Pizza Dough: 100 Delicious, Unexpected Recipes

Pizza Dough: 100 Delicious, Unexpected Recipes


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Fun and delicious, pizza dough is an infinitely versatile ingredient that can be shaped, twisted, stretched and rolled into breakfast treats, sandwich breads, and sweets. With pizza dough, home cooks can make everything from bagels to breadsticks, flatbreads to calzones, doughnuts to Danish and beyond. With this book, food blogger Gabi Moskowitz shows how to make eight doughs and a multitude of recipes that are uniquely perfect for entertaining friends or noshing on your own.

The variety of recipes in this book is not only for pizza lovers. It's for anyone who loves to eat. The recipes can scale down or dress up for all kinds of diners both pennywise and pound-foolish, both upscale and DIY, for children's parties, hipster parties, or for an elegant evening at home.

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ISBN-13: 9780988773110
Publisher: Dynamic Housewares
Publication date: 11/26/2013
Pages: 208
Product dimensions: 8.10(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Gabi Moskowitz is a chef, writer and the editor in chief of the nationally-acclaimed blog BrokeAss Gourmet. After attending college in Boston and spending three years teaching kindergarten, Gabi began to consider a career in the culinary arts. She launched BrokeAss Gourmet in 2009 with Adam Metz. She has also authored the book, The BrokeAss Gourmet Cookbook, which was published by Egg & Dart in 2012.

Frankie Frankeny is a Texas native who works in foodie San Francisco where she collaborates with artisans and chefs to capture beautiful food with her mouthwatering images. Her culinary spirit makes her a favorite among some of the country's top gastronomic visionaries. Her knack for capturing exquisite flavors has been documented in the many books she's photographed.

Table of Contents

Introduction 8

The Pizza Dough Pantry 10

Sauces and Spreads 11

Fresh Basil Pesto 11

Roasted Tomato Sauce 12

Quick Tomato Sauce 12

Equipment 14

Chapter 1 Dough 16

Basic Pizza Dough 19

Dough Variations

Herb-Garlic Pizza Dough 21

Rye Pizza Dough 21

Chocolate Pizza Dough 21

Pumpkin Pizza Dough 21

Honey Whole-Wheat Pizza Dough 21

Sourdough Pizza Dough 22

Egg Pizza Dough 24

Gluten-Free Pizza Dough 25

Chapter 2 Snacks and Appetizers 26

Artichoke Pocket Squares 28

Gorgonzola-Pear Pocket Squares 29

Ham and Cheese Pocket Moons 30

Ricotta-Tomato Pocket Moons 32

Apple-Onion Tartlets with Cheddar 33

Tomato - Feta Tartlets 35

Red Pepper-Goat Cheese Tartlets 36

Cheesy Pizza Pinwheels 39

Butternut Squash Empanadas 40

Bean and Cheese Empanadas 42

Pear-Goat Cheese Pizzettas 43

Homemade Pizza Rolls 44

Honey Whole-Wheat Pretzels 47

Potato - Cheddar Knishes 48

Chive Flatbread 49

Flatbread with Crème Fraiche, Smoked Salmon, and Dill 50

Chapter 3 Breads 52

Bagels 54

Bagels with Lox-Scallion Cream Cheese 54

Bialys 56

Bialys with Smoked Whitefish Salad 56

Italian Balloon Bread 58

Cheesy Breadsticks with Tomato Sauce 59

Twisted Garlic-Herb Breadsticks 61

Quick Baguettes 63

Sonoma Chicken Salad on Whole-Wheat Baguettes 64

Black Forest Ham and Brie on Baguette 64

Lemon- Butterbean Puree with Arugula on Baguette 64

Deconstructed Panzanella with Burrata 64

Ricotta-Red Pepper Crostini with Basil 65

Garlic Croutons 65

Basic Naan 67

Naan with Yogurt Dip 68

Pumpkin Naan Chips 68

East Indian Wraps 68

Tandoori-Style Chicken on Pumpkin Naan 68

Chinese Folded Steamed Buns 71

Quick Chinese Pork Buns 72

Puffy Fry Bread 73

Rosemary-Garlic Dinner Rolls 74

Fresh Pita Bread 76

Rosemary-Sun-Dried Tomato Focaccia 78

Muffaletta on Focaccia 81

Chicken-Pesto Panini on Focacia 81

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich 81

Challah 82

Maine Lobster Rolls on Challah 82

Chapter 4 Pizzas, Calzones, and Piadinas 84

Basic Thin Crust Pizza Recipe 86

Classic Marinara 89

Margherita 89

Club Med 89

The Frisky Goat 89

Figgy Gorgonzola 90

The Elephant Walk 90

Jalapeño Popper 90

Pepperoni Pizza with Roasted Tomato Sauce 92

Vegetable Pizza with Roasted Tomato Sauce 93

Breakfast Pizza 94

Crispy Scallion Pizza 95

White Pizza with Brussels Sprouts 96

Egg and Asparagus Pizza 98

Pesto-Goat Cheese Pizza 100

Egg and Seared-Spinach Pizza 101

Grilled Eggplant Flatbread Pizza 103

Pizza Provençal 104

Fig and Caramelized Onion Pizza 105

Green Pizza 106

Coppa Spinach Piadinas 107

Curried Pumpkin Pizza 108

Basic Deep-Dish Pizza 109

Deep-Dish Pizza with Spinach and Prosciutto 110

South of the Border Deep Dish Pizza 112

Spinach-Ricotta Deep-Dish Pizza with Mushrooms 113

Deep-Dish Pesto Pizza with Fresh Aurugula 112

Basic Ricotta Calzones 113

Pumpkin Carriage 114

Moon Over Parma 114

From España, with Love 114

Meat-Lover's Calzones 115

Pesto - Sausage Calzones 116

Breakfast Calzones 118

Vegetarian Calzones 119

Chapter 5 Sweets 120

Glazed Cinnamon Rolls 122

Chocolate-Hazelnut Pizza 124

Pumpkin Pie Spirals 126

Oreo Cookie Pizza 127

Caramel-Pecan Monkey Bread 129

Fried Apple Pies 131

Raspberry Pastry Turnovers 132

Sopapillas 135

Glazed Lemon Curd Doughnuts 136

Jelly Doughnuts 138

Dessert Pretzels 139

Index 140

Resources 143

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Pizza Dough: 100 Delicious, Unexpected Recipes 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Lourdes M. Dillard More than 1 year ago
A gem of a little book! Fun to read, lots of creative ideas, and recipes for all tastes. Buying a second copy for my daughter. Thanks, Gabi for a wonderful book for the bread baker lovers!!! -- The pizza-loving penguin