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Planet X: The Annunaki Wars

Planet X: The Annunaki Wars

3.6 3
by J. Edward Parrott

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On a faraway planet shrouded in obscurity from ancient history, a powerful race lives. Led by the benevolent and evil King Distar, the Annunaki have been preparing for their eventual return to Earth. Only this time, they will not be teachers or the Gods the ancestors once worshipped. It is December 21, 2012.

Seventeen-year-old Adam Dolby is about to have his


On a faraway planet shrouded in obscurity from ancient history, a powerful race lives. Led by the benevolent and evil King Distar, the Annunaki have been preparing for their eventual return to Earth. Only this time, they will not be teachers or the Gods the ancestors once worshipped. It is December 21, 2012.

Seventeen-year-old Adam Dolby is about to have his world torn asunder. As the Annunaki begin to invade and decimate the Earth's resources, Adam's parents confess that they are not his biological parents, but instead are appointed guardians who have been instructed to watch over and protect him from the Annunaki people, who want nothing more than to destroy him. Minutes later, his parents are dead-the victims of a vicious attack on his home. With the help of a mysterious and eccentric old man named Mentor, Adam is soon propelled into a mythical adventure where his mission is to uncover the origins of the universe and a race of beings called Eternals.

In this exciting sci-fi adventure tale, a young man awaits in the shadows to learn the truth of his existence and the fate of the human race.

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Planet X


iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2011 J. Edward Parrott
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4502-8859-0

Chapter One

August 23, 2010. Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI), California. It was an extremely hot day and the SETI observers were without air conditioning and suffering from the blistering heat. Several days ago the cooling unit went out and the funds for repairing it had yet to arrive. The humming of table top and floor fans could be heard down the hallway as the crew tried to keep themselves cool. If it was not for the computers running day and night at the installation, the facility would maintain a more tolerable temperature.

Currently engulfed in the game he has been trying to beat for three days now, tonight a new member of the team, Kyle Sandoval, is intently playing his portable game system and is oblivious to the beading drops of sweat trailing down his face. He is currently playing a game he has been trying to beat for 3 days now and is on the verge of conquering it when one of the computers beeps notifying Kyle of a potential extraterrestrial find. His gaze suddenly jumps from his game to the computer screen, pausing just to make sure of what it was he heard, he taps on the keyboard and clicks his mouse to replay the sound. The audio is indistinguishable and he plays it back, over and over again. He tries enhancing the sound but it is still too faint, so he looks over the star charts to pinpoint the sound that came from the heavens. On the screen a box lights up then moves ever slightly and stops. It centers on the Orion constellation and Kyle's heart begins to beat rapidly with excitement. Kyle thinks to himself that it is his first day of work and he has discovered E.T.

Uncontrollably he screams, jumping up and down, causing the other members to wake up and run in to the observation room. Curious as to what has Kyle all worked up, Dr. Toshi runs down the hallway after the other team members still trying to put on his robe and glasses. Pushing his way through the other staff, Dr. Toshi puts his hand on Kyle's shoulder and asks what he has found to make him so excited. Kyle shows Dr. Toshi what the computers have recorded and plays back the sound. The man listens intently and the rest of the staff are astonished with the findings but soon blow it off stating to Kyle that the sound has been recorded before and is a sound wave from a star in the Orion sector giving off pulses as it dies.

With this disappointing news, the rest of the team members head back to their bunks to sleep for what time they have left, leaving Kyle to ponder is blunder. He takes one last look at the monitors before picking up his portable game system only to find he has lost. Discouraged and bummed out he turns off his system, tossing it onto the counter top, and gazes at the screen of the monitor in front of him hoping tonight goes by fast.

"Great, now I'm the boy who cried wolf." Kyle tells himself as he runs his hands through his hair frustrated by what just occurred.

Then the sound goes off again and Kyle just sneers at the computer and throws his pen at the screen. The signal gets a peculiar response from another sound and with a look of disbelief Kyle then replays the second sound and has the computer pinpoint its origin. Slowly several satellite dish move into position as Kyle impatiently waits. Then when they lock onto the source Kyle becomes more puzzled with the response. The frustrated man inputs command after command trying to make sense of the whole thing. After minutes of coming up with the same results, Kyle then loses hope that this is for real. He gets up and heads for the hallway believing that it is a prank.

Shouting down the hall at the other team members draws them from their slumber. "Alright guys this is not funny! You can stop with the lame sounds!"

With all the shouting, Dr. Toshi crawls out of his bed and puts on his glasses and peers out of his room and calls to the team. "Alright guys stop playing with Kyle and go back to sleep. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow."

