areas where dust is prevalent. The Glowlight is not waterproof or dust-resistant. The Glowlight Plus’s aluminum outer shell seems sturdy, though the top edges are somewhat sharp. The Plus is heavier than the Glowlight. The Glowlight’s outer shell is a combination of a textured-feeling backing and the soft-touch trim with the rounded corners makes holding the Glowlight a pleasure. It is comfortable in the grip and pleasing to the eye. The Glowlight Plus’s battery life is listed as lasting up to 6 weeks, compared to the Glowlight’s battery which is listed as lasting up to 8 weeks. Given the same amount of reading time on each device, I observed a considerable difference in the battery life between the two. The Glowlight Plus’s battery seems to drain noticeably faster. The Glowlight Plus’s reading screen has a beautifully, evenly lit screen and the page turns are swift and clean. It is a noticeable improvement over the Glowlight. The Glowlight’s reading screen is not as evenly lit as the Plus’s and the page turns are not quite as fast - however, I am not put off by this and can read from the Glowlight’s screen for hours and not feel cheated. (Even though the lighting is not as seamless as the Plus, it is of higher quality than what I found when reading various lit-screen Kindle models.) The Glowlight Plus’s “Home” button isn’t a button, at all - it is incorporated levelly into the screen’s border, making unintentional redirections to the Home screen undesirable. The Glowlight’s “Home” button, is a clickable button, making erroneous “Home” visits nearly impossible. A plus with the Glowlight’s “Home” button, is the ability to turn the screen light on by merely holding the “Home” button for 2 seconds. (Sadly, on the Glowlight Plus, this feature has been removed.) The Glowlight Plus eliminated the “swipe to unlock” the screen feature, which is still present on the Glowlight. IMO, the “swipe to unlock the screen” was a nice safety feature to prevent the eReader from being turned on accidentally by an unintentional touch to the home button. The Glowlight Plus’s Library, when in the book cover mode is designed where less of the title and author’s name is featured - making it necessary to revert to the “List View,” instead. The Glowlight’s Library, when in the book cover mode clearly shows most, if not all, of the title and the author’s name. The Glowlight Plus’s Dictionary feature requires touching/highlighting the word, then clicking on the Dictionary icon to get the definition. When the definition is displayed, the words are so faded and washed-out, that it is a pain to try to decipher. No amount of font-changing or any other manipulation of the screen corrects this problem. The Glowlight’s Dictionary pops up as soon as you touch the word and the script is dark and easy to read. If you wish a more in-depth definition, you can then click on that Dictionary icon and bring up a comprehensive definition, with no faded, washed-out font. The Glowlight Plus’s “page turning” is quick and seamless, while occasionally, disagreeably, advancing more than a single page at a time. Furthermore, I found that pages would turn when I am holding the Plus by the border, alone - and it has been anywhere on the border (the sides, top and bottom) which is terrible.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Beautiful device, looks good, feels expensive, screen is fantastiic! Only complaint, and for me it is abig one, is that my Adobe digital editions account does not "see" the nook and won't let me authorize it. Therefore, unlike my older nooks, I cannot load library books or use it to read books I purchased elsewhere and loaded on my Adobe account. So Far no help from customer service either.
CMarion More than 1 year ago
Pros: It's a Nook. Familiar navigation, solid feel, sharp screen. Love the front with no recessed screen, keeps it very clean. Texture on surround nice. Cons: Too many, I am returning and buying a new Simple Touch from the marketplace. I'll wait for the next version. - Case is slick and edge is sharp. I'm in constant fear of dropping it. And it is white, these devices get constant use. How long until it looks grubby like other white devices I've used. - Touch sensitive experience is cranky and erratic. Often takes two taps or swipes, and then a casual close to edge touch turns pages. I've tried many methods, it just ignores about 1 tap or swipe in 3. - Center bottom Nook button is easily activated. It takes you to another screen, then you have to navigate back to the book. And if it isn't a B&N book, I have to navigate through the library. Very annoying. - Return to reading (upper-left) only takes me to B&N books. Not the side loaded one I am reading. Sheesh. - No ADE support. So no direct library books. Must use Calibre and some other magic. - Glowlight is great, but there is no permanent setting. You must reset every time. Should have a setting and an easy on/off. Too fussy, I get a different setting every time. - My favorite font is gone. How do they know. - Customer service has gone down the tubes. Today it took 10 minutes of waiting on hold to be told that I must return the Nook physically to a store. And it is black Friday weekend....who wants to go near a mall? This is why I shop online. - Still has the annoying 2 GB divided so that most of it is useless. - Ha...warning to only use the supplied "special" USB cord. It isn't even branded and is exactly like (imprints and all) to some other generic cords I have. LOL. I've used the Glowlight Plus for about 10 days with a constant feeling of disappointment.