All at once the rest of the team members reply back to Dr. Toshi that they are not doing anything to Kyle and that they are trying to sleep. The older man questions Kyle's outburst and the eager young man tells him that the signal is going off again but getting a response from some place here on Earth. The Asian man's eyes widen and he quickly shuffles down the hall to the observation room to see what Kyle is talking about. The doctor rushes past Kyle and sits down at the computer terminal and taps at the keyboard trying to validate the young man's findings. How could this extraterrestrial sound come from Earth?

Tapping at the keys and getting more and more excited Dr. Toshi then discovers that the sound is coming from the deserts of New Mexico. The elder team leader yells back to the rest of the staff to immediately come to the observation room and start going over the results. The members of the team roll out of bed quickly, almost running into each other just to get down the hall. One by one they cram into the room looking over Dr. Toshi's shoulder staring in amazement at what they are hearing. To Kyle's surprise he has discovered an intelligent life not human in the cosmos, and here on Earth as well.

July 4th, 2008. The White House. The Defense Secretary informs the President of the United States and his cabinet of the recent discovery by the SETI team. With elections just around the corner, and the current President at the end of his second term, the White House staff pushes the information aside and concentrates on more pressing matters such as the failing economy.

December 23, 2009. GRU Headquarters, Moscow. Russian Intelligence reports that spy satellites over the Atlantic Ocean have captured pictures of unusual objects shooting off into space. This information is quickly intercepted by U.S. Intelligence and the information is quickly shared with the new President and his staff. Pictures show multiple objects launching from the Bermuda Triangle and headed for space. Naval Intelligence reports show the same activity being seen by several members out on the deck of the battle ship, doing military maneuvers. At least one aircraft carrier sent three F-18 Hornets to investigate the UFO sightings and that the pilots of the aircraft reported seeing strange lights moving quickly from the ocean to the sky above. Both the United States and Russian governments list this information as classified and never release it to the public.

September 11, 2010. The Bearing Strait. A crab boat on its way back to unload its catch of snow crab reports to the Coast Guard that huge lights quickly came up from underneath them and then darted off to the south. That same day about 500 miles away a commercial jet flying from China to Canada reports an unidentified object with many lights moving fast in the ocean below. The co-pilot keeping his eyes on the object later reports he witnessed this object taking flight and heading for space. This information is kept top secret and never released to the public. However passengers aboard the plane who were not sleeping at the time did report this to the news media, but is refuted as being reflections from the moon.

May 1st, 2011. Melbourne, Australia. An astronomer spots a bright reddish star and after some research he discovers this is a new star never charted. He gives it the designation 1138-52177 and contacts some of his colleagues to share his new discovery. After a few months of surveying the star the Australian astronomer then realizes the star is either getting bigger or is moving closer. He quickly contacts some of his friends at NASA and shares his discovery which is met with very little fan fare, but after pin pointing the Hubble Telescope on the area, they soon find that the astronomer's observations are correct.

Soon posts of the Australian's discovery shows up on the internet which ignites heated discussions on the subject. The governments of the world try to keep this information under strict confidentiality but with amateur astronomers this makes for a very difficult task.

The United States government is then left with the task of trying to answer questions about the newly discovered star. Their only answer is not to panic and that they have top astronomers figuring out where it came from and what impact it will have on everyday life. Of course the news media takes matters into their own hands as to what this star will really mean for life here on Earth. They report that it is on a direct course with Earth, but many others speculate that it will pass very close to Earth and cause major earthquakes and tsunamis that will bring great devastation to all humanity. As news spreads to all nations, panic ensues and all governments stumble to try and restore order to Earth.

Religious fanatics flood every street corner preaching that it is the end of times, that Jesus Christ is coming for us and that all who believes, will be granted access to Heaven. Others believe that this star is going to hit us and destroy all humanity and 99% of life. With the world's economy in a weakened state and many people around the world without work, the news of a doomsday star has put many of the population of Earth in a state of terror. Riots break out, looting increases and murders become rampant. The leaders of the U.N. gather to discuss the atrocities that have taken over everyday life in their countries, but bickering breaks out amongst the leaders and they are unable to come up with a solid solution to bring order back to the citizens of Earth.

The President of the United States speaks to the members of the United Nations about the situation and confirms with the leaders of the world that this is not a comet, nor a star, but a small planet that is orbiting our Sun. The President explains that top NASA officials have confirmed that the small plutoid will come close to the orbit of Earth and affect the gravitational orbit of our planet causing mass destruction. The President reveals to the U.N. members that they have secret bunkers set up all over the world to shelter select people in the populations of their countries, so mankind can survive. The plan is to hold a lottery for the civilians of each country and the winners will be granted access to these underground bunkers and be assured safety. However, certain elite members of society, such as politicians, movie stars, sport stars, musicians, and medical technicians, are automatically given a spot in the bunkers.

Information is leaked to the public, and this news angers the world population who think that everyone should have to be part of the lottery and not be given special treatment. Because of this, riots erupt in catastrophic numbers leaving thousands injured or dead. With so much chaos rising up, it prompts the President of the United States to declare marshal law and institute a curfew and soon other countries follow.

Over the next few months the lottery is held and many decide to keep the fact that they have been chosen a secret. This secrecy causes much distrust amongst friends and family members alike. Winners are told they will be contacted by email or by letter with instructions on where to go and what is allowed to be brought with them. Other countries try to follow the plan the United States has implemented but many of the chosen are murdered and their identities stolen. The governments then decide to go into people's homes when the time comes and take those who have been selected and not put any further lives at stake. For the ones not so lucky to be selected, their lives become a race for survival.

The people of Earth slowly start to destroy themselves before the threat of this small planet ever does. Within six months this killer object is noticeable without a telescope. It is not as red as first appeared but a golden color. It shines bright in the night sky and the daytime. With its presence, it has made everyday life very difficult. Businesses close down with little hope that tomorrow will come. Food supplies dwindle and fights over necessities become rampant. Gangs form in bigger numbers and bully their way into homes stealing possessions, killing, and destroying property. Many people stay at home and pray, while others try to go about their daily life. Suicide rates increase dramatically with the stress of doom looming in the horizon. Law enforcement is a huge challenge with chaos now a staple in everyday life. All of mankind feels completely helpless and alone and they ask who will save them?

December 15, 2012. Hobbs, New Mexico. The sun begins to set in the Land of Enchantment. Sunsets in New Mexico are considered the most beautiful in all of the United States and the world. The majestic colors consist of orange, purple, fuchsia, and yellows that paint the sun setting sky like an artist's brush on a canvass. Many a photographer has sat there and just gazed at the beauty of the sunset, and forgotten themselves in the splendor of what lay ahead of them.

The cold air night whispers a sad and lonely Christmas for the citizens of Hobbs. Few houses sport the traditional multicolored lights or the lawn adorned with images of the man in red. There are no trees with garland or candy canes but only sad and cold houses. With much chaos going on around the world, military and local citizens have to patrol the neighborhoods to keep the peace. Tonight a family tries to lose themselves in this beautiful winter's night and celebrate their son's birthday.

On this night is Adam's seventeenth birthday and his family with a select number of friends have gathered to celebrate what this young man believes is his last birthday. He stares at himself in the mirror of his bathroom and practices what he will say to a girl named Jessica who was once a fellow student; before the schools closed down. Jessica lives nearby and her parents allowed her to come to the party knowing that this could be the last one she would attend. Nervous about having the cute girl over, Adam combs his hair for at least the twentieth time trying to get his hair just right for her. Checking himself for body odor, he sprays on some cologne, only to gag and choke himself with it. Then he quickly inspects his clothes for style, smoothing out the wrinkles in his t-shirt, and then decides to head down to the party to greet the guests.

Adam reaches the kitchen door leading out to the festivities, takes a deep breath, and goes for the door. He reaches for the door handle and then.... BAM! The door opens sharply and hits him square on the forehead. He winces in pain and stumbles back holding his head and then his bottom quickly kisses the hard tiled floor. The newly turned seventeen year old blinks his eyes trying to get his bearings back and then looks up and sees a blurry image in front of him. Grabbing the counter, he tries to hold himself up. Slowly his eye sight comes back and Adam looks up to find his assailant is the very girl he is trying to impress, Jessica. Flushed with embarrassment, he thinks to himself that now he doesn't have a chance with this girl on his birthday with only six days left to live, instead he will be going on a trip to the local doctor for a concussion.

"Oh my god, Adam, are you okay?" Jessica runs over to Adam and examines his head.

Still dizzy Adam manages to speak to the young girl. "Yeah I guess so. I hope that is the only birthday lick I am going to get."

Jessica chuckles at Adam's response and he realizes that maybe this will work to his advantage. He puts his arm around the young girl's neck and asks if she can help him out the door. She agrees and opens the door for him and they step out together. Adam slightly grins and then catches himself when he sees the look his mother gives him. It's a look of, "Oh, my baby boy has a crush on a girl." He also sees sadness in her eyes knowing she will never see him graduate, go off to college, then get married and have children. She fights back tears of elation but also of sadness. Mrs. Dolby knows what lies ahead and wishes that Adam could live a normal life and not one of sorrow.

Adam's mother notices the bump on his head and runs to check on her son.

"Goodness gracious, Adam, what happened to your head?"

"I happened, Mrs. Dolby. Adam was coming out of the house and I was going in and well, I hit him with the door." Confesses Jessica.

"We need to get some ice on that before is swells more." Exclaims Mrs. Dolby as she runs up the steps into the house.


Excerpted from Planet X by J. EDWARD PARROTT Copyright © 2011 by J. Edward Parrott. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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