Bostonian143 More than 1 year ago
I don't know why so many purchasers panned the Glowlight Plus. Maybe you just needed something to grouse about? I find this version very amenable to my reading style & needs. It's very lightweight, small enough to fit in a handbag, but large enough to read. Some folks complained about the white cover eventually getting dirty - that's why BN sells covers! The maneuverability is easy & 'flipping' to the next page is a finger tip press away. Set up was very easy/simple. Downloading books from the actual device, or my IPad, or my laptop takes seconds. The screen is comfortable to look at when reading - example: I take the commuter boat into Boston. In winter, the overhead lights are dim & at 6am in mid-winter, it's dreary enough, but to have dim lighting makes it worse. My nook can be read easily & comfortably. The screen's lighting & point-size can be adjusted accordingly. In summer, the commute is obviously more pleasant with the sun up early. Reading the nook screen is also pleasant then - easily adjustable to the natural light. I recommend the GlowLight Plus to every commuter & to everyone else as well. It's a nice device to use daily, while traveling, waiting at the doctor's office, even getting in a quick read at lunch time - I carry mine with me all the time. It's worth the investment. By the way - I donated my previous nooks to my town senior center. They were thrilled to get them - to the point where many decided to purchase their own - after having access to the donations. I totally recommend the GlowLight Plus! (Would more cover choices though.)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I finally decided to upgrade my first generation nook for one with a backlight so I bought this a week ago. Imagine my surprise when I discovered it doesn't work with Adobe Digital Editions. Nor will my computer even recognize it to let me add my own content. I'll stick to my first generation nook and replace with with something else when it dies. No thanks.
bookywriter_ More than 1 year ago
I upgraded from a 2011 NST and I have to say, this reader is awesome! I'm able to have all of my Nook books plus sideloaded ePubs and it works beautifully. I recommend going into the store before buying to make sure this is for you. There's no web browser, no games, no apps. If you want something more than just reading, get the tablet. But if you want a fantastic reading experience, definitely get this eReader.
Bettikins More than 1 year ago
Beautifully designed, sleek and classy. And the new sleeve I bought for it is gorgeously tailored like a fine suit. Barnes and Noble hit a home run with this one!
7169633 More than 1 year ago
I just replaced my Nook Glowlight with the Glowlight Plus. Very disappointed in the Glowlight Plus. First, the touch screen is so sensitive, that it sometimes advances two pages at one touch. It also advances pages when I touch the white border frame. Second, it is slow at changing fonts and sizes, there is no indication of the font size selected, and loading books and changing functions can at times be ridiculously slow. Using the Glowlight was simple and fast. The Plus is slow and clumsy. For example, to turn on the light with the Glowlight all you had to do was hold the "Nook" button for 2 seconds, and it turned on with the predetermined brightness. But with the Plus, I must tap to open the menu, tap to access the light, then use the slider to find the desired brightness. Do the same again to turn off the light. I really hate this. I strongly suggest BN makes the "Nook" button operate as it did in the Glowlight (easy backlight control) in the next software release, and add font size indicators as well. The improvements in the screen and resolution do not overcome the slow and awkward user interface in the Plus. I am considering returning the Plus for the Glowlight.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this new Nook! The screen is amazing and the page turns are faster than before. The screen is sharp. Super pleased with the upgrade!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love the new n button, it's a little sensitive but it's nice that we don't have mash our fingers on the button anymore. The screen on this is flawless. Haven't tried the waterproof feature.
Michael Smith More than 1 year ago
Best reader I've come into contact with. Hours of charge are as promised, the lightweight feel is streamlined for if-you-drop-it-on-your-face-you-won't-break-your-nose, and I can honestly say I'm so thankful I made this purchase! NOTE: You must be willing to pay for good literature. There are a lot of free books that are downloadable from the B&N site; but for quality, know that you will be paying for your reading material. Buying an e-reader does not mean your get everything for free now. I feel the need to explain this, since others seem to hate the concept: while there are ways to get copies of public domain works on your nook, it's sometimes easier to just pay the 99 cents for a decent copy, streamlined for this particular device. Other things other raters mentioned: --you have to have outside books as .epub files / ask your local libraries if their e-lending selection supports that file. --Nook central button is sensitive, but after using the reader a week, I had no issue. It's just like an iPhone fingerprint reader: has its quirks. C'mon guys, it's a machine. --Browsing is fine, but really if you have a supplementary program like Goodreads, finding the perfect book is much easier. I've found books on my Nook for $130--yeah no. It's worth it to have an idea of the book you want before you enter the store/marketplace. --NOT ALL MACHINES ARE MADE PERFECTLY; if something seems hinky when you get it home, TAKE IT BACK, EXCHANGE IT. Sometimes (in production) all it takes is a dust particle on a circuit to mess up the functions. Maybe yours really is factory-broken, TAKE IT IN, ASK.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
FYI, you can download library books. You cannot use Adobe Digital Editions, like the older nooks used, but its just as easy to download library books. Just go to your computer and drag the document to the nook and it will transfer it. Took a bit to figure it out, but google helped me with the process. I would have returned it if I couldn't download library books, and because of all the comments I was hesitant to buy. But it does work!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The new Nook Glowlight will not connect to Adobe Digital Editions, meaning no library books. As a huge fan of the ease with which I was able to check out and read library books on my Nook, I am incredibly disappointed by this lack of foresight on Barnes and Noble's part. But hey, my $130 paperweight sure is pretty.
solarsister More than 1 year ago
I bought myself the newest Nook glowlight e-reader today and I am really disappointed by it. I'll be returning it tomorrow. I have had the Simple Touch first gen model for four years now and loved it, but it's starting to show its age, and I was excited to try the new version. The only conclusion that I can come to after playing with it for a couple of hours is that B&N pushed a very buggy device with less functionality than the Simple Touch out on the shelves long before it was ready. I have hundreds of books in my collection that I didn't buy from B&N that I usually load onto my Nook with Calibre. It is almost impossible to access them on the new Nook. Even once I got them on the device, apparently the new Nook doesn't allow you to organize any book not bought directly from B&N onto shelves, which I can easily do on my previous device. Apparently it also does not connect at all with Adobe Digital Editions, and a lot of users have said they can no longer upload and read library ebooks on it. Also, the touch screen is far too sensitive sometimes, and it seems to be a little off from the keyboard shown on the screen - for example, I kept trying to type an "A" and the Nook would input an "S" over and over again. Finally, it just doesn't feel as nice to hold in my hands, with cold, sharper edges. I liked the streamlined cases, the glowlight, the fact that it claims to be water-proof, and the larger storage capacity, but these aren't enough to make up for the significant issues it has. If you're considering this for a Christmas present for someone, I'd suggest trying something different. I'm hopeful that they can work these bugs out, in which case I'd consider buying a Nook again, because I really don't want to switch to Amazon and have to figure out how to strip the DRM and convert all my EPUB books, but I may have to, because I really need a new device before my old one dies completely. I'm very disappointed in B&N on this one.
respy32 More than 1 year ago
One big caution: this device does not support Adobe Digital Editions at this time. If you enjoy borrowing digital books from the library. When I called B&N, I received the canned "we're working on it"response. I can give them 14 days from purchase, but no more!!! This in incredibly disappointing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Thanks for your feedback. The NOOK team is committed to making NOOK eReaders and Reading apps better and better over-time. We are working to bring Adobe DRM ePub and PDF support to the NOOK GlowLight Plus through a free automatic software update to your device. You'll then be able to side-load all your Library ebooks as usual. We understand that this is an important feature to complement your reading experience. Stay tuned and follow us here for more updates. If you have additional feedback, please feel free to send our way at:
Christopher Benavides More than 1 year ago
QUITE GOOD. I decided to finally upgrade from my aging Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight. I loved the simple touch except for a few things which the Plus really improves upon. Firstly, the styling of the Plus is surprising upgrade. It's thinner, lighter, and has high end written all over it. Barnes & Noble really went all out with this one using high quality parts that a substantial and metallic feel rather than the cheap plasticky feeling of the Simple Touch. In terms of operation, I find the Plus considerably faster than the Simple Touch, though the older model was no slouch to begin with after updates. Navigating the Nook is quite simple. I'm not too excited about the capacitive Nook button at the bottom of the device, I much rather a physical button I can feel and press, but I haven't really bumped into it much. I miss being able to see the last page I read of my most recent book on the front page. That's been changed in favor of showing a grid of "New & Recent" books. Everything else is a UI win. There's an available Quick Menu at the bottom of the Home Screen to navigate to Library, Shop, Readouts, Settings, and Search. The Screen on the Plus is probably the most winning factor of the whole package. I remember people's reactions every time they saw the screen on the Simple Touch for the first time. They were impressed with how easy it was to read, how light it was on the eyes, and how like a real book it seemed. The Plus takes to a whole new level. The resolution is a beautiful thing. The letters look crisp, the backlight is bright, and everything looks like it's written in ink. I have to admit I kinda miss the physical buttons, but switching pages by touching the screen edges is so fluid and fast that I mostly forget about the buttons altogether. There were some reviews saying that you cannot turn off the backlight on the plus. As of the latest update I received immediately after connecting to the internet, the nook allows you to shut off the backlight by sliding the level all the way down. This is great if you read a lot in the day and want to conserve battery life. Which leads me to the lighting on the Plus. The light can go from low enough that you forget it is on if you're not in the dark, to as bright as phone screen. I usually leave it at low or off setting because I read in the day time mostly, and I don't want to disturb my daughter with the light at night. The one thing I haven figured out is whether I can no longer activate the backlight in the dark(I used to hold down the Home button on the SImple Touch to activate the backlight) or it is a hidden feature. :( If you liked the older model Nooks there's no reason no to get this. It's everything you love about Nook- not tied to Amazon, inexpensive books, long battery, portable- plus some style and waterproofing added in. I'm yet to take advantage of the waterproof capability on this thing; I'm averse to bringing my gadgets anywhere near the water. I recommend a nice case to go with this. The sharp edges tend to get uncomfortable after a few hours, and the metal is pretty cold.
NMJester More than 1 year ago
I've been using my new Glowlight Plus for a couple of weeks and I love it. The screen is very clear, the Glowlight is flawless, and it feels solid. I replaced a Simple Touch with Glowlight and am very glad I did. I am an avid library book reader and can tell you that this system DOES support digital downloads. The process is different as you don't need to use the Adobe Digital Editions system. Simply download the book from your library, find the ePub or similar file, and copy it to the Nook. The DRM support is built-in to the system now. The only con is the apparent change in formatting that occurs with some books downloaded from our local library as ePub's. Spaces between paragraphs don't always transfer and there appear to be some alignment issues for chapter headers. These are minor distractions, though, and don't make the books unreadable or anything.
drjerryJS More than 1 year ago
The Nook Glowlight Plus is terrific. BN has released a couple of software updates that appear to address the concerns of previous commentators. The screen is an easy read with several font and layout options, and the device overall has a more executive look and feel. Its immediate predecessor, the Nook Glowlight, also had a great screen, but the device appearance made it look like an oversized bar of soap. Page turns are quick, and I personally believe that using the Glowlight Plus enables you to actually read a book faster because of how you take in each screen. Photographs also appear to be sharper. BN also released a variety of Nook covers to accompany the Glowlight Plus, and these are much better designed than the ones for the previous Glowlight. Although I have a Nook HD, too, I'm using the Glowlight Plus more for books (the HD, I feel, is better for newspapers). All-in-all, highly recommended.
reading_lass More than 1 year ago
I upgraded from a NST and I love this new device. The light is distributed evenly across the screen and the text is beautiful. I liked the darker color and the side page turn buttons on the simple touch better, but I am very happy with this device. I never used the SD card on the simple touch, so it didn't matter to me that this device doesn't offer it. It does not work with ADE, so you might want to consider that before purchasing if you borrow a lot of library books. I have an iPad so I can use the ADE app for my library books. I am hoping they update this device to be able to use ADE. Page turns on the NST seems to be a little bit quicker but I prefer the page turns on this new device because there is no flashing and the change to the next page is much smoother. I did buy a case for mine just because I prefer all my devices in a case. The front of the Glowlight Plus I'd textured and the back is a little slick. I think it is a better design than the previous glowlight. All in all, I am very happy with my purchase! If you just want to read undisturbed,, then you can't go wrong with this device!
SteveInDC More than 1 year ago
B&N got it right. The Nook GlowLight Plus design is beautiful, the software operation is smooth and seamless and the lighting is really well done. You can tell the difference between an e-reader developed by a bookseller and one developed by an online retailer. This Nook was made by serious readers, for serious readers. The Nook team did an impressive job with it. B&N needed to make something that could go head-to-head with other e-readers and stand apart from them. They did that with this one, especially on the design. It's an impressive device, beautifully rendered and made with actual readers in mind.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am on my third nook. I started out with the nook color, then the first glowlight and now the Glowlight Plus. I think this is the best Nook yet! I did buy a cover right away because I am really rough on devices and drop them often so I will say with a cover, all the issues people mentioned with the home button and turning pages are not difficult at all. I am not saying it is all the cover but I have used my new nook with and without the cover and I will say that I still didn't have problems with the home button or the device flying through multiple pages but perhaps this is made better with a cover. I also like the glowlight and how it stays on all the time and can be adjusted. The battery life is really good. Much better than my first nook but a little less time on this one because the glowlight stays on all the time (I suspect). Overall, really good product. Seems high quality. Does everything I need it to do. Great store options, highlighting, library upgrades, and way better page turns